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Saturday, November 17, 2007


well, american troops have landed in a small french port town, and he has been writing about how well the froggies(well, you guys were the first to eat frogs and snails) and americans have been getting along, even if they cannot speak to each other(also goes into black troops and black african troops) and an american lieutenant explains it.
"you see, we think the french are crazy,' he said, " and the french know damn well we are."


sort of. new name for Joemental lieberman. lieberfuckinputz. from sharkbabe at dependable renegade.


BURMAH- language like chinese and tibetan. no s. closest is TH' sound. history. buramah might be the chryse regia of Ptolemy. a name parallel in meaning to sonapuranta, the classic Puli title assigned the country around the capital in burmese documents. royal H traces tthe lineage to the ancient buddist monarchs of india. no doubt just fable, but no idea how early communication W/ Gangetic India began. from 11th to 13th Century old Bempue at height of its power. This is the period of splendid architecture remains at Pagan. the city and dynasty were destroyed by chinese(mongol)invasions. 1284 in reign of Kubla Khan. central B often subject to shan dynasties. in early 16th C, the B princes Tounga in NE of Pegu, began to rise to power and established a dynasty which held Pegu, Ava, and Arakan. capital pegu. their wars exhausted the country and before the 17th C, B began to decay. a new dynasty in Ava til 1740. the penguans and the Taliens then revolted and made king prisoner, Alompra, left in charge of monch abu. he attacked Penguans 1st and took the capital in 1753. in 1754 the penguans sent warboats against Ava, but defeated by Alompra, while in Prome Donabew, loonzy and more burmese revolted and expelledall the pegu. 1754, prom besieged by king of pegu, who was defeated by Alompra and war took to the rivers. in 1755, Apporaza, the king of Pegu's brother, was also defeated and the penguans driven from Bussein + area and forced to withdraw to the fortress of syriam,12 miles from rangoon. Alompra off to repel siamese invasion. won + came back to siege syriam. french sided with penguans(of course) and english-B. Dupleix, govenor of pondicherry, sent 2 ships and Alompra massacred 1 ship, the other escaped. alompra now master on the rivers and penguans subdued. 1757 alompra laid siege to pegu, which capitulated on condition king be govenor and surrender daughter to Alompra. took possession of pegu and let soldiers exercize their fury. in 1758, penguans tried to regain independence. Alompra reduced the towns and district Tavoy and undertook conquest of siam.
his army advanced to Mergu + Tenasserim, which he defeated and was besieging the siamese capital when he fell ill. immediately called for retreat hoping to reach his capital alive, but died on the way. in 1759 succeeded by son Noungdaugyi, whose regeign was disturbed by brother Tshen-byo-yen/shembuan and after by one of Alompra's generals. died 3 years later, w/ infant son. throne seized by Tshen-byo-yen. warlike and in 1765 made war on the munnipore kingdom and on the siamese, w/ some success in 1766 he defeated the siamese and after long blockade obtained the capital, but while burmans were extending east, they were invaded by the chinese, but that army hemmed in by the skill of the burmans and after reduced by lack of provisions, was destroyed. the 2500 chinese left were mad slave laborers. now siamese revolted and while burmans off to subdue them, the penguans in the army rose up and began massacre, pursued them to rangoon, where they unsuccessfully besieged in 1174 Tshen by was trying to defeat the revolting tribes. took Martaban and in 1775 put elderly pegu monarch to death and his nobles. Tshen died in 1776 after 12 yrs reign. succeeded by son, 18 yr old Tsengoomen(Chen guza of Symes) and was a bloody tyrant. killed his uncle Bhodanphra or Montaragyi in 1781. 1783 the new king conquered Arakan and moved his court from Ava to Amarapurra, city of immortals. the siamese broke free in 1780's. in 1786, the burmese invaded Sagain. in 1793 peace treaty. siam yeilding the coast of Tenasserim on indian ocean and mergin and tavoy.
1795 involved in dispute w/ british in india + soon war between B + Brits. superior weapons and discipline of brits gave them upper hand. blah blah blah.

BRITISH BURMAH-nope. no read.

BURNS, Robert-1759-1796. poet. 4+ pages. blah blah blah

BURU/BOERO/BOURO-east indies island.

got get this stuff on the blog. trying to finish julius çaesar. good anti-georgie stuff.




ahh, my vertical tunic 'pattern' again. 2 cone yarns from a WEBS sale. a orange mohair and a brown/orange mohair boucle. and does it have that other thin brown yarn? i am a big fan of fat yarn.



my cousin's husband's dog, or their first child-lucy. part coon hound.

Friday, November 16, 2007



iron fish. probably not american. not completely sure what it is, cast iron. i think it's for opening a wood stove. or maybe just a funky noodle measure.
but it's a fish, for on my wall now. excellent fun estate sale. east side. i am sure i mentioned it.

oh, did 2 today, both on the crappy side. nothing extra cool. spent $3. such a spendthrift.


well, CNN lost a bit of cover when a questioner from last nights debate says she didn't WANT to ask hillary-diamonds or pearls?, but a question about yucca mountain. clearly more reason not to watch manipulated claptrap 'debate' if this is what CNN does. of course using LESLIE to run it is appalling enough.

CNN has to die!

glad i didn't watch the dog and pony show.



landscape. i think i call this one Fall Maple. i drove by at a certain time of day and hand to paint it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007



believe it or not, this is somebody's backyard near home. the lot takes up 2 and the back yard is like a forest. i adore sumacs.



while relaxing on the pier up north in oct, this bug landed on my sweater. no bug like i have seen before in WI.
leaf eater. right?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



this piece of art i did lives with my cousin. i gave it to my grandma F years ago and sarah really liked it, so i let her have it. early pre-art school watercolor. bad pic again. and shows her 'knotty-pine', which is not bad, cause i have seen BAAAAAAD knotty-pine.


too funny, it's worthy. so, reading a 1918 book by Floyd Gibbons, WW1 embedded american reporter. his boat,was torpedoed on it's way to england a few weeks before we joined the allies.
gibbons is following the new troops in england. a bunch of them were housed in the barracks at the tower of london. beefeaters took them into the dungeon. got everybody quiet and then a deep voiced beefeater went-'This is the place where Anne Boleyn was beheaded.' a bit later, an american asked, what did annie do?
floyd packs in the bits. the welsh fusliers recieved some americans and had a white goat wearing a medal. they told the americans their history and that they were at bunkers hill and they took the great great great grand goat of the white goat. very proud the welsh were. 'see, we still have your goat.'
and an american retorted, 'well, we have the hill.'

if i hit any other goodies from floyd, they shall be blogged.



pansypoo. much safer petting pansy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007





61? more stupid Bush weeks to go
61? more 'uniting' Bush weeks to go
another VETO to kill funds for health and education
democrat spending BAD cause georgie is PARTISAN
61? more asshole decider Bush weeks to go

because when republicans were running around like TEENAGERS with a credit card it was HUNKY DORY!
hey georgie, go to hell.

Monday, November 12, 2007



more 'touches' by my aunt. another coooool letter and a bell and a 'just so' ledge.


BURGUNDY-geographic areas. the burgundians a race of germans who settled between the Oder and Vistula. early fought with Allemamni, who they defeated. in the 5th C, crossed into Roman Gaul. under Gundicar, which rome welcomed and started 1st kingdom of burgundy. Gunderic chilperic, gundibald, godegiseil, gondemar, sigismund, Boson, ermengarde, loris II, charles the stout, rudolph, richard, robert II, henry I, robert, king john, philip the bold, john the fearless, philip the good, charles the bold, mary, maximillian. blah blah blah.

BURIAL and BURIAL RITES-burying in churches and churchyards said to be connected w/ praying 4 the dead in england. 752 AD land by church consecrated. right to burial not only ecclesiastic priveledge, but bound in church establishment blah blah blah church church church need for more burial ground led to legislation.
the practice of burying suicides on a public highway w/ o stack driven through the body against new laws(in 18980's).

BURKE , Edmund-political. b 1729 d 1797 11+ pages blah blah BLAH tho i should read it.



carved nut thing. not sure if the figures are monkeys or men. rather neat object found at an estate sale eons ago, and i bet i got it for 50¢.
anybody else know anything?



this is the 3rd one i think. first 2 sold fairly quickly and then, i guess this one sucks. taking it out of rotation this coming year.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


seems i am missing a sheet of notes, so gonna post this so i can see what is gone. cause i have to get to BURMA


a BULWER-LYTTON-no mention of a dark and stormy night. Henry and edward. brothers.

BUNKER HILL-smallilliteration in charlstown, 1 mile N of boston. one of the most celebrated battles in the war of american independence. 17, June 1775ªdoes mention Breed's hill).

BUPALUS & ATHENIS-greek sculptors 540ish BC. lived on Chios, which had a school of sculptors, who acquired celebrity for their works in marble, in substitution of bronze and wood. Father Archemus, also a sculptor. Bupalus more celebrated. they preferred draped over nude.
no pics of their work

BURGKMAIR, Hans/john celebrated engraver on wood. maybe student of durer. b. 1473 d 1531ish. works similar to durer. also painter of frescos and distemper(tempera?). ILLUSTRATED-pen & ink, woodcut, painting

BURGLARY(or nocturnal house-breaking)-night forpurposes of the act is deemed to begin at 9pm to 6am.

BURGOYNE, John-english general in american revolution. b 1730ish d 1792. joined army young. ran away w/eloped daughter of the Earl of Derby. 1761 sat in parliament. 1762 served as brigadier gen in portugal. sent to us in 1777 as general of canada invasion. gained possession of ticonderoga and ft. edward, but defeated at saratoga and surrendered, the english very upset unjustly-resigned his post and demanded a trial. in 1782, his rank restored and made commander-in-chief in ireland. wrote books. poetry and drama.





gee attaturk, so sorry da packers whalloped the ickings.

NOT. dat was a gooood game. ok. the packers played well. not sure the ickings played.

yeah, this will not last forever. but boy it sure rocks.



my cousin is storing this as she doesn't have a wall for it at the moment. i gave it to her mother, who maybe now would like it for a wall. who knows. from a photo of an native american ansel adams took a photo of. i have a smaller version. i think i painted it for figure painting class. had to do 4 people outside of class. i think.
i wish i could make the matt darker now. and narrower. maybe. like the frame tho.

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