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Saturday, August 25, 2007



well, fri's sale wasn't very interesting, except the nice man whose house was being emptied was there. i got his grandma's cucumber, cabbage slicer. big one. and he's 80. i had a very heavy bag and he helped schlep it to my car. i wish i had asked about the carved bone eagle.
after the Open House sale, i went to the Open House leftover shop. you never know what they might have. i got a big cigar box of old wood and copper printing blocks, plus on metal printing capital letters.
i was a bad girl. i got another folding ruler, but it was not expensive. slightly damaged. and i could not resist an old india hand painted box. SHIT, DON"T PUT TAPE OVER THE HAND PAINTING YA KNOBS! i couldn't resist a kangaroo?!? painted on the side. the deer were neat too. the top people? not so much.
oh, in the entry, there was a very old wheelchair. yes, i sat in it, just to see how comfy or not it was. was adjustable. only $125 right now.



i got this eons ago at a rummage sale. pre-estate sales. just like it. then when in a tennessee antique mall, i saw a similar one, but in pretty bad condition. missing glaze. beat up looking and $45 tag on it. HEH? this little piggie went to the antique roadshow when it was in milwaukee years ago. the piggie i paid 50¢ for is worth $60-$100. i guess i like him more now. eh?



early in the trip, uncle and aunt to me to little italy and i spotted this cat door.

Friday, August 24, 2007



bad pic of it, but kinda hard to take a good one in the basement. this is the 2nd clint pastel i did. 2 sheets of paper. almost life size. how tall is eastwood?

darn, i didn't get the horse on the lower right in the shot.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


BOOK-3+ pages


BORKU/BORGU-african country in interior, part of soudan region. WIKI! say most of it in Chad. and sudan by the sahara desert.

BORNEO-4 pages. eh, passed over

BORNU/BORNOU-african kingdom in central africa. southwest of lake Chad. wiki says......bornu state NIGERIA

BORROMEAN ISLANDS-4 rocky islands in Lago Maggiore. 1671, Vitaliano Borromeo, created great pleasure gardens and a palace on Isolla Bella and Isolla Madre.

BOSNA SERAI/SERAIEVO/SERAGLIO- city of european turkey-capital of province of bosnia. originaly called Bosnavar, founded in 1263 by hungarian general Cotroman, current name from serai, palace built by mahomet II. pop 50,000in 1865.

BOSNIA-most northwest province of turkey. comprises Bosnia, part of turkish croatia or craina, the district g herzogovina and the ancient rascia. borders montenegro and albania and servia. mountainous.

B 1st a dependent of Servian and croatian kings, but was raised for a time a separate pricipality, which reverted around 1339 to servian king stephan. on his death, again independent til last 1/2 of 15c. and in spite of encroaching turks, but then absorbed B in 1503. the hungarians disputed this, but definately ceeded in peace of Carlovitz in 1699 and confirmed by the treaty of Sistovar in 1791.
it is at present(1875) the scene of formidable insurection.

BOSSUET, Jaques Behigne-b 1627 celebrated orator and prelate. born in dijon. many pencil marks by rev. Frost-that B loved classics, esp Virgil and Homer 2 pgs. d.1704. just like saying where the reverend marked his books, showing he actually used them.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007



yet another yarn related discovery. get off bus to get another bus and HEY! there's grand central! whoo hoo! 2 birds! the ceiling pic is one of my favorites.



ok ok, i guess since i have a knitter waiting, WHO KNOWS KAFFE FASSET. i must post one of my unfinished quafgans. i did complete a whole of 'complementary colors. red/green squares, next to purple and yellow squares, next to blue and orange squares, but all together, it looks wrong. took the whole thing apart and said, i gotta do a rainbow, not complements! so onto the pinwheel, which will go to my mom who adores ranbows, and the blue/green/purple wave one i made her goes to my aunt who REALLY likes the wave one. i will get pics of that one when possible.

bad pics as i just took them. flash is bad. night no good.



well, another surprise i didn't expect. i didn't know WHY i took this old copper 'mold'. it was attractive. i didn't get much REAL good stuff at this sale. LOTS of miscellaneous crap. lady took fur coats and made hats from them. she had lots of ugly crochet afghans. but so far, i have made a few sales, so profit. i did sell a little framed print of 2 paraquets and learned Gould was the audobon of australia. made in sweden. has a ring for hanging.too nice to list for 99¢ and made $16 on ebay.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


wednesday cat blogging

even with the new imac, i gotta work around the cats.

73? more Bush weeks to go
73? more Bush weeks to go?!?
off to canada for hard werk on georgie's vacationing
hurricane dean hits the yucatan and mexico(unlike georgie), shows actioning
73? more fucking Bush weeks to go.



another building spotted on my way to a yarn shop or museum. next time i will check out the lobby. or get closer for artsy pics.


i almost forgot. yesterday i had some sweet corn and BBQ chicken for dindin. i had some stray kernels of sweet corn, basil swept in for some corn. NO BUTTER, he wanted the corn, i tested sybil and she ate it too. heh, i will have to test pansy. so much for cats tongues not having sweet receptors.




i guess that will be the title. not a good pic as it was under florescent lighting. will get a better pic when dry. so, what say you?

Monday, August 20, 2007



i forgot to post this pic of the piddley sunset, when i posted the catapillar and such. sadly our sunsets are blocked by the hill and the church.



can't think of the museum. not MOMA, but the BEG one. i didn't do all of it, but just did a small part of the furniture section and stumbled on these pie crimpers. the light was pretty low, but still, i got the pic.



i call this chinese pansy. not a good seller, but i LOVE the background. i did have some issues. at first the background on top and bottom were both patterned, but then i painted it over with red on the bottom and it clicked for me.

Sunday, August 19, 2007



my grandpa fished, but his meager lure collection usually hung near the tackle box behind the wood stove. usually we used minnows tho. but one year i went to this antique show at the old state fair park. you had to pay $3 or $4. well, i wasn't seeing anything. but dammit, i am gonna buy something! and i finally found a white and red lure for under $5. fooey. rummage-o-rama was better, but now they don't do that anymore. and estate sales are better anyways.
SO, anyways, this is how this collection started. of course i started collecting 'bombers', cause they used to be cheaper at flea markets, til i wanted more and all of a sudden THEY are $$$. FUCK. but never mind, i can get cheaper nice ones at estate sales. and lo and behold, now the buggers are on every wall. i will have to do auxilary posts on the red eys and such. after i had about 3 on my 'tape' bookcase(made out of recyling-old iron cupboard insert. made it myself). well, i had to keep them away from cats. hmm they look rather nice above the door there.

by the way, the calves painting is done i say. just gotta take a pic. something COMPLETELY different. too real? sorta. hmm. you decide.



grant's tomb. very close to my uncle apartment, so that was one of the first things we went to. on they way walking there, i spotted a house i SWEAR the exterior was used for a Law & Order. and then a bronze sculpture my uncle had NEVER NOTICED, although it was in a cranny, it had survived one of the japanese A-bombs. then why is it here?

well, i was quite impressed with grant's tomb, and i read the visitors book and comments. amazed at how so many people from so many placed had come there.

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