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Saturday, October 27, 2007



more pics



gotta leave town so story time later.



i need to more cause i have so many.

Friday, October 26, 2007



2 stops before hitting crazee tim's. gander mountain. erling liked a jacket mike wore. i found a bathroom, benedicte found socks i think, but everything was blaze orange time. no jacket. then stopped at a place benedicte and her daughter went to years ago. not the same, but still had the covered bridge.
there is a little chapel and some people were rehearsing their wedding. nice local i must say.



gotta start throwing these pics up considering we drove to Stevens Point fri morning.


FRIDAY ART BLOGGING-and now for something completely different

hair of the huarche. this is one of my-throw stuff into the gesso. this was the 2nd time i did my hair. after a hair cut. 1st time i tried long strands. that sort of worked, even if the painting didn't, but this time i cut the hair into very short clumps. some longer, but no more than an inch. the image is from a meso-american cold platter. i may add a bit more color to the too green foliage, but the touch of orange in the leaves helped. i really like how the critter turned out. quite a beastie. very tactile in person.

Thursday, October 25, 2007



and so the blog must say adu to crandon. well, except pretty fall color. this was a brand new motel. best western crandon. granite for all bathroom surfaces. not toilet, but the shower was very nice in my single room. BIG bed. and no crappy comforter but a down blanket between sheets. and FIVE pillows of assorted firmness!!!
the breakfast was about the same, but they did have GOLDEN delicious and not just crappy red delicious, which ain't. even had a macintosh one too.



almost forgot. either wed or thurs when we went to the mole lake indian center, i spotted a monarch butterfly. don't they migrate or something?
and then the stormy sky in the evening. under a t-storm warning til 10is, but didn't get squat. all went to michigan. but did it give me a pressure headache.



the Ackley native benedicte interviewed about Dinesen's deaf/dumb daughter. she became a medicine woman. i found him quite interesting. but them maybe i am closer to his way of thinking than benedicte.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



thurs morning it was the potawatomi museum/library/culture center. i wish i could have looked thru more of the books.

i want some of those old wood objects!



gotta do it before i forget. did 2 on tues. neither really good. at the 1st tho i did find a vintage hand painted india indian box. nice chicken!
the 2nd a plastic globe pencil sharpener to go into the hoard. and if the very big mexican covered pot doesn't sell on ebay, i can keep it.
but the 2nd, crappy little house. did spend $6.25. cracked old milk bottle for 25ยข. i collect those too. but, this woman collected tea cups! tons of sets, tons of separate tea cups, tons of boxes of saucers. i can't see how she lived with all her crap. sure. i collect painted plates, but but but you can stack them! and i ain't that obsessed! i no longer go to ebay vintage fan and heaters! and and and i don't buy all heaters! or buttons. ok, i admit i just got a new heater. but but but it has a cool grate!



this was a barn seen on the way to the mole lake building. across the hwy from the dinesen cabin.



i changed my 'desk' arrangement for the new imac. it closed in the area that holds the box basil used since he was a kitten. now sybil has claimed it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007



spots on the 'family' lake. 3 of the main fishing points i went with grandpa every summer. i miss fishing with him.



after checking out the cabin it it was drive to land o lakes to see the wood carver frriend she made years ago in crandon and such. ooh, i drool over his wood. maing guitars now. also makes custom carved doors, but that birdseye maple! and the back was tiger/curly maple. and lovely wood cabin/house. wood wood wood!
yes. the camera went pink. also seems to have died when i dropped on the way back.

64? more Bush weeks to go
64? more &^$% Bush weeks to go
the new AG will be just as bad as Abu
unconstitutional! congress, what will you do?
64? more God%$#&^*((&**+Bush weeks to go



inside the dinesen cottage. not the way it was then.


i think i better give you the contents of the battle of mole lake marker.

this is the home of the sokoagon band of the chippewa tribe. according to tradition handed down from one generation to the next, the first chief of the band was Gitshee ki-ji-wa-be-she-shi, or the great marten.
each summer the sokoagon band came to mole lake to fish and hunt, and in the fall they harvested wild rice before they followed the deer herds into the swamps of the peshtigo river for the winter season.
about 1806 bands of souix from the north and west tried to gain control of the rice beds. a fierce hand to hand battle resulted. the indians, armed with bows and arrows and clubs, fought a long, hard battle.
over 500 chippewa and souix were killed and buried here in a common moun. the battle was expensive for the souix, who retreated westward and never again attempted to return.

erected 1962-when natives wre indians and political correctness arrived



after checking out the cabin, went to the mole lake indian community building to find the native benedicte wanted to meet with. not there today so she talked with a white coordinater/fund raiser dude. pictures on the wall outside his office. he showed the plans they had for the cabin and the area to spiff up whole thing.
guess they have a matching grant goal. gotta match $100,000 by jan 1 08'. they have 50,000 so far.

where to put the interesting bit about isak dinesen's dad. when he was here, his mother got sick and made him come home. while home they found themselves in financial difficulties and arranged a marriage with a well off lady. 4 kinds. elected to parliament. not sure how long after, he hung himself.
benedicte is trying to get inside his head. i say he felt trapped and wanted the freedom he experienced in WI and while drifting in wars over europe. gotta wear a suit everyday. and denmark can be very dreary in winter. wonder if he missed the cold and snow? even the indians didn't stay in crandon over winter, they left to a river land to the west(if i am getting that right-gotta find the peshtigo river on the map)

Monday, October 22, 2007

dammit, yahoo sheepshead is down. do more crandon posts? encyclopedia britannica? haven't added that lately and the fucking notes are piling up.


BUBASTIS-great name of egyptian goddess BAST, and in the same place of egyptian pantheon as artemis or diana. the triad of memphis were Ptah(vulcan/hephaistos); bast, wife of Ptah and mom of his son nefer-atum, or 'the good tum'; and sexet, formerly pasht, sister or antithesis of bast.pasht also called menienptah, or 'the beloved of ptah'. different hieroglyphs, but types alike, being a lion headed goddess w/sun disk entwined by a hraeus.
sexet and ptah, appear to personify fire acted upon byptah, the cosmic demi urgos and vulcan.owing to the pantheigistic ideas of egypt, bast identified at times w/ neith, the athene or minerva, and thon, the aphrodite or venus. her types attributes were those of daphne, the pupil or daughter of the sun and her relation to this goddess, who with her twin bro, su or sos, represented the apollo and artemis of egypt. and gemini/twins of the zodiac, that bast identified with diana. Bast supposed to be the beneficient portion of the element of fire and the bringer of good fortune; her sis and rival sexet to represent the malevolent diety of fire and ill fortune. later period bast has a head of a cat for lion and holds in her hands a vase or situlus. about 26th dynasty, figures of her, made of porcelain abound seated or sometimes holding a sistrum. local whorship done at Bubastius, modern Tel Basta.
the cat sacred to bast and mummies of cats found at bubastius.
(good timing on this then eh?)

ok, i ain'y gonna start buccaneers now. toooooooooooooooooo long



somebody has pacified the squirrel menace and is LIVING with it.


RANDOM CRANDON POST-mole lake reservation

this is the reason for benedicte's visit. this is the cabin that Isak dinesen's father lived in over a year in the later 1800's. he lived there with a native woman. they had a child. also, it was recently put on the national registry for historic places and got a new foundation and new roof. benedicte was on this in the 90's, but then the copper mine issue overtook this and the place went down a bit. it had been lived in til about the 70's or so. additions. changes. i bet it didn't have a basement when william was living there. maybe a plank floor, but a basement. thru researching interviews and discussions, it probably was moved to where it stands now. i saw it the last time we came to crandon. then it had bats in the siding that has been removed from the addition. different door and windows. some of the logs are pretty rotten on the back. wonder how that can be fixed.
the tribe says they would donate logs for any restoration.

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