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Saturday, August 18, 2007



one evening, my uncle took me to the roof of the empire state building. he warned me it was windy up there, but, i did take photography class and knew my pentax. i think i did pretty good. how did my photos get so dirty tho?

i probaly used 1/30 or maybe 1/16 to take the spire and 1/30 or 1/64 for the city scapes. no tripod either. course i didn't post the pics not so solid.

Friday, August 17, 2007



i was out and about thurs, and took a different route than usual and BAM! what did i see? a purty old buick and in the garage? was zat? do i see fins? oh yes i does!
my, what big fins you have big blu caddy.

i accidently got a little artsy-fartsy and i rather like it.



when i went to NYC the first time. you could say i was on a mission. i hit every yarn store there, and on the way, i seemed to see all the best bits. flat iron, grand central station and the crysler. the power of YARN!


FRIDAY ART BLOGGING-and now for something completely different

well, this was for an assignment. 4 figure paintings outside of class. another one i did for it was medicine crow, so....
well, i was taking a modern history class at the time and was going thru old LIFE magazines in the basement and i found this pic of this black man who was said to be 117 years old. charlie had been born a slave(it was a early 70's issue). and in the article he said, when he got a tad tired he would sit. and he looked so sweet. i really liked how i painted this almost sketchy. by the way, he is sitting in front of a screendoor.
i have a collection of old black and white photos i would like to paint like this one. someday.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


James Bryce-1886 on the government of ireland bill b 1838 (he must have been living at the printing of the book)

What did the united states do when the civil war came to an end? first of all, they tried the experiment of governing the southern states by MILITARY OCCUPATION, and they found that that SYSTEM BROKE DOWN, because it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep the people in subjection and the country tranquil by military force alone. then they tried to govern it by the disfranchisement of all who took part in the war against the union: and they handed over the government to the negroes and a number of northern adventurers, and that system broke down(can you say green zone?). outrages, perpetrated on the negroes or on the northern men who had come down to the calolinas and tennessee, became frequent, and could not be checked by civil authorities. the condition of things in the south during those years was a scandal to the country.
then, at last, WITH STRONG PRACTICAL SENSE which becomes a free people, and which especially distinguishes the people of america, THEY CAME BACK TO THEIR ORIGINAL PRINCIPLES. They set up the southern states as self-governing communities on the old lines; they restored the suffrage TO ALL CITIZENS, declaring those who had taken part in the war to be exempt from further consequences; and then the outrages came to an end(sort of), and those disorderly southern communities became speedily prosperous and law abiding. the example of the united states is the strongest possible case you could have to show that a democratic system MUST BE TRUE TO ITSELF, and that only SO CAN IT SUCCEED.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



more bridge pics. after i got my pics i didn't realize how omnipresent the WTC buildings were. kept popping up in my pics. i used all the duplicate prints for note cards and sent the manhattan ones to keith. he loved NYC. oh how i wish we could have gone together.
one more thing i missed. my uncle and he would have loved to meet each other. and keith woulda loved his apartment. and his masks.
sigh. fuck. sigh



i was outside yesterday. i had earlier noticed the caterpillars on my parsley. and i took some pics of them and then said, gee, i am gonna post a pic of this pretty plant that either came from a bird shit, or the squirrel gave us another present. and then i noticed this weird seed pod on the perennial geranium.



basil 'squidgy face'. on my desk, face smooshed into my grandma's mod lamp.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


CHIPPIES! ooh, the juvenile chippies are just stating to leave the nest. i have been observing one who is VERY feisty and chases the bigger chippies around and now i just saw THREE smaller mini chippies climb out of the nest for the 1st time.
oh, did i mention the feisty one is quite the cleaver little baby? quick as a button on the feeder.
sigh. keith would have loved to observe this too.
goddamnit. why?
and where do i find somebody like him? shit. can't afford match.com. and i didn't need it to be discovered by keith. just took to damn long.
sigh. life sucks.

but i have my chippies.



74? more Bush weeks to go
74? more Bush weeks to go
KKKarl is resigning to go back to texas, leaving georgie in a bind
but what will the turd blossom do out of sight, but not out of mind
74? more fucking Bush weeks to go



if i remember right. the day after i arrived. my uncle and his wife took me on a boat tour. i ADORE the bridges. i took lots of photos. if i visit again, i want to walk across the brooklyn bridge and take more pics. yes. i watched that documentary again.

oh, brooklyn bridge pics to come.

Monday, August 13, 2007



ok. i watched the crazee ferret breeders. cat people are ALMOST as crazee. WHERE'S the norweigan forest cat??? cosmo looked like an escaped full bred one.
it was funny when that one cat said NO MORE and escaped.
oy, i just imagine sybil at one of these things! lucky me she is declawed. oh, and that boy cat's 'protection!' feh.. just have a pet people! course my spares probably are part maine coon. basil IS a big boy.



since i don't have my hands on the album, as if i really need any order other than the plane pics. so these will come as i post em. this is a building that was across from where my uncle used to work around the '20's' i think you'd say.


MONDAY ROADKILL-armadillo redux

i scanned in better images of these babies. they deserve another run. as i have said. all titled with the menomonee word for each critter. no armadillos in wisconsin yet, so i went with turtle pig-Mehk∑nahkohkos.

Sunday, August 12, 2007



time to clean off my 'desktop'. actual desktop contains a cat and sybil can stay.
anyways. i think these shots of manhattan are impossible since the flight plans no longer go over manhattan. 1st day.

oh, by the way, because of my step-monster, i did not get to go to my uncle's wedding in NYC. it would have been TOO much stress for my grandmother, who tried as valiently as possible and be a good christian and be nice to by paternal unit's 2nd wife. i even made a kimmy voodoo doll for her. that made her laugh surprisingly. but i hear the wedding was great and i got to spend time with them alone later. so....

i really should explain the step-monster.

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