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Saturday, September 08, 2007



BRENNUS- 2 kings/cheifs of the celtic guals. the 1st, crossed the apennines into italy, leader of 70,000 senones, and ravaged Etruria 391 bc. romans sent to watch their movements. were said to have particapated by the walls of Clusium, failing to get their surrender,marched for rome. a roman army of 40,000 hastily sent to meet them and laid wait on the little river allia, here brennus attacked and defeated the romans, and if he had gone on to rome, it would have fallen, but they mutilated the dead, drank, and celebrated. rome able to occupy and provision. the women and children sent to Veii. on 3rd day Guals took rome, occupied only by the aged patricians, who stayed to defend their stuff.(get off my lawn!). the guals for awhile admired this, but then rome sacked and all were slaughtered. rome then burned, but the capital stood and lasted the seige. saved one night by the sacred geese and marcus manlius. guals accepted 1000lbs of gold as ransom(if iWaq gave us 10,000,000 barrels could we leave them in peace?)
as it was being weighed, a roman tribune complaining, brennus threw out his heavy sword onto the scale. when asked why, replied 'Vœ Victis"-the weakest must go to the wall. left with their plunder.
2nd brennus-said to be one of the leaders of an inroad(?) made by the guals from east of the adriatic into thrace and macedonia 280 bc. when they defeated and slew Ptolemy Ceraunus, king of the macedonians. this first conquest led B to urge them to a 2nd expedition, where he marched w/ an army of 150,000 foot and 60,000 horse thru macedonia, defeating who they found and continued to thessaly, ravaged as he went, til reaching the historic pass of thermopylae. the united north greece forces, athenians,phocians, beotians and aetolians, held here, but betrayed by locals and fought them to delphi, who put up a valiant defense and better ground, B wounded and they took flight, pursued all the way to thermopylae. B killed himself, for pain of wounds or defeat.

BRETANO, Clemons- german dramatist and novelist. b 1777. frankfort-on-the-maine. his sister Elizabeth, the well known Bettina Von Arnam, gothe correspondent(i did her right? only reason i am doing him. d 1842

BRESSLAU-cirt of prussia. capital of SILESIA

BREVIARIUM ALARICANUM-collection of roman law compiled by order of alaric II, king of the visigoths blah blah blah...

BREWING- 264-275

BRICK-279-283 illustration!

BRIDGES- 284-341. no brooklyn, but that will be addressed under brooklyn. famous bridges illustrated and the theory of building them laid out.

BRIL, Paul flemish painter 1554-1626

BRINDLEY, James b 1716. celebrated engineer. humble parents(dirt poor). little or no education. at 17 apprenticed to a millwright and while there, manifested remarkable mechanical talent. set up own bizness after apprenticing and quickly became famous for ingenuity and skill repairing all kinds of machinery. in 1752, he designed and set up an engine for draining some coal pits at clifton. 3 year later, he extended his reputation by completing the machinery for a silk-mill at congleton. about 1754, B became aquainted w/ Duke of Bridgewater + an arrangement was made for B to carry out the duke's scheme of inland navigation. to carry coal from duke's estate at worsley to manchester. thru all difficulties, B's genius did it. by canal. the grand trunk canal. soon more canals. B's excessive toil broke his strength and d at 56 in 1772.
when faced with a problem, he would retire to bed and stay til the solution came to him.

BRISTOL, england-3+ pages blah blah blah king this king that king

painting by BRIL. dang i got the power, why NOT illustrate artists?



got this several years ago at an estate sale. little victorian collage, but the frame, i couldn't resist.



not a sweater, but sweater goes better with saturday. my 2nd fancy yarn quafgan. which i re-stitch the triangles. still have to finish it i guess.
i bartered away my 1st-circles in squares to a baltic yarn shop owner who had knitted for the nazis.she had to knit 5 sweaters a week. i got a lot of yarn.
and she would save me odd bits. then this 1. then i did one for my uncle in NYC. diamonds in squares, but one side was always blue/green. that seems to work best. all together they sort of brown out.

Friday, September 07, 2007



i found this little monkey at the estate sale i mentioned here, the one where there wallpapered over spanish plaster. the monkey said TAKE ME. ok. i'll take the monkey. well, i got to list it and i look it over. take off the added ribbon. has something stamped on it's ass. xxxopyxxxxx 1958 zoo-line xxxxx.
well, it got 'watchers from day 1.. no bids. now 10 people are keeping an eye on it.



better babee moobossies.



as i said, i am gonna do bullseye bert again, since i posted the actual bert the cat. i should ad detail shots. the background on this is way cooler than the picture shows.

Thursday, September 06, 2007



try again.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A 3-year-old boy, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper and another adult were hurt on Wednesday afternoon in a bizarre attack by a squirrel on a day care playground.
It happened at the Children's Academy Daycare on Oak Ridge Road in Orange County.
Kevin Santiago, 3, was bitten nine times while playing on the playground, according to Yietza Santiago, the boy's mother."There was a 3-year-old little boy sitting on the swing. The squirrel attacked him and didn't want to get off of the child. We threw things at it to try to get it off and nothing. Finally, we were able to take it off," day care director Maritza Diaz said.
The trooper, who was working an accident near the playground, responded, and FHP spokeswoman Kim Miller said he was jumped by the animal. He tried to shoo the squirrel away, but it attacked again and scratched and bit him before he could escape.
He was treated and released at a local Centra Care for his injuries.
Squirrel attacks on humans are uncommon, but the rodents are known to bite if they are injured or feel trapped. Officials said the squirrel may be rabid, but officials said getting rabies from squirrels is unlikely.
Doctors often advise bite victims not to undergo post-bite rabies treatments, unless the squirrel attacked for no apparent reason.
The squirrel in the playground attack managed to escape.





dateline orlando florida... bad linky

they want more than our bread crumbs now! now they want our FIRST BORN!
how will georgie save us from osama bin squirrel?



i found this place the other day when i took a different route to the farmer's market. 2nd pic has the canon sureshot's problem. happens occasionally.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


BRAZIL- i took WAY too many notes of blah blah blah. hit highlights. 'discovered' in 1499 by Vincent Pincon, a companion of Columbus. made no settlement, but 'claimed', took posession of the land in the name of Spanish government and went home. the next year, the portuguese commander, Pedro Cabral, was appointed to follow the course of Vasco De Gama and was driven off track to brazil. anchored,mass of easter, and declared portuguese land. Cabral sent small boat to lisbon, telling them and continued east. emperor Emmanuel sent Vespucci w/ 3 ships to his new possession, built fort and left 12 men. 4 30 years brazil forgotten as africa and india were plundered of their riches.
blah blah blah emperor joao III blah blah blah Sousa suveying hi coast and rio de Janero founded(discovered on jan 1) blah blah blah local indian tribe Goagnazes blah blah blahone Govenor arrives with 60 ships blah blah blahjesuits blah blah blah1st bishop in 1552 blah blah blah french icursion blah blah blah hugenots blah blah blah late 1500's invaded by british blah blah blah french/dutch and MORE DUTCH blah blah blah dutch into amalgamation-go fuck some natives! blah blah blahNssau good dutch govenor blah blah blah portuguese revolution/house of Bragana blah blah blah brazil already feels independent of P blah blah blah dutch forced out blah blah blah following Pombal was the conspiracyo of Menas in 1789, the american revolution, filled the minds of the more educated youth and plan to overthrow the P formed. a cavalier officer, Silva Xavia the leader, but plot discovered. most banished to africa, but X hung blah blah blah french revolution unheard, but because of napoleon, B became the seat of the exiled government. prince regent, Joao VI, took refuge in B when napoleon invaded P.
in brazil with wife and the leaders of state, Joao, made move to emmacipate B, opening B's doors to all trade. but the court and officials ment taxes and monetary system altered and resulting chaos.has left lngstanding problems(still with B in 1890-still?). but with new IMMIGRATION, B flourished and grew.(HINT HINT). due to N, in 1809 B sent a force to french guana, and part was absorbed into B, but restored in 1815.
after death of Queen Donna Maria I in 1815, Joao king.brazians getting sick of the Ps Joao personally amiable, but govt. ignorant and profligate and the spirit of the french revolution came to B, but smothered.
but this did change P to a republic. prince Dom pedro conciliator. J left for P, leaving his son.
rev in 1822. fighting in argentina blah blah blah grand reform in 1871.
the emeoror Dom Pedro II and the empress, a sister of the king of naples, are universally beloved and respected for their intellectual and moral endowments, and their affectionate interest in the welfare of their subjects. princess Isabella, born 1846 and her son born in 1875 are their only surviving offspring.


BREHON LAW- 3 pgs+ law of ireland previous to conquest and in some communities the 17th C. from breitheam-a judge. 3 volumns of laws, comprising the code called the senchus mor, allegedly revised by st. patrick. the antiquated and often obsolete languages of the oriinal text and the interlined glosies(?) coupled w/ that potions of both are cited in compilations considered not later than 10th C, are arguements for their acceptance as fragments of a primative system unmodified by anglo-saxon, danish, or norman influences. The roman civil lw is hardly tracable in them except as regards ecclesiastical affairs and that sub (modo?) only. what?

BREMEN- 1 of 3 free-cities of the 'new' german empire.

BREMER, Fredrika- b 1801 near Abo Findland. most celebrated Finnish novelist. father ol german family. weealthy merchant. left F when she was 3. lived in stockholm 1 year, then got estate at arsta F. lived there til 1820.no career for a woman then and health declined + 1821 family went to s of france, traveled back slow thru germany and switz and back thru paris and the neth. soon france became aquainted with schiller's poetic works and this left a deep impression. home still unsatisfying an her passionate longing for some work and resolved to be a nurse., but sister's pleading made her give that up. meanwhile had begun to write( more, as she had been writing since she was 8) 1828 attempted publication. soon recognized by govt.. who thrilled at having an author, awarded with a gold medal and became famous. father d in 1830 and with her fame, did as she pleased and travel she wanted. 1849, set out for america. sp[ent 2 years and then england. on return to sweden, devoted to the emancipation of women. forward thinker. 1856, more travel. 5 years on continent and palestine. d. 1865. called the miss austen of sweden.



basil being adorable. and a SLUT!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

71 more Bush weeks to go
71 more Bush weeks to go
georgie goes to iWaq in the dark of night. shhh it's a seecWet
gonna where blue, dark blue, so cameras can see ME! the TWIT!
71 more Bush weeks to go



i found this enamel cigarette set a few years ago. think decoish era. pre-WW2. going by the matches that goes in the holder. paid $5, but too nice to pass up. still cheaper than an antique shop or ebay.

Monday, September 03, 2007


well, after dindin around 6, i look out toward the birdfeeder. one chippie on it. and my, oh my. mices. babee mices, bigger mices. lots of mices scrurrying for food. maybe it was a mouse war and the dead mice lost. or just old. INFILTRATORS! hmm. do i say anything? not inside. not rats. ehn. mices be mices.


BOWLS-oldest and most popularof english pastimes 'in throwing stones'. speculation whether bowling was 1st practiced outside on grass or inside in alleys, but evidence found that citizens went outside city walls to watch 'bowling', but alleys were places of vice and debauchery, bowling looked down on and at that time archery more important and for time in 1400's a crime to play. during henry VIII, the word 'bowls' 1st appears, deemed an illegal pursuit, but scant punishment. in begining of 1700's, power given by george II, the penalty was prison.
a royal game as Henry VIII added bowling alleys to whitehall and charles I was a fan of open air bowling. sounds like bocci(sp) ball.
in france, Carreau is played.
in america, a version called 10 pins is popular. strictly indoor. object of this game is to knock as many down as possible. if all hit on 1st roll, it's a double spare. if a player does this each time, they get a score of 300.
no strike in 1891.

BRACHIOPODA-8 pages, illustrations. was that snails?

BRAHMANISM-10 pages. oh heck not gonna read that.

BRANDY- spiritous liquor obtained by distilling wine. certain wine used for cognac and others armagnac(my fav, brandy?!?) cognac stored 2 years. a medicinal stimulant(st. bernards ya know)

BRASIDAS-most famous spartan leader in early peloponesian war. 1st notes when he relieved Methone, besieged Athenians(431 bc), for this commended at sparts in 429. sent to assist Cuemus and part of unsuccessful attack on piraeus. 2 years later w/ admiralaleidas to cacyra, but did not succeed in getting Al to attack city. severely wounded in assault on pylos(425), lost his shield and was carried off by athenians. when sparta went to war on thrace, B was chosen as leader. he relieved Meqara in 424 and in same year succeeded passing thru thessaly and effecting a junction between peridiccas of macedonia. he assisted Peridicca to put down a revolted vassal, arrhibaeus and then succeeded in gaining possession of acanthus, stagira, amphipolis, and torone. in spring of 423, truce, but B insisted upon retaining scione, which fell after truce. the revolt of mende gave him the opportunity to seize the town. in same year, he again accompanied perdiccas against arrhipaeus, and made a skillful retreat. he received no reinforcements from sparta, where leaders were jealous of his success, his conciliatory manners and his dexterious policy(clinton!). the athenians sent out a new armament, retook mende and repelled an assault on potidaea. in 422, cleon w/ fresh athenian troops, besieged amphipolis and swift sally, directed by the skillful generalship of B, was crowned w/ success. athenians routed, cleon slain, but B was himself mortally wounded. buried in antipolis, who made him their founder and yearly sacrifices and games in his honor. games also in his hometown., but only spartans allowed, B the only sdpartan general whose character displays nobilty or grandeur. he threw off mental stiffness of sparta. he could form allies. thucydides called him eloquent and known for his justice, liberality, and wisdom.

RANDOM MOUSE POST-why? oh why?

last week, i am out. filling the bird feeder AGAIN. turn around to walk back to house. AH! DEAD BLOATED MOUSE! eek. eew eew eew eew. it rained later and the mouse did deflate. did not look like it was murdered by a cat. was very big. old age? a geriatric mouse?
was removed the next day.
so a few days later, another dead moue shows up, also did not look murdered. next day smaller on the lawn. day after that, it was gone. either the flies are very efficient, or something ate it.

so far no more dead vermin. lots of live vermin. baby mice and chippies.


MONDAY NOT ROADKILL BLOGGING-something a little different

my watercolors rarely have this much.....empty. this was a new watercolor paper for me. i was in the danish art 'hus'/hut i occupied with some vermin(2 dessert rats and 3 'female' gerbils', but i will tell that story later.
i had several cat photos to work from and i picked up a pic of an old siamese cat i met. sometimes, i really have nothing to do with what i paint. i pick out a color and shut the brain off. only after 'sketching' in the cat did i think asian. BAM!
even signed it psuedo chinese. but it doesn't look like i did it.

Sunday, September 02, 2007



i will have to ask my uncle which way he spelled it. funny cat. think it had vision issues. kinda shy. sorta liked me. may have to do her portrait for friday art blogging. my uncle said, she has a bullseye on her side. well, yes she does.

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