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Saturday, October 20, 2007


pansypoo is back with internets...

an so, 1 day late

grinning nicky. the neighbor's dauchsund/??? stter no idea what. was supposed to be a llasa apso/dauchsund. NOPE.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


more time to blog right now. busy day around today.1st drove up to the potowatami historical nuseum and met with a native who i think helps run it and benecticte talked with him. he studied art as well, so i will send him my indian portraits. then went through the museum. then back to mole lake after lunch to meet with an older native who knows more of the history of the area and he was quite interesting. i wih i had a audio recording. very spiritual.
then back to get nibbles for later. benedicte powered up her pc and gonna show her pictures. she sailed from south africa to rio last winter. danish winters are very dreary.
lots of fall pics. big storms rolling in. but had some sun today!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

another grey and damp day. but otay. met benedicte's newspape3r friend after breakfast and i had some more, then went over to the native american tribal building to find somebody to talk about the cabin. did i mention the cabin? benedicte found out about it the last tinme she was here.
in the 1800's isak dinesen's(out of africa writer)father lived here in crandon for about a year and 1/2.he lived in a cabin and had a commonlaw native american wife. before he married isak's mom. b is planning a book about him and this.
well the cabin was enlarged and still stands. pics when i get back!
we went to the cabin and went inside. somebody was living there til the 60's or later. not sure.
then went to land o lakes to see another friend b met years ago. wood carver. making guitars now. fine hand made wood guitars. oooooh. birdseye maple. CURLYMAPLE! ooooh, burled cherry.
ooh, i got to walk in pine needles AND sawdust!!!!
and a VERY friendly dog. she REALLY wanted ME to pet her.


the man we saw yesterday who has the small newspaper here, his business building is right next to where the killings happened. he and his wife were very close to this.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

this morningf went far too quick to pute and take another week off. benedicte made smooties for everybody. don't think i like pineapple AND apple.

then we are off for crandon. i need to pee, so get off hwy. and where did we get off??? lo and behold, the gas station is across the hwy from the kris kringle everything christmas ALL THE TIME XMAS. of course, benedicte says, she should ckeck it out. i fearing xmas carols and such staying in the suberu, but then, my curiosity must be asuaged as well and i go in. it does smell christmasy, but no blaring santa music. do check their bathroom. the gas stations was quite, um, in need of some scrubbing. kris kringle's shoppe's was green of xmas. since erling and benedicte are danish, they can say the place is awful in front of the ladies.
i bet erling's testosterone was overpowering there.
lots of post menapause womens.
back on the road til a late lunch. benedite sees Gulliver's sign and says THERE. there there will be stainless flatware and not plastic. ansd salad!
but no salad. benedicte wants jalopino poppers. erling and i go for the balsamic chicken, which was quite good.
back on the road. very pretty now. and a detour. i like detours. something different. get to 55. very nice drive but missed a turn somewhere and took a very small county hwy. and we met some lumber trucks and a gaggle of wild turkeys.
find the man and his newpaper that benedicte came for. i stay while they go to the all new best western in crandon. very fancy i must say. no bathtub but a very nice shower stall. ooh! and fancy stone and INTERNETS!!! DSL INTERNETS!!!
so.....but no pictures til i get back

65? more Bush weeks to go
65? more Bush weeks to go
with georgie's SCHIP veto hold?
will condi's mideast diplomacy fold?
65? more fucking Bush weeks to go

Monday, October 15, 2007



benedicte has a little cold and sore throat, so went to walgreens for cough drops. and ask for harley directions. gets a phone call on her cell. does not work here, but it was a danish call-can you here me now???
were going to go harley-davidson tour and art museum. went to harley-davidson tour, after getting lost and driving around. since my shoes were in my mom's car. NO TOUR FOR U! not that i cared. it was nice outside today. cloudy, but not bad. practically kicked out of the plant, so sat outside on the flagpole. one worker walked by and laughed at my barefeet. cold?
benecticte wants healthy lunch. go to mom's and get a pair of shoes. go to outpost. get a nice fruit scone. and a small salad. go to brookfield square for euro to us electric adapter. radio shack only in the most beezarre locals. she got a lot in racine, so got more luggage at target.
drop me off home and go back to my brothers to take a nap before dinner. i do my puting.
went out to la perla's. a long lasting mexican place here. they have a very big red pepper, that you can ride and benedicte of course did ride the pepper.

busy busy with benedicte



cheetah- duma in swahili. i sold one print to a lady who deals with them at the zoo. she puts it on the treadmill for exercise!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

oh, by the way, benedicte and ehring got here about 6:30. had my meatballs and noodles and carrots. hmm, maybe share my apples tomorrow. she broaght back happy pansy and my only female indian. little damage, but can be fixed. she will have to be re-stretched. ugh.



i got a better pic of that bait sign. was going the right direction and dammit. i find the zoom on the camera after???


can't say rant, but this turkey genocide thing. is this a backdoor whay to halt much of iWaq? if they piss off turkey enough to say we can't use their airspace and roads, how do we get material to the troops? is kuwait enough?
if this does force the curge and such to end, is this backdoor way enough for the sheeple?
i think not, but if that's why, do it.



i got this metal lamp at a rummage sale eons ago. was in my grandparent f's neighborhood. it was in their garage and was horribly dirty and dusty. i rinsed it off and I GOT THIS FOR $1???? the shade is best a little and it could use a touch up here and there, but still a beaut.


by the way. benedicte has landed and will be here later tomorrow. haven't seen her since 2003. and an a benedicte trip. always worth going along. last time to crandon(yes, it shall be interesting to visit that town after the mass shooting. did that get any meedeeya play?).may in the late 90's. 1998? stayed with a reporter there. took her to eagle river where she discovered fudge. stopped at the cottage. drove down the 'coast' to kewaunee to see her crazee pot head friend jim(i think jim or was it tim?), who took us on drives right on lake mich and on a very nice beach and, oh by the way he is a fishing guide, so he took us out on lake michigan and without necessary fishing licenses, three out a bunch of lures. had a fish finder. well, we got 5 bites. he reeled one in, benedicte reeled one in and i for some reason reeled in 3. very very beeg fishies. all about 22 or so inches. damn that is hard. can't imagine bringing in a marlin. i am used to at the most a 14' walleye. course crappies and rock bass are more fun.

oh, i forgot. we also slept on his boat. he slept in his van. ahh, how could i forget the sump pump?

do the iowa trip another day.



back to up north and my aunt's daycore. like me, she likes letters and printing blocks, but she does it with a tad more flair. course, i don't stumble on big assed old signage letters.

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