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Saturday, September 29, 2007


pansypoo is back with a little squirrel menace!

by the way, on the way home i did just miss killing a SQUIRREL on the highway at 60mph.
the squirrels up there race across the road quite fast and no squirrely indecision!

Friday, September 28, 2007



another game cat. this cat, is my brother's ex-birlfriend's mother's cat. stupid cat, but very paintable.

Thursday, September 27, 2007



well, rediscovered to hoard again. found it in grandma's stuff. one of auntie's earlier husbands gave it to her. so now she can have it displayed and remember it. from eagle river. near where i am driving for today. well. will get my sammich there.



the latest stuff i got from last weeks estate sales to add to my hoard. did i already post the doorknob? it must have been calling me, cause i went a long way to get it. i rarely do waukesha. yeah, i suppose this is a repeat. but the stuff from that odd north side ES. that is new. almost missed the potat musher too! oy, time for bed. my spelling way badder.


awe revwar!

pansypoo is gonna go up nort til sat. gonna get a sammich. get pics for blogging and gonna relax and not play on puter. sigh. i will miss puter. by puter. ok. do some tomorrow before leave. maybe slap up some random shit before i leave. MAYBE.
mmm. sammich.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



The body of a missing man ejected into the Suwannee River when the boat he was riding in swerved to avoid a large jumping fish was found by a dive team, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials.
IMAGES: More strange stories, images

The boat's operator, Brian Norris, 28, of Chiefland, and Roderick Page, 22, were traveling near Fowler's Bluff in a 12-foot aluminum boat Monday when a large fish jumped in front of the vessel.
Norris said when he swerved to avoid the fish, both men were ejected into the river.
Norris was able to make it to shore and then was transported to Shands Medical Center in Gainesville.
Page's body was located late Tuesday with the assistance of the Citrus County Sheriff's Office side-scanning sonar device and the Levy County Sheriff's Office dive team.
Recently, wildlife officials warned boaters about sturgeon jumping out of the water in parts of the Suwannee River.
At least five people have been injured this year in encounters with the prehistoric-looking fish, which can grow up to 8 feet long and weigh up to 200 pounds.
Gulf sturgeon migrate into the Suwannee in March to spawn, and remain in the river until the fall. Researchers are not sure why the large fish jump.

dude! hit the fish and have some free din din!



spotted 2 more trays. i guess my signature wasn't worth $$$. but mine had those rose leaves. i like that one better and made less $$$.
go figure.



basil, ever the assman. think that may be why i went for basil, cause the first time i saw them, basil was at monkeyface's ass.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007



68? fucking more Bush weeks to go
68? more STOOPID Bush weeks to go
georgie declares saddam killed mandela dead
georgie has to denounce Burma, not iWan, instead
68? goddamned Bush weeks to go



the conclusion of the evil vermin....

after running back and forth, back and forth, the mouse made a pyrrhic try climbing the door again. feel. went back into the front hall closet and not seen again. i was away, but my brother came and took everything off the floor of the closet. much cleared out. garbage garbage. A DEAD MOUSE! but a very long dead mouse. dried out. some shoe boots also taken out to stoop, where my brother trurned over and the VERMIN fell out. stinky and dead.
SO, the vermin was probably trying to commit suicide by throwing itself at basil. since the cat food is no longer in the hall(sybil WILL chew her way into anything thinking that cat food MUST be better). it might have nibbl;ed on the salt left for the sidewalk.
either way. the mouse is dead!
no more fun for basil.



b 1848, nephew of Lord salisbury

we have all suffered under that eminently absurd indiviual who, on the strength of one or two volumnes, IPERFECTLY apprehended by himself (what it means)or the political variety of the same pernicious genius whose stagecraft consists in the readyapplication to the most complex question of nattional interest of some high-sounding commonplace which has done weary duty on a thousand platforms, and which even in its palmiest days never fit for anything better that a peroration(look that up).
but in our dislike of the individual do not let us mistake the diagnosis f his disease. he suffers not from ignorance, but from stupidity. give him learning, and you make him, not wise, but only more pretentious in his folly.

so yale made georgie stupider.



shit shit shit

Monday, September 24, 2007


EVIL VERMIN continued....

the mouse after plotting, tried again to break down the door. at one point, he got on the 'ledge' by the glass, and ran back and forth, in front of basil. at least 3 times, sure he would find a way in.....



bear 2. Aw∑hs∑w. not my favorite. but i did like him. better seller than my new bear which i ADORE!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


VERMIN EVIL continues.....

part 2.

after climbing the leading a few times. up up up, and falling, the vermin went back into the hall and ran around. thinking. how is he HE going to get in THERE. and yes, i looked, i am pretty sure it's a HE. avoided the sticky traps and then sat there. PLOTTING.

and yes, i AM milking this. so, see you next time, next day, for more of the EVIL VERMIN......

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