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Saturday, August 04, 2007


lots of artists have little banners on their tents with tag lines they have for their work. across the way we had 'a touch of jeanious'. if i got one, it would say 'I DRAWD THAT'.

Friday, August 03, 2007

TUES-k's last day

K decided not to take an earlier flight so he could have a vacation from his vacation. i basically took him to 2 estate sales. ooh, more hauling. both in WAWAtosa. able to drive him in the chi chi neighborhoods. showed him my grandparents house on the edge of WAWAtosa. 1st one was quite interewsting in my mind. full of stuff for my $3 bag. either a peruvian, or someone who was very interested in South America. spanish language books. i got some very heavy stuff.

2nd was more to K's taste. mid century ranch with era interior. it was a 1st day, so i kept my 'shopping' light. but was fun to look around. 1 regret. i SHOULD have bought the very nice oil painting. oh well. i have my biberstiens. and i don't have much wall space....

dropped K with plenty of time. as i drive off. i think, uh oh, what if his flight is delayed or canceled? he e-mails me. his flight WAS delayed. by quite a bit. he found the airport resale book shop-the renaissance book store. and he is watching the scheduled flights and low and behold, there is a midwest express flight to dallas that IS on time. a nice pregnant MW worker ticket lady is able to get his checked luggage and he takes MW express and gets those 2 choc chip cookies. COOKIES!



we finally left eagle river about 1 or so. in antigo, as long as i remember, i remember this building that had old gas station signs. this year he had some exterior signs set up. A RED OWL! i told K we would stop on way back. i took a bunch of pics and a woman inside must have come out and he talked to her and we could tour it. they make neopn signs there and inside displayed the boss's personal collection of signs. the missing pegasus was inside and newly neoned. so cool!
after that stop, we went to the bear creeek antique shop that is in a old schoolhouse. no victorian letter blocks this time, but i couldn't pass up the HUGE muddler/potato shoosher. K found 2 old political mags for his collection.
auntie fell on saterday, so she didn't want to meet K. so i just drive home. for some reason, can't remember why, but i did a little milw tour. i knew he woud enjoy the VA center. i KNOW why, we were driving pass it to my house. took some pics.
got home and unpacked most of the stuff. i suggested we eat at La Perla. a hispanic spot. RIDE THE PEPPER! bro didn't join us, just my mom. not as good as texasstan. ok. but we did have entertainment. a semi took the turn onto 5th a tad loose and hit a blue car, which was pushed into a black SUV, which hit the audi. the semi backed up and took off.


FRIDAY ART BLOGGING-return of the game cat

Bulls-eye Burt. this is my manhattan uncle paul's former cat. poor burt passed away years ago. he pointed out that she had a bulleyes on her side. i love the background on this one.



i unintentionally got a pic of k. he's the one standing looking a bit grumpy.


MON-last day up nort

wake up early again. putter around the cottage. aunt has dr appt, so i head out about 9ish. stop at potato farmer's place to take pic of his message he left eons ago.
k wants to be picked up at 10, so i pick up the bakery i ordered on thurs.
pick up k. 1st i take him to Trembly's. the best fudge EVER! plus you can watch them make it. k got some mixed candies and some chocolate. i got fudge and turtles. squirrel it away into cooler. k wants to check out the book store since 'soda pop' doesn't open til 11.
i sit on a bench and wait.
of course it's another sunny beautiful day.
when he comes back it is after 11. Soda Pop used to be a pizza place when we were kids. old 1800's building. but all you could see was old wood benches and the tin roof. the new owner peeled away the crap added since 1900. found wood under linoleum, found the original stained glass bench windows. found a fucking soda jerk bar. who CARES if the player piano is gone!!!! and the new owner collects cool stuff which he displays. in the floor near the back, he has installed old brass 1930's sidewalk medalians. we split a sandwich. the waco-TEXASS! pulled pork shoulder on the chef's rolls. OH MAN. i want another sammich! did i mention the soda list? instead of wine, it has a soda list. i got a moxie cherry coke. k went for the honey ginger ale.
man, that was the best. k wants to come back so he can try the burger.
we then went to the soda pop shop where i could get green river and coke with sugar for my other aunt. last time up hear, my bro and i got her a case of green river. she only drank about 3/5 of them. was gonna pitch the rest after a long time, but i drank them. then off for milw.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


SUN-last day

sunny day again. checked out of super 8. got down to my space. by the way, just for extra torture, on one side i had a potter who had come by and chatted with keith in 05', and on the other side 'mr. grumpy' from arkansas. a quite tall skinny man. maybe he was having a bad show. anyways, i forgot something.on saterday an loder couple came by and said they wanted the original rabbit. but, after looking in his wallet, said had to go back to car and get checkbook. NO PROBLEM, i gotta spruce it up, some sky pastel had fallen onto the rabbit and i wanted to spruce it up. they never came back, but did put a small sold sticker on it. around noonish or so, a woman came by and SHE wanted the rabbit. i said, well, sure! and it is gonna go in her daughters room. she also got the cheap framed hippo and giraffe! did i mention the fur catnip toys i made? a woman was sent by her sister to get another one with vague directions.
take down was pretty quick. trying to get back to meet my uncle and aunt for dindin. had a issue with the tent. my MOM backed into it with the car 2 years ago and it has been a BITCH ever since. my grumpy helped. so we liked him after all.
the drive back was very nice. only a short wrong turn. NORTH??? wrong way. check map! the U.P. is quite empty. got gas next to the casino. reservation gas tax freeeee! k said the patrons in the gas station were quite sad gambler types. we had called my aunt and she said stuff closes early, and so we said we would eat before the cottage. it was close to nine when we left the gas station, so the next town would have to be our options. we spotted the redman supper club, so i made a quick turn off. it was open and we had discussed supper clubs. thanks NPR. the redman was quite nice. big salads. choice of soup(BLT) or cranberry juice. i had pork again. k had chicken ala oscar. before long we were back at the lake and carla had made a bundt cake. jeff had gone to sleep(morning person), but we had a nice dessert and talk. took k to super 8 and came back. oh, i forgot the mention the eagle feather that fell as we were on the beach-good omen. i forgot it up north. will have to get it in fall.



got there in good time. opened the tent. everything set up for the most made it easy. like spring green, made most of my money on the cheap framed prints. i didn't make enough of those. across the way there was a ann arbor painter who came over. she also has a framing biz. she has a designer client who needed some artwork for childrens rooms and the art had been discontinued and she wants me to e-mail pics of about 8 of them to her. ooooooh, ann arbor contact. could be big. many people there wanted big prints of the roadkill. hmmm......
oh, kevin's little brain was working on how to make me really make a killing. and how to improve my set up.
he really helped. but boy oh boy did he get a bad sun burn!
i had 3 people at once who used $100 bills and i was running out of change! lucky it was at the end of the day.
after we closed up the tent, we drove around the park to the north west side of the small peninsula and we checked it out. i avoided where keith took me. i wish i could have hung onto keith and have him take me down to the shore. i wish i wish i wish....
go to the same place for dindin. THIS time i get a single pork chop and fries. VERY good fries. k got the pork chop dinner.
as i only brought 2 frames extra, sigh, we went to MALL WART. straight to the frame eisle. oooh, same as walgreens and WAY cheaper. i still feel dirty. buy them all. go back to room, but i had the wrong day. no little miss sunshine but boxing on HBO. oh well.


i was going to post this yesterday, but it seemed wrong with that bridge collapse in MN. WELL, catching up on the gnewspapers, and in Sunday's paper there was a lkittle article about a 18 year old break dancer who killed himself with a move. if only karaoke was as deadly.

oh, and a jetskier died. that is not deadly enuf either.


will continue my extended MI post later.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007





FRI-drive to marquette

i plan on picking up kevin around 10am for breakfast. i got up about 7. the oxygen up there tends to make me need less sleep and more food. enjoy some lake time at the cottage. then i take off. i stop at the potato farmer's house that has been abandoned since i was a little kid. almost missed it, cause the trees have almost covered it.
pick K up. go to what USED to be don's dinky diner. it is quite small. k had a good breakfast. i was quite disappointed in the hashbrowns. oh well. but better coffee than my uncles.
and we are off. by the way, the camry was around the 1/4 mark. SO, kevin was really watching for gas station. i say we can make it to MI where the gas taxes will be lower. this is why we missed the turn onto hwy 28. BUT, we did discover this picturesque abandoned farm. turned the car around to get some good pics. as we were getting back on the road, a red pickup was coming towards us and we do think they were making sure we weren't going to look for stuff.
well, we FINALLY found a gas station. it is quite empty up there, except closer to lake superior. we did get a beautiful of a cove from a hill. got to marquette with plenty of time. it took us a while to set up the tent and stuff. had issues with the leg my mom backed into and the age of the tent, but it was ok. drove around the park. showed k the north side, then got lost trying to find the super 8. but found it. sadly the family cafe next to the super 8 was under new management and the new hashbrowns also sucked. i also had WAY to much food. TWO porkchops, stuffing, hashbrowns, and more. and icky gravee. but the pork ok. oh, and lot of moon rises did we see.


SO, i take the camry off the highway a tad fast, but, well, i have practiced my little le manz racing on windy roads 'up nort' in my old delta 88s. once my aunt carla and cousin tried to catch up with me on the butternut-franlin road. i think it was my 72'. oh my that was fun! they did NOT catch me! ANYWAYS. kevin is all for this. not many cars, and not all primo, but he had never seen a hurst. i think i have a book with a hurst. he of course was partial to the fleetwood. course caddy's are GM, but i prefer pontiacs and olds. i think that was the last detour except showing him the wayside our grandparents always stopped at. it seems so much smaller than it was as a kid. or maybe the lawn part has shrunk.
hit the pick & save bakery, then off to the cottage.
it has been so long! so many good times. oh, blacktop driveway! well, gravel is not gonna work in the middle of january with the hill there! the cottage used to be black. they couldn't get black for the new part, so now it's all dark taupe. bearable. well, most of what was the cottage is gone, but what is THERE! lets just say, house beautiful just comes to that side of the family. me not so much, but onlybecause i don't have large spaces to decorate, and well, i am rather untidy and i do like clutter.and and and i have way tooooooo many books. and yarn, and,.....ebay. aunt not feeling so good, so kevin and i go to the italian place. he later says i do not enjoy food. but i guess because i am not a pig. i just can't eat large meals. i graze all day. but i do eat more when the oxygen up there hits. take k super 8 and then drive to cottage. oh, i love wood and stuff and man does my aunt have some great stuff!!! when i go up again i will take pics!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wed-new london pics
i pick kevin up at airport. he made his flight, but his bags took a later flight. blame dallas traffix. no biggie, cept, picking him up, didn't compute and i went to a bakery to get bread. OOPS. quick drive to airport. so, stay on east side. heard an 'ad' on NPR for my framing friends shop. said she would have 4 artists for the art walk. ART. well, shelly's" walls empty!, but an artist came a little later. won't bore with details. HA! show him some of downtown. the 2 MIAD's i went to. the iron block building. federal building. city hall. THE PFISTER. the old northwestern building. the middle scupted face always made me think robert bork. kevin agreed. the sunburst sculpture. the calatrava. the olmstead designed lakefront. lake shore mansions. well, spent a few hours. oh, forgot the almond tart bakery too. kevin got thirsty, so stopped at our local'starbucks', Alterra Coffee, whixch is in our historic pump house. changed from the time i was there with my uncle. poo. go to my house and have a late lunch of my great-aunt's cucumber salad and my salisbury meatballs, so he did have my home cooking.
then we go to a fairly bad estate sale.
later we go to a fancy restaurant. family lined up to check out kevin. mom, aunt, bro and his girlfriend and one of my uncle and spouse. ok, but i shall say find somewhere else. shit. played a fucking phil collin's CD too loud!!!
on thurs we get about a 11:00 start. or earlier. pic aare from new london and past new london, i see old cars and quick quick, pull OVER!
to be continued.....

76? more Bush weeks to go
76? more Bush weeks to go
impeach gonzales, impeach Dickie, impeach georgie
just fucking impeach them all
76? more fucking Bush weeks to go

well, i been gone. don't even know what's up with hillary's cleavage, but i sure heard of that cat.

Monday, July 30, 2007


pansypoo is back


how apropos that i have a rabbit. i sold Mes∑w IV on sunday to a woman who is putting it in her 8m old daughter's room. i did very well for me and kevin was quite a trooper! but i will get to that when i have time.
i guess i need to scan in the rabbit i sold as well as the rest. it was hard, i still missed keith too much. but que sera fucking sera.

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