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Saturday, November 10, 2007



my aunt uses a lot of sea bits as accents. i like natural bits myself. less shells, more rocks.



more pics from when i was at the 'up nort' cottage in oct. artsy farty. but i have even better on my old puter. GOTTA GET MY FILES! and photoshop!



another monkey. how did i get all these monkeys?

Friday, November 09, 2007



another kessinich yarn, mixed with a cotton. basic tunic with a twist. no pattern.





i WANT ONE!!!!


FRIDAY ART BLOGGING-yes, something different

i did a few oils based on silverplate flatware. after about 4 or so little ones and a few watercolors, i am thinking pastels or acrylics may be a better medium. after doing this one tho(with added silicon beads i had saved for recycling), i noticced i had used pink and orange. my grandma F's favorite color combo. right now pink and ornage are very big. she woulda been very pleased. this hung in her nursing house room while she was there. no chance to give it to her before the parkinsons.
now in my bedroom on my wall. with a lot of other art.
no title.

Thursday, November 08, 2007


last night i noticed that basil had some difficulty peeing. uh oh. got him into the vets today. this is the 1st time he has been there since his full hostage treatment(neuter-declaw). in a carrier carried by my brother. you never heard such WAILING. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOMY NOOOOOOOOOO. hilarious. had a wait as no appointment. basil weighs 14 lbs. my biggest cat ever. he did settle down at the vet. ignored the dogs. the cats. the fish. he did behave as he was tested for urine samples and such. no fighting. no growls. o happy tho. a few more wails. and wailed away in the truck on the way back. SO PITIFUL. and special food til i get him the meds. but, vet said the tomato juice and cranberry juice he drinks isn't hurting him.



my african corner. yeah, time to do a bit of cleaning i think. just wait til i have more room.


BUCHAREST/BUKHOREST/BUKOREST-bucuresci-city of joy, founded in 13th century by Radal the black of Wallachia. burnt in 1595 by Sinan Pasha, restored, but not til 18th c, that it was considered by europeans, restored fully. 1812 it's name on a treaty by which Bessarabia and 1/3 Moldovia ceded to the turks. in 1828 occupied by russians, who 'gave' it to the prince Bibesko in 1848, brought Russians and turks back in. 1853 russians again left. in 1854, austrians moved in til 1857. in 1858, the international congress for the organization of the danubian principalities was held in B and 1861 the union of Wallachia and moldovia proclaimed. prince couza was driven from the throne in 1866

BUCKWHEAT-herbaceous plant native to central asia. seedpod similar to the beech-, name from the german buch weizen, beechwheat. in england-bird seed, but eaten in europe by humans. used as a dye-yellow/olive. russian bees love it for honey.

BUDDHISM-pgs 424-438. 6th C B.C. blah blah.

BUENOS AYRES- largest and important province of argentine republic. capital city Buenos Ayres. blah blah blah

BUG-name of a common to all speciesbelonging to Cimiciae, a family of Hemipterous insects, best known of which is the housebug or bed bug. offensive odor when touched. wingless blood sucker. nocturnal.

BUILDING- pgs 447-512 not read technical illustrated brickwork to cornices

BULGARIA-also known as the Vilayet tuna or province of the danube, a political division of european turkey.
bulgarians originally a people of agrian or finnish extraction(FINNS?!?). a samoyede race. appear in history about 120 B.C. when a band under chieftan named Vound, took refuge in armenia and settled on the Araxes. next mentioned by bishop Eunodius, marching towards left bank of the danube. in following century in byzantine empire as a hostile power. around 600 ad. broken into several divisions, the most important, crossing the danube, under Asparuch(3rd son of Kubrrat, who delivered them from the domination of the avars), settled in moesia, subjugated the slavanic population and extorted tribute from the greek empire. kingdom founded and gradually extended north towards Theiss. most properous period was reign of simeon 893-927, who made himself formidable to the greeks but also in progress in the country, establishing christianity, (introduced by boris or bogoris 862) and bestowing parronage of literature. after his death, decay. russians and petchenegs invaded and also by byzantine empire.
150 years later 2 brothers, peter and asan(yusan) headed an insurrection and founded what is known as the bugaro-Wallachian kingdom of the Asamdes, which became master of macedonia and thrace. finally falling under the tartars and subjugated to turkey by the battle of kossova.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


well, yesterdays estate sale isn't really worth posting about, cept it was WAWAtossa, and on a street that follows an ancient coral reef. back yard hill i guess was part of the reef too. filled a $3 bag of ebayables. maybe nice profit....
last weeks was pretty bad too. cept all the old B/W photos i got cheap. so.....hmm...OH! I REMEMBER


last friday was auntie's 96th B-day. FOUR cakes. if there is a next year, we will need 5. i made sloppy joes at aunties request tho red meat is o her no-eat diet for gout. i make real good sloppys. onions, celery, green pepper, vinegar and brown sugar, ketchup and some water. auntie has lots of old cae decorations, so she fixed em up. then gotta take phtos of them. auntie didn't want her photo taken and YES! i got her sticking her tongue out. don't care if it's senility, or not, gotta enjoy it!





BUCCANEERS-band of piratical adventurers of different nationalities united in opposition of spain in carribean during 17th century.
island of st. domingo was of several in west indies which had early in the 16th c been almost de-populated of natives by the oppressive colonial policy of spain. along it's coast there were several isolted establishments presided over by spaniards who were deprived of a free and convenient market for the produce of the soil because of monopolies impossed by spain. accordingly, english, french, and dutch vessels welcomed eagerly and their cargos bought.
the isl;and, thinned of former inhabitants, had become the home of herds of wild cattle, whicch multiplied and it became habit of the smugglers to provision ships at st. domingo. the natives still left, were skilled in preserving the meat in little establishments called boucans. the adventurers learned boucaning from the natives and hispaniola became place of extensive illicit butcher trade, a sailor in these days of piracy was an expert marksman.
spanish monopolies were the pest of every port from mexico to cape horn; and seamen who sailed the carribean were filled with a natural hate of everything spanish.
in 1625, indirect assistance and encouragement previously given culminated in a combined venture on behalf of the Buccs by the english govt. and french. each contributed a hand of colonists and selected the island of st. christopher in the west indies, where the settlers planted. the E + F were not friendly in 1629, the colonists were surprised and partly dispersed by a 39 sail spanish fleet. many were carried off and threats towards future settlement of the island, but on departure of the fleet, the scattered bands returned and encouranged to stay. Buccs now profitable employment, operations extended. a storehouse secure from attacks of the spanish required. the small island of totuga NW of hispaniola seized for this purpose in 1630 and converted into magazine for the goods of the rivals and now the headquarters. St domingo still hunting grounds.
spain aware, but could not attack immediately, for 8 years waited for an opportunity. when most of the bs were away, attacked tortuga. killed as many inhabitants as they could find, the Bs#300, returned and took arms on spain. recruited from everywhere and for 75 yrs, became scourge of spain and her dominions.
france, not idle in watching its interests. in 1641, their Gov-general for the french west indies took tortuga. expelled the english.
english preoccupied by other stuff and Bs had to maintain themselves.
1654, spain retook tortuga but fell again in 6 yrs and back and forth.
then refuge found in jamaica in 1655. the Bs now a mercenary navy, ready to fight spain for anybody.
Bs history divided into 3 distinct epochs.
1st-their rise to the capture of panama by morgan in 1671, during which time their characteristic peculiarity, as robbers, was that they were hampered neither by govt. aid, nor by govt restriction. mansvelt and morgan
2nd-from 1671 to their greatest union and power 1685, when not just the carribean, but the whole pacific Ca to chili. Capt. swan!
3rd-1685 onward. division and disintegration, when independence and honor of previous periods degenerated into vice and brutality.
the proximate causes of the disappearance of this body of men are in european policy. the accession of william of orange to the english throne in 1689, raised the jealousy of louis XIV and the war was protracted and severe. F & E rovers in the carribean couldn't forget, broke the Bs bond against the spanish. the peace of Ryswick in 1697 and the F&E making nice to the dying spanish king, but in 1700 phillip V of spain, 1st of the BOURBANS, rose from is fallen state. and by this time ths Bs at war amongst themselves.



sybil! don't ya just want to rub her?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007



62? more ^%#$ georgie weeks to go
62? more &$^% georgie weeks to go
all the way back to the spanish inquisition
waterboarding! it's a Bush tradition!
62? more $@#% georgie weeks to go

Monday, November 05, 2007

62? more Bush weeks to go
62? more #&^$% Bush weeks to
musharaif decided to declare marshall law.
Mukasy will likely get to decide if georgie has to follow the RULE OF LAW
62? more @%#$ Bush weeks to go

thanks again ohio!



sweet estate sale find. HALF OFF DAY. $2.50. nobody seemed to notice it was a 1719 coin with a silver loop for a money belt. ugly king tho. an italian e-pal said he was i guess an austrian-hungarian ruler.



more leaves gone on trip to west bend.

Sunday, November 04, 2007



purple pansy. not a big seller. must be the yellows. maybe. i love it. on my bedroom wall. LOVE my anal background patterns.





today somebody posted a VERY pretty US map. a very BLUE map. georgie is now under %0% in ALL states. even the redest of them.
why can't federal democrats and TEEVEE gnews see this as well???

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