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Saturday, July 21, 2007


RANDOM CHAIR POST-the other one

ok. here's the other one. yes. the caning is not sitable, but i tried and it seemed sturdy.will do a jerry-rigged solution temporarily. but i just loved the repeated knobs here and there. it just had a look! and i do like east lake. not popular in silver plate flatware so i can hoard it. oh, resale charity shops and estate sales ROCK. i can't believe some family donated that chair just because of the seat! the construction and style are so nice. i just do not understand people. my problem is i won't get rid of clothes until they are rags. i can't get rid of that sweater!!! i don't care if it has holes.....i did donate most of my flannel shirts tho. i wasn't wearing them anymore. by the way i had flannel WAY before nirvana and seattle hip. i was pre-hip. course now i am too old to fucking care. as if i ever cared.



well finally took some pictures of my 'new' chairs. this is that old tiger maple one i got for $25. i started taking off the dark victorian stain and i think with some light wax, it's really gonna be nice. ok, NICER.
TIGER MAPLE! i wonder if grandma F would have liked it. i think she would have liked the wood.


i got some cherries at the farmer's market tues. a gold kind and a dark red called black tartarian(i think). yesterday, i think basil ate a stem or tried to. crazee cat and today he was most interested in the pits and licked the bowl. ok. well, pansy likes olives and cantaloupe. i have a 1914 illustrated dictionary(falling apart)that i got at an estate sale. think i got it for 10¢. has a wonderful page of colored cherries. no bing, queen annne OR black tartarian. should post the illustration.

Friday, July 20, 2007

i wonder if they will find dickie's class ring when they go up georgie's ass....


i have a friend who has a framing shop. she does my framing. well, can't remember how this rich lady saw my indian woman painting. i think i had my danish book at her shop and the lady saw it. didn't want to buy the oil and paid me to draw it in pastels. she wanted it to match her 'daycore', so she gave me paint chips and some rug details. helped her pick out a frame. too cheap for the perfect frame. but looked good.
she later had me remove the 'rug bits'. i think i may have left a square or 2.
bad photo, but i didn't take enough. but close.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


i keep forgetting this. but apparently, auntie was channel surfing and happened onto that live earth concerts on NBC. she says she hit a multi racial band, which she said she enjoyed. dave matthews band? anybody else watch it and know? cool. auntie is one hip broad.

and now.

looks like i forgot the end of Lucien. LOTS more lucien. in 1807, his oldest son died and he withdrew to the south of france and on return, hortense did not join him. not cordial w/ napoleon. N complained of not getting due assistance from hollard and in 1809 sent Bernadotte to take command of the dutch army. they quarrled in dec, 1809, and lucien who felt his country was considered merely a province, was detained and a prisoner and holland was overran by french troops. before getting released, L was forced to sign a treaty with the emp N, which curtailed L's power. On return to amsterdam, in 1810, he abdicated at Haarlem in favor of his son, napoleon Louis. Then went to Toplitz, where he assumed the title Compte de St Leu. his kingdom soo united with the empire and no attention paid to his arrangements. After the russian campaign, offered his services to N and tried in vain to resume his power in holland. in 1815, he instituted proceedings against his wife to get custody of his elder son and gained his cause. refused any part of the 'hundred days' and settled in Rome til he died. his wife re-united with him, but the death of his older son in 1831 was a blow he never recovered from. the unfortunate attempts of louis N at strasburg and Boulogne affected him as well, and in vain attempted his son's liberation from prison in Ham. after excape of the prince, his father desired to see him, but passports for italy could not be obtained. his dissappointment was too much, and L was seized by apoplexy and died in 1846.L was retiring and philosophic in nature. inclined to rule well. also literary and published several books. 3 sons. napoleon charles 1802-1807, napoleon louis 1804-1831 and charles louis napoleon(napoleon III) 1808-1873

Marie Pauline b-1780. 1801 married General Leclerc and followed him to St. Domingo. he died there of yellow fever in 1802. returned to rance. in 1803 married (thru N influence) Camillo, prince borghese, wealthy italian. soon seperatd and pauline, with rank of duchess of Guastalla, lived magnificently, good tempered, fond of art and liberal. in 1810, N although affectionatefor her, banished her from court for her insulting maria louisa, but joined him on elba in 1814 and would have gone with him to helena. reconciled with husband before dying in 1825. N's favorite sister. extremely beautifu.l model for statue as Venus Victrix by canova.

ooh, the power of WIKI!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


heard a little speech snippet from some republikkkan saying we haven't been attacked since 9/11, because od georgie's strong defence.
HA! BULLSHIT! why should osama attack america when georgie is doing his damnedest to destroy america from the fucking INSIDE??? osama can save him $$$ and all his #2s and #3s and sit back in his lair and watch as georgie keeps or military in the iWaq money quick sand pit draining the military and our bank. watching as our national will to go on is drained as georgie says keep buying gas and go shopping!


do you feel safer? i feel safe myself, but boy oh boy, i don't feel so good about the country as King georgie, the oedipal lemming, makes a mad dash for the cliff.



on my desk again. i need to get some more kitty porn.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

78? more Bush weeks to go
78? more Bushit weeks to go
terra terra terra-be afraid! but georgie made us safer. BE AFRAID!
NIE report on alqaeda is out, pray pray pray
78? more fucking Bush weeks to go


not sure if i mentioned it, but i am dubbing my archived TDS 'years of bushit' onto DVD to document the atrocities, and i just got to the 1st post 9/11 show. and john's 'welcome back' speech. i can't compare it to any other show, as i don't watch much teevee, but seeing it after the last fucked up fucking post 9/11 bush years, it just made me so sad, because john gave hope, inspiration in his speech. georgie took it all away and just made it 9/11 forever. kill kill kill. what happened? how did america let this get so bad?

Monday, July 16, 2007



puma/cougar/mountan lion. the menominee basicaly called any catlike creature a Pes∑w. lynx, bobcat, pumas.
this is my 3rd pes∑w. i rather like it, but so far no sales. but, at spring green, that kitty realy scared a little boy in a stroller. he called it mean looking. couldn't stop looking at it. sometimes that is enough for me. as if i care. noy gonna get me rich tho.
well, it's mine until somebody buys it.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


PMS and marquette is getting close. 28/29. i can't get keith out of my head. i am sure it will only get worse as that weekend i got closer to him. if only it had lasted longer. if if if fucking if only.
but i have to enjoy the little shit. and fucking demand where's MY kharma? why did he ask me to open my heart to leave me?

at least i will have a distraction. my mom is not going to help me, but my long time e-pal from texasstan. i can call it that because that's what kevin calls it. when i joined the 'dirty soles society' in 1999, i mentioned being a policy wonk/artist. part time barefooter. he is a security guard at 2 or 3 places. working for big corp and a nursing home on weekends. he gave me lots of dirty laundry on georgie and we have suffered together. i also got random barefoot e-mailers from italy and hawaii. marco hasn't e-d lately. but, he usually 'vacations' by visiting his parents who moved to Minnesota and he wanted to come to milw to meet me and have a little visit. and so, my brain starts working. going to marquette will be more vacationy than puttering around milw going to estate sales. tho we might hit one wed when he flies in.
ahh, blogging about it has stemmed a weepy spot. i sure hope i can keep us both distracted. sigh.
i so wish i could talk to keith. ATC had a story about soil from Iowa. i do miss him so.



rulers. i first found a broken one of these folding/bending rulers. thought it was cool. then found another not broken, and another, and one with a missing 'leg'. i have some yard sicks and other rulers. maybe it's that number thing. but but but i have sold some! not all hoarded.

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