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Saturday, June 30, 2007



shit, i went back to 'my ebay', i think to check to see if the guy who wanted more pics(what do you want pics of?) e'd again to tell me. no BUT THE PLATTER IS UP TO $40! i did take more pics, so i added them to the listing. this must be an early piece for this rosemaler or sumpthin. damn good thing i saved it from the open house leftover shop. it might have been hidden there forever! i am gonna keep my eye out for rhis stuff at sales now, that's for sure.
this is fun. i rarely get anything go this high so soon. i usually wake up to a shock.
heh. that iso idiot on rising hegemon telling me to get a get a job. i have a job. saving things at estate sales. yeah. i hoard too much. but it's way more fun than antique shops! never mind the prices. shit. i can't even do flea markets anymore.


oh my oh my. that big rosemaled platter is up to $23 and days left!!! and google doesn't know who LS lysne is! dang. maybe the bidders will tell me. amazing.


BOLOGNA-Italy. said to have been founded by an etruscan king and originally called Felsing after the king. later held by the Boian, Gauls, and on their expulsion became in 189 b.c. a roman colony under name Bologna. no history til civil wars and became imperial residence.

BONAPARTE/bounaparte- Italian family Napoleon decended in.
His father Carlo Maria B, born at Ajaccio in 1746. a lawyer. 1785 died of stomach cancer. his wife Cetizia Ramolino, b 1750. celebrated for her majestic beauty and resolutecourage. followed carlo to paoli in war and marseilles, where she lived in great plenary. cared little for display. after her son napoleon made 1st council, she followed him to paris and on establishment of the empire, received title of madame me're[and her frugal style of living frequently displeased N] (maybe unsure of the empire as she knew N was an ass). after battle of waterloo, she moved to rome, where she lived til 1836. of her large family of 13, 8 surived their father and are known to history.

1-Joseph, b 1, 7, 1768, on death of father, took his role. 1793, family goes to marseille. marries Mlle Clary. studies law.. 2 years later N made general of army of Italy, J, his commisary general. 1797, elected to council of 500. sent ambassador to pope. on establishment of consulate, made Consillor of state and by his suave and courteous manners, rendered good diplomatic service. Conducted negotiations with america in 1800, concluded treaty of lunaville in 1801 and similar engaged at the treaty of Aimens in 1802. 1805, after refusing various posts offered by N, left in charge of government during war with Germany. next year, compelled to take command of army of naples and soon after he had to take the throne. but little more than a viceroy to N. Introduced many good reforms, but not all that N wished. became despised by Neopolitans. 1808 N contacted him about spain, and he was placed on that throne, but no power. 3 times forced to flee Madrid. 1814 acted as lieutenant general for empire. when N was on Elba, joe lived in switzerland, but rejoined Nin paris during the 'hundred days'. after N's abdication, interviewed with N on fallen empire on isle of aix and offered to give N a means of escape. N did not accept and J sailed for america and settled near philadelphi at Point Breeze on the Deleware. lived there under the name Compte De Suvilliers, and endeared himself to his neighbors. after revolution of 1830 he advocated for his nephew N II, 2 years later went to england where he lived for years. 1841 permitted to visit Genoa and florence, where his wife lived. died 1844. only brother that N liked. wife died in 1845.
his oldest daughter-Zenaide Charlotte julie B 1801 d 1854, married Charles b, son of his brother lucien. his younger daughter, charlotte b 1802 d 1839 married Napoleon Louis, 2nd son of brother Louis B.

2-Napoleon-under N. b 1769



i got this near when i had just started doing estate sales. before i really knew what i was doing. it was a crappy sale and nothing to see in the house, and this was there. in the 60's some student carved it. 1/2 was $2. i was holding it considering it, not sure and the ES person, trying to sell it. how bout $1. SOLD. of course after getting it, i now adore it. it had been carved quite well.
my carved wood collection has grown and now i like student work. i have ceramics too. LOVE this walrus. it is quite a gem. walrus taught me a lesson. think outside the box! look at things with open eyes.
if only he still had his whiskers tho.



okay, i posted the pictures of most of the stuff i got at the antique dealer's sale. WELL, i started putting some of the stuff on ebay. gotta keep doing that. stuff in, move it out. WELL, i have gotten a few hand painted things-spoon, recipe box. painted box. they made me a little money. the recipe box didn't sell. rather like it anyways.
but at the dealer's house, i found 3 nice wooden platters in the attic. seeing i paid so little for them. the least of them. the small 3rd, i put a low buy it now. bought toot sweet by a nice texas bidder who lived 2 years in norway. then put the very good little one. but that buy it now $5. paid about 8¢ each. that one is very nicely done i must say. dated, signed and all.
but took longer to list the big one luckily, cause thurs, after listing it, i checked my usual favorite ebay search and low and behold, a slightly smaller, newer platter with the same name Lysne was selling for $60+. WHAT??? i check the listing. and not even a lysne, but maybe a student of. apparently a known Minnesota rosemaler. i started low. 99¢. 5th day and over $2 and 11 people keeping their eye on the listing. talk about serendipity. i think this was the first time i really had a chance to get some nice rosemaling at an estate sale. will tell how much it sells for. but i must say. i like the 2nd one the best. but i like that i took the platters from the dealer's attic, just shoved in a paper bag, and finding them homes where they will be appreciated. the big one certainly deserves it if she was that big.
oh, i so do love finding treasures even i don't know about. that is the fun i find. money is nice, but the hunt, the knowledge gained. i must find out about this LS Lysne.

Friday, June 29, 2007


FRIDAY ART BLOGGING-and now for something completely different

my 1st 'grass' painting. i 'saw this' on the way to the nursing home to wash my grandma's hair. we are greasy people and once a week not enough!. this 'scene' is no longer there. the empty weed lot is now an ihop. all the empty weed patches are gone. progress. WHOOPEE!

i was finishing this on 9/11/2001. of i ever sell it, those #s will be in the price.

oh, this is a large one. over 28" x 50".
title-Bachelors and Queens

prints-$5 did i say prints of everything so far can be ordered? oh, forgot shipping.....hmmm


Thursday, June 28, 2007



this was seen as we left spring green. i love old cars and i have tones of pictures of them. sigh. to have access to my old files. i did some photoshopping that could be a new art fair sale. we shall see. this car was a real cream puff. the interior very clean.



more pics from last weekend. will post the old ford pics later. gorgeous 50's ford galexie. THEN the new york pics. and other random stuff.




just throwing them up o the blog so i can start the 98' new york pics. on sunday there was very little traffic, so i went over the WI river bridge very very slowly. lots of pics.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007



found this at that antique dealer's estate sale. this i am gonna hoard. i made out the faint GERMANY on the underside. springloaded!



i found this at the antique dealer's estate sale. one of the birdies was damages so i yanked it off. not really what i collect, but it is nice. reminds me of something i saw in denmark in 03'. maybe ebay it and if it doesn't sell.....



with warmer weather, the cats move to different favorite spots. the spares like the bathroom, bu basil spendsmost of the day under the couch. once when pansy hid there from a bad thunderstorm, i went looking under there for here and found it was surprisingly cool.
the tile hearth. the kitchen linoleum, bathtub. why aren't they in the basement???

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


there were lots of pretty dogs at the fair this weekend an i just want to mention some. i scritched the head of a little toy poodle born tailess and missing one outer ear. but it was such an adorable happy looking poopy. and i made friends with a little yorkie? yorky? thing weighed about 2lbs. some german shepherds. i love them-cat ears. ooh, and the wild dog. probably 1/2 coyote! very striking best. hmm, think i saw a cocker-dauchsund mix. what was that odd combo. pekinese/rat terrier. cute combo!
i must say i like mutts better than breeds.




i added a bunch of pics, so TAKE ONE DOWN, PASS IT AROUND.....hey, it's TUESDAY!


81? more Bush weeks to go
81? more Bush weeks to go
georgie gets owned by some teenagers
amnesty! georgie said AMNESTY oops, he errs!
81? more fucking Bush weeks to go.


whoohoo 4th volumn!

BOKHARA/BUKHARA/BUKHARIA-country and Khanate of central asia, in Turkistan or independent Turkey. being territorily eaten by russia and afganistan. ancient name sog diana. wonder if any of the name remains.

BOLEYN, Anne- 2nd wife of Henry VIII. b. 1501-1507. educated. lady in waiting to Mary tudor. went to france with Mary and stayed there with Queen Claude. returned about 1528(1527?) Love affair with Percy, later earl of Northumberland. broken off by Woolsey, because henry was jealous. 1530 played 'queen. 1533 private marriage jan 25. april 12 open marriage. gave birth to Elizabeth sept 7. little known about their married life. a reformer and supporter of translating the bible into english. 1536 still birth of a son. around this time noticed that henry had turned his desire towards Jane Seymour and hope for a male heir. april 15, committee met privately to look into accusations of adultery against queen. apr 24 order issued for arrest of Viscount Rochford, her broher, sir henry norris, sir william brereton, sir francis weston and mark smeton, all her alleged paramours. writs also issued for new parliament.
on may 2nd, queen arrested and summoned before privy council. smeton, norris, and weston 'examined' and smeton confessed. norton thought to make some admission, but was withdrawn. all 3 committed to the tower, to an apartment in which the queen was also consigned. henry wrote her, holding out hopes for her pardon if she would be open and honest in her reply, but she strongly affirmed her innocence and the tone goes far in her favor.
the juries of middlesex and kent found there writs charging the queen with adultery, committed with the above named. rochford, brereton, weston, norris and smeton and all wityh conspiring against the kings life. may 12 they were tried at westminster, found guilty and condemned. may 15, anne boleyn and her brother were tried before 27 peers. found guilty and sentenced. on 17th smeton hanged the others beheaded. remarks on scaffold general. before queen's execution, she is said to have confessed to cramer, some previous impediment, which rendered her marriage to king null and void, but what exactly unknown. may 19 beheaded on tower green. may 20 henry married jane seymour. much obscurity with the episode. all traces of evidence have vanished and the conflicting judgments of historians have bias of the writer have to be considered.



i got this tiny iron scupture years ago at a very boring ranch house estate sale. but there was this. my grandma would have loved it. she liked owls(and giraffes). but she also liked things that had style. this thing has style. i have more owls than i expected. but not that many. course i find lots of mexican ones, so i have more than i want.

Monday, June 25, 2007

i have to download pics from this weekend. fooey. should have taken a pic of ruby. my cousin's chinese adopted girl. they are planning on adopting another. i think that would be nice. i like she is only slightly spoiled and they are not against handmedowns. ad sarah is very concerns about her diet. must eat her VEGGIES!!!! she liked the creamed kohlrabi i made. loved my stroganoff, REALLY liked the noodles! she loves her carbs! noodles! RICE! wonder what she feels about potatoes. i am a carbs kinda person myself.

gotta slow down from the fair. catch up on the home fronts. cats missed me. but not the same when i am gone for the day. maybe just reassured mommy is actually back.



hmm, i may have to start the whole roadkill series again with better copies. well, here is the meercat. no swahili name could i find. no menominee one either. i think i used the latin name for him. suricat. not popular, donated the drawing SOLD 2 today! thank you meercat manor!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

got home around 9. say more tomorrow, but, it was damned hard this weekend. too much keith coming into my head. he was such a part of my summers the last few years. and where we met. not spring green, but an art fair. sales not so good. had a nice neighbor tho, and gave us a tip on the tent. closing it is a bitch, but he showed us a simpler way.
there were a few extra tall men there to make it worse too.

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