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Friday, June 22, 2007

well, i will be off this weekend to madison for my first art fair of 2 this season. not fair on the square, but the spring green show is good. artsy town. they have a shakespeare festival. lots of outdoor shakespeare plays, so not your average town. so no photos while i am away, but if i NEED to, i can post from cousin's pc. they really need to upgrade.


FRIDAY ART BLOGGING-something completely different

one of my favorite pastels i did at art school. the school was on 4 floors of an old building near downtown milwaukee. i also have some photos i took of pipes behind the walls. it just had interesting nooks and crannies. very loft like. and dark on the fine art floors. i just liked the light of this broom closet. was at the end of a very dark wide hall.

Thursday, June 21, 2007



this is out of order, but i will fix that eventually. an old turn of 1900 manufacturing complex is being torn down near the farmer's market i go to. i have been trying to take pics of it as it disappears. i took this shot a week ago or so. gotta find the previous pics. today i went to the FM and did my once around the plant. the oldest part still stands of the PRESSED STEEL TANK CO., i was more adventurous today. i drove into the area by the freed smoke stack to take better pictures of it. have to download the pics. also picked up a little piece of brick or something. did i say i am fascinated by old manufacturing buildings?
in art school design history we were taught about different brick patterns. can't remember what it was called, but i notice the different patterns in old brickwork. shame. damned shame. condos/apartments are being built nearby. i guess it will be more of that. oh, no sold fashioned peas. just sugar snap. but found some saller kohlrabi and strawberries. had to get some frozen custard!



i collect ice picks. i haven't counted them all, but if they have advertising......

ice picks and nail punches. no idea why.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


82? -1

82? -1 day more bush weeks to go
82? -1 day more bush weeks to go
georgie insists on saving stem cells from research-veto!
because throwing them away is better, he knows(actually believes, he doesn't know)
82? -1 day more fucking STUPID bush weeks to go



another east side mansion i passed while on the east side a few weeks ago. looking forward to getting my old files moved and then you really see some architecture.


i haven't seen this baby bird lately, so i'll post it now. partial albino. 1st ever i have seen. the bird is on the sidewalk. and the right edge of the 'back 40'.
40 inches? 40 ft?

RANDOM RANT-yes! a rant!

now NON EXISTING NEWS, RUMOR has hit NPR. this is SO TEEVEE GNEWS BULLSHIT. same thing with reporting POLLS! just give me the facts ma'am!
yes, say he has changed his affiliation. that is a fact. he is term limited(stupid). but the FACTS END THERE!!!
i want my country back.
i want enlightenment back.



sybil, who wanted a little of the sun/kitty porn action.
stupid e-mail server down. ned to go to bed. fooey.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007



ooooooh man, today's was a doozy. antique dealer's house! packed packed PACKED! 3, THREE $3 bags! only the jack frost sale did i take more. 4 bags. a complete 1891 set of EBs takes alot of bag room! best part, about 1 block away from my house!
got there about 1 hour before it closed and soon after it was bag sale time.quick glance around livingroom, grabbed a few things. dining room, nothing, gotta hit kitchen! ooh, nice table. hmm, take coffee mug. ebay potential. check out boxes of utensils. hmm, pestles, grab. ooh, FOLEY FORK, ebay loves them. go to basement. many boxes. gotta look thru em all. never know. lots of old wood stove parts, but not what i want. fooey forgot the cool huge wood smoosher and somebody snagged it!, back upstairs to the attic. MORE boxes! nice dresser up there. hmm, where did they sleep? ooh. OOH. OOH! HOLY WATER BOTTLE! and another fire starter! 2nd one all in 1 month. weird. lots of goodies up there. ebayables! and stuff for me!
as i ebay the neater stuff, i will have posts. but a few of the neater things. the big box on the right was full of old stamps. have an almost complete set of little orphan annie. no annie. will ebay those, but the other ones??? a negro? in best condition. even has the original stamp pad in it's brass case. so neat.
i found the ivory corn knife on the check out tale. how could people miss that????? snagged it quick.
and i think a very old navy military patch. WW2? WW1? it is felt/wool? rather than the WW2 patches i have had. did we have a navy in WW1? so, at the check out table, i made the decision to take the stuff to the car in 3 loads. my african bag has handles and this stuff is heavy. so i am repacking and a woman picks up a old carved spoon. grapes and leaves, maybe black forest. she says she got the matching fork. gee, i really like the spoon. look at it more closely. a few minutes later, she offers me $5. SOLD. i bet the set is worth $$$, but i am ok with her paying for more than 1/2 my bags!
i can definitely say, the dealer liked trivets. i only took the little ones.

another reason i took it in trips was i got a iron weight/anchor must weigh about 25 lbs that i willuse as a weight for my art tent. better than milk cartons full of water. oh, a nice black man helped me with that trip.
but i had told him a tin box full of metal things was attachments for a treadle sewing machine. and told him what something else was. and at checkout i peeked at his bag and pulled out 2 etchings he had found and told him a little about them, so fair trade!



82? more Bush weeks to go
82? more Bush weeks to go
birth pains in the mideast as palestine fatah and hamas wars
more like abortion. condi and georgie deserve jeers
82? more fucking Bush weeks to go



yes, gonna start another random photo series. also thing about 82?.
i like buildings. and on my little estate sale forays, i see alot of 'pretty' buildings. i spotted this brick victorian near the sally pappas ES.
i could do a building a day and still have pics left over. will only do the good ones. since i have been IN similar, i would have to say they are better on the outside than living in. but that's just me.


i am looking at old tapes. looking for something to dub. South Park? nah. not even satan and saddam's getting back together. found a daily show millineum stuff. nah. post 1.1.2000? yeah. nice to see vance degenerus again. and have iowa 2000. grr. that i have to save. and just gotta say, lauWa has really aged. and boy, john stewerts words were so prophetic. yes, georgie did indeed wipe out those horrid days of clinton's years of peace and prosperity.

Monday, June 18, 2007



when i was a kid, my elderly next door neighbor gave me a old pre WW2 globe. very pretty. pewter grey metallic. so, well i like globes. love maps. and atlases. i got this mini globe from an estate sale. was damaged, but look at the cool mod frame!!!
ebay couldn't see it's charm. ok. it's mine. so. i got some acrylics and made it earthlike. amazing the colors i could get from 4 tubes. i let some of the original show through the paint. pretty cool painting i say. hmm. is this hoard or art?


BOGOMILI-heretics of the greek church in 1200's. probably bulgarian. slavonic-bog(god) + milui(have mercy). hmm, sounds better than the usual catholic stuff back then. these heretics believed satan was the son of god-bad seed?

BOHEMIA-name-Boii-a celtic race expelled from the country by marcomanni, who after establishing his kingdom, under Marbod and Hiavzed(sp?), were kicked out by slavs, who were in danger from Avars, but defended and established by heroic Samo. then good knight Krok, whose daughter Libussa, marrying Premysl, founded a new dynnasty. Bohemia absorbed in great carlovingian monarchy for awhile; but reasserted its independence.
9thc, christianity introduced. under Boleslav I, the the brands of bohemia extended, its unity secured, but after vigorous defence, he had to recognize Otto I, of germany, overlordship. under Bol's grandkids, kingdom feel to pieces; polish conquest followed and restoration only achieved by help of henryII of germany. 1086, wratislas II recieved title of king. by emperor premysl Ottocar I. 1197-1230 founder of hereditary series of kings. bold defender of independence and at same time gave encouragement to german immigration(mexicans???). by introduction of primogenture in succession, the throne, he put an end to the disputes and contests; which usually followed the death of kings. 1241 his son was successful defender of europe against a mongolian invasion, but he was eclipsed by Ottocar II 1253-1278, who added greatly by conquest. the premsyl dynasty was extinguished in 1306 and after a few years, the bohemian crown was bestowed on john of luxembourg(son of emperor henry VII) who's dynasty lasted til 1437. this warlike and prosperous monarch succeeded by son charles I, who obtained imperial dignity as charles IV. d 1378, but following generations not so good. thrown into confusion by hussite reformation and war 1419-1434. success of reformers led to an elected monarch, and after various visitudes, george of podiebrad got throne in 1458, and in spite of papal bull and hungarian arms, maintained the throne til death in 1471. succeeded by polish prince lodislas, who also became king of hungary. but under him and son louis,1517-1526, the nobility made themselves more and more independent of the king and the commoners were crushed deeper into serfdom. after louis died in battle against the turks at mohacz, bohemia passed into the hands of ferdinand of austria, who was a despot and in 1547 declared b a hereditary possession. followed by maximillian II and the Rudolf II, the son of matthias(the following king was rejected by protestant party), which chose frederick V of the palimate(sp?), but victory at the white mountain in 1620 left B at the mercy of the emperor, who inflicted vengence on his enemies. in 1627 declared purely catholic and hereditary kingdom of emperor. because of this 30,000 or so families went into exile. population fell to 800,000. on death of Charles VI, charles albert of bavaria laid claim to crown, which was in dispute through silisian campaigns and 7 years war. successfully defended by maria-theresa and her son joseph II. benefitted by jo II, but destroyed the independent royal towns and treated the whole land as a mere province of the empire. religion condition improved in 1781. no affect from 1st french revolution. in 1848 however , a 'national' movement agitated which happened throughout austria/hungary.

BOII-celtic people who crossed the alps and settled between the po and appiennes, to insubres and cenoman. in defeat of senones by romans, joined etruscians against the romans. defeated at vadimonian lake in 283 bc. same the following year. signed peace treaty, which held til great gallic war of 225 bc.from that period warfare and on commencement of punic wars , gave aid to cathaginians time to time. in 191 bc, scipio nasica appropriated and secured their territories by colonies of bononia, parma and mutina. whole race seems to have been constrained to recross the alps to bohemia. then expelled from there and lost as a people.

OY. i am NOT a typist.


the lion. simba in swahili. but then don't most of us know simba? another african beast because of benedicte. i screwed up on the sky and the fix was kinda interesting. a popular one.

Sunday, June 17, 2007



you will see i adore carved wooden things. i got the one on the left years ago at an estate sale. 'pretige', mid eastern. might be jewish, but seems other. always has ridiculous prices on stuff. but 35% off on the 1st day. i have managed to get some bargains from him tho. this was one of them. i won't go to his sales unless the house is worthy. sigh. he did have this awesome set of teddy roosevelt books....
i found the 2nd fish at another sale and isn't perfect they are mirrored! they 'fight' on the shelf next to each other.

oh, fathers day. hmm, maybe i should call my uncles. the paternal unit can do whatever. heh, i would love it if i he knew i had a blog and pissing on georgie as much as possible.


this is out of order, but read it last night and it is like the orations. a bon mot of history repeating. i didn't intend to post anything on this dude.
BOLINGBROKE, henry, st.john, Viscount-b.1678-d.1751. known for his eloquent speeches in parliament(not found in my orations books tho). this passage from his entry- ... when movements of politicians were regulated by such petty causes and when talents had to be turned to such paltry purposes. Politics became but a grand game, in which success ment office, power, WEALTH and 'dignity'; and to secure such success, FEW hesitated at the most dishonourable means. TREASON was a thing of common occurance, and many names among the highest in english history are tarnished by acts of GROSSEST TREACHERY.

emphasis mine

i got 5 pages of notes for i think 2 more EB posts. photo blogging is SOOooooo much easier.



this started many years ago. at a rummage sale up north, on the way back from church with grandpa, we checked out the little sale. i got it for $1. not only did it fit my bag i took to art school, it seemed to be a better umbrella with downtown's wind. and then i keep finding them at estate sales. some i have been willing to pay higher than $1. getting pickier tho. not gonna pay more than $2 unless a really cool handle or nice fabric. and it has to have the top cap and all the rib nibs. and gotta have wood shaft. don't like metal. aunti has a real nice one in her broom closet. DIBS!!
yes, i probably have enough, but but but i am addicted.
the 1st pic how they sit in the front hall. 2nd pic, the first. 3rd pic 2 new ones i got in fill a $3 bag! whoo hoo, amber/red handle! the one with the broken handle, the fabric is in good condition and pretty. in the future will be worth $. some worth $$$ now.

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