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Saturday, June 16, 2007


RANDOM WHAT THE HELL IS THIS???-from a catholic house eons ago

made of clay. almost 2 inches high. NOT a pie bird. no holes. you helped me with thee dibble, maybe you can help on this. i sort of call it my mini mary in a bathtub. definately a 'person'. i haven't seen another one. funny. i was brought up lutheran and i have 2 rosaries(jewelry) and some holy water bottles. i love the one that says keep full constantly. was bone dry when i found it. hmm, will have to post it! any clue?



i already mentioned the nazi estate sale. this is the funny beer ad tin i got there. and to the left, another # in my collection. i got this 1/2 price. $1 or so eons ago at a burb sale. i remember it was a boring ranch. no idea what it was for except maybe an old cow collar used for auction or something. hand made. very thick brass. one of my favorite #sin my collection.


BLOWPIPE-3+ pages w/illustrations.

BOADICEA-British queen during Nero. wife of Pasutagus, king of the Iceni, on the east coast of Britain. 60 ad P named emperor heir to his accumilated treasures, cojoinly with his 2 daughters. expecting Nero's protection, but on his death, the emperor seized all. Boadicea's opposition at injustice was attacked cruely by the romans. boadicea publicly whipped and her daughters exposed to brutality of the soldiers(raped). brits took up arms under boadicea. most massacred. killed herself with poison.

BOCCACCIO- 3+ pages. b. 1313 in Florence, Paris or Ceitaldo. illegitimate. at first desired to be priest. since earliest years alma poesis(look it up). 1333 settled in naples. 1341 in church of san lorenzo, B saw the illegitimate daughter of King Robert, king of Anjou, who became fiametta in his works. Decameron published in 1353. he became more religious as he got older and lived in poverty as he spent all his money on buying BOOKS! pfft, i am already poor, at least i get my books cheap.

BOETIUS, anicius, manlius severinus- 400ish AD. 3 pgs.pencil markings left in this entry on his writings on music theory + Pythagorus 5 vol. on priciples in ancient music.

Friday, June 15, 2007



i am attracted to #s. never know what kind i will find. i have 3 addresses like shown. just got 3 more of the white porcelain #s. OOOH a 5! the 224 is very special to me. my grandparents house had a USED heater. granpa gave me the original bill. it was this huge gavanized ting with 1 ft wide ducts. i called it the octopus. made the most wonderful heat and was quite efficient. i rarely see them a sales. he had to replace it when grandma had to go into the nursing home and had to spend money on 'improvements'. the new thingy was smaller, but never worked as well. i think grandpa called it a gravity heater. well, before they could haul the BIG cast iron 'face plate' away- about 2ft by 2 1/2 feet, i detached as many things as i could. my cousin dan took this thing that was comet shaped. have the 'humidifer' cover somewhere. got pictures of the poor thing on the lawn. when we were kids we would ride tricycles around it. the other 2are from estate sales as well. the 45 tho is displayed with the other side. terminus hotel i think it said. that was an accidental shoplift. but i spent plenty at that sale. cool house. and everything for sale. they were going to tear it down! and it had very good bones! the lady who had owned it was a volunteer after WW2 over in europe. also a jew. i have an old photo album of hers. sold a silk pilot escape map of eastern europe for a very nice profit. shit. paid $1 for the map i think and sold for $60+. so glad i didn't give it to my brother. if i remember right, her name was goldie. i will have to look in my records to see exactly what else i got there. i emember the bags of knick-knacks from the far east.....and the old fashioned window vent.......and the damaged copy of jane eyre......i remember too much!




i was on the way to an estate sale on the north east side of milw. on the way passed an old cemetary, or the old section. after the sale, where i got toooo much for me, i parked and explored. i call this a forgotten 3 year old boy. no one living remembers this little boy. and most likely those who heard about him, have forgotten stories about him. but his stone remains. although the tree that sprouted in his plot is getting awfully big.
have i said i like cemetaries? maybe i do have to be buried.



this is my last indian 'portrait'. Quannah Parker. he was 1/2 indian. his mother was abducted as a child. much later, you could say his mother was abducted back along with her daughter, who did not survive. while painting him and really studying him, i hink because of his mother being white, he would make sure he was deeply tanned, his fingernails showered he was naturally whiter. also he made sure he was the bravest of braves and achieved high status.
another case of paint this guy, 'he's hot'.
i did this one while waiting for my uncle to decide about the background. i tried something different with this one. in the photo, he's standing in front of a teepee and i tried breaking the background with a diagonal. calf skin tent 1/2, blue sky 1/2 and it just didn't work for me. so, painted over that. much prefer the greenish ocher.
oh, he was texas area. comanche i believe.

Thursday, June 14, 2007



i had 3 of these, but i noticed one had a COLUMBIA EXPOSITION label. so i ebayed it. not worth ebaying wood spigots, so i got these at a good price. small collection of 2. now, if i have to take one or more to fill a $3 bag, so be it.


will do the estate sale post, i was driving down a fairly large 4 lane street, stores on both sides, BIG shopping in a recycled manufacturing complex, a hispanic woman pushing a stroller with 3 little kids proceeded to cross the road AGINST THE LIGHT. i rarely honk but i honked to get their attention as THEY WERE DOING SOMETHING STUPID. the kids looked up, but the stupid bitch kept her head pressed to phone on her shoulder THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME!!!!!!



yesterday did an estate sale in a nice older neighborhood near 'story hill' and the brewer's stadium. little old bungalow. sadly 70ied up or should i say down? got some ebayables, a gift and some to hard. all for $2,25! also 2 ugly framed prints. recycle frames for stretchers and maybe use the prints for 'canvas'. the gift is a plastic wedgewood serving bowl. too funny. i have an e-pal who loves roman and classical stuff. i am convincing him not to waste his money and i can find him stuff at estate sales. he loved these little 'roman' pots i gave him for xmas. i sold him a faux greek pot via denmark. that one he had to buy. hauled it all the way dammit!
the rooster i will try to ebay, but figure i will hoard him. or sell at auntie's eventual estate sales. i alwas wanted one of those painted russian spoons. this one priced right and has a USSR label! probably gonna hoard the old wooden nickel. that 50's looking thing is a campfire lighter from Austria. might be ebay gold! and the toothpick puffer fish i am WAY gonna hoard. when i was a kid, my grandma had flashy mod wallpaper in the bathroom. mottled silver/pewter/gold/black. and over the bathtub was a dried hanging puffer fish. i added the toothpicks. gonna make them black or something. love the mod wood of him too.
the house was rather banal.
at the same time 2 houses down, some guys were having a rummage/antique sale. i waded in thru the old chairs and such. pile of VERY HOT silver plate on a table. i put in on the ground and go thru it. OH MY GOD! A FOOD PUSHER!!!! first one i have ever seen in person! COOOL! it was bent worse that in pic, but had to get it, also informed the seller what it was. i got 3 other pieces. prices too high. but looks like the serving fork i got is very collectable. from 1904. LOVE it. not sure if i will be able to ebay it. not that i need any serving forks. i am not a big fan of fussy things, but i do like silverplate patterns. maybe do a drawing based on it and ebay it.



this is the same church that the estate sale was at. just had enough pics for that post and saving it. can't wait to have access to my other files on the old mac. so many random stuff to throw up here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



i have an old set of these children's book i got 1/2 price for $2!!! and i am going thru them slowly. i went through vol. 7. published in 1912, but had been published since the mid 1800's. let me just say kid's were WAY smarter then. anyways. i found EARLY CHIA PETS!
it didn't enlarge very well, but the pic showed a clay head with the grass growing on it.

i should have just gotten that other set i saw at an estate sale and ebayed them. encyclopedia britannicas are worth $$$.



large picture so you can see the mess! the spares have adapted to the new mac. usually it's just one. in fact basil made sybil leave the desk spot this morning. but then she has squatted in his box with my new configeration. TOTALLY unergonomic. but the cats ment i had to move the keyboard to rest on the endtable's drawer. maybe after cleaning i can tack a pic of my 'office'. and and and some papers i have to keep at hand. not that i have access with cats on them.


i watched the video on colbert report of georgie in albania pressing the flesh. clearly georgie was afraid the albanians were gonna steal his watch, so i see he quickly took it off and gave it to someone. cheap bastard.


BLESSINGTON, Margaret Power-countess of-novelist and miscellaneous writer. b 1790 in ireland. forced to marry at 15 to pt. Frarmer(? private?-can't remember what my note means). a drunkard. was killed while riding drunk in 1817(she had seperated from him some time before). 2nd marriage to Earl of Blessington. celebrated for her wit, literary accomplishments, generousity, and her social attractions. high tastes and high living. more debt. Earl died in 1829. lived in sin with count d' Orsay. the earl's daughter by 1st marriage husband, til her death. their house in london became art attraction, literature, learning, science, and fashion. when debt piled up, their house and contents sold and she went to paris where the count had gone. d 1849

BLIGH, William-admiral. b. 1754 sailing master to Cook on 2nd expedition on "Resolution" and 1787 departed for pacific in command of H.M.S. Bounty, to introduce Bread-fruit tree from south sea islands to West Indies. 1787 sailed from Otaheite, but mutiny near the friendly islands, led by fletcher christian, master's mate. Bligh and 18 others set adrift in launch. not tyranny by Bligh, but attachment of crew to women on Otaheite. landed in Timor. returned to England in 1790. appointed to "providence" same bread-fruit tree assignment. ANOTHER mutiny, in 1797 by Nore. at battle of copenhagen, where admiral Duncan defeated the dutch under De Winter. 1801, commanded "Glatton" at battle of Copenhagen. Commanded by Nelson. Made Governor of New South wales and vice-admiral of the blue. d. 1817. quote 'courageous officer, although perhaps, SOMEWHAT EXACTING IN HIS MANNER'.

BLIND-7+ pages. small pox could cause blindness. somehow shorthand used. [a 'new' machine called 'the typewriter', has lately been invented in america. it is largely manufactured and is coming into general use for the seeing. it is equally well adaptable to use for the blind, is very simple, and can be manipulated rapidly. a skillful operator can write at least twice as fast as an expert penman. it is but only a valuable invention, but one superior to all other of it's kind].
Braille in france. carlton in belgium. hughes system of dots and lines did not catch on.
Braille invented in france in 1834 by M. Braille. a blind student.

BLOCKADE-1 page.

BLOIS-France. may want to go there. 1st referanced in 6th century by gregory of Tones and has a roman aquiduct and a castle.

BLOOD, Thomas- a disbanded officer of the parliamentary army. in 1671, tried to steal crown jewels and almost did. did not give up any accomplices. freely confessed and amused Charles II, who pardoned him and granted and estate in ireland and a pension.



rats, links didn't work and luddite don't know how. so, just give a short clip. 3 people were attacked by a squirrel in germany. the squirrel jumper into a womans house and bit her. she ran out of her house with said squirrel still attached.
she shook him off and then he bit a builder and ran off and bit an elderly man who killed it with his crutch. never attack a 'supposedly' feeble person. we had a milw story from last year with some asshole attacked a woman on a scooter and she proceeded to beat the snot out of him with her cane.

and yesterday all thing considered had a story about sturgeon leaping out of the water. had hit a woman jet-sking. knocked her unconscious, although she was found face down in the water. and one person avoiding a flying sturgeon hit a piling.

i just loved the flying fish story. need more animals willing to cull stupid humans. by the way, i detest jet-skis. especially the ones on our rather small northern WI lake. like having to listen to lawn mowers and leaf blowers in the forest. and the boat canopies. just getting uglier and uglier.



you have no idea how much stuff i have collected and are worthy. this i found on th east side where the rich used to live around 1880 or so. 3 story victorians. now a black neighborhood. this house had been abused. but the hoarder had some cool stuff. the old crayons were not ebayed,so i still have them and this very pretty old safety razor. but secretly i didn't want it to sell. so, now it's mine to hoard. my only old safety razor. i have 2 old straight razors that didn't sell, so, i have 3!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007



83? more Bush weeks to go
83? more Bush weeks to go
Supreme court smacks Georgie. NICE!
Abu still able to subvert justice, not nice.
83? more fuckin Bush weeks to go

i keep putting my best potical stuff in comments elsewhere, but this is something i said repeat worthy

Of the corporation, BY the corporations, FOR the corporations.

yeah yeah, and on to the reason to be here.

yesterday i had my 8th(i think). didn't take as lomng this time. just a check up one. brain still in there. i think. this time perfect CD for it. anhuar brahim ok, but too pleasant. took apocalypto. heavy metal cello.
of coursse 2 MRIs don't count as they were just to prove the medical college could do the MRIs for the guinea pig study. no fair i had to be the one, but que sera fucking sera.


i think i got these when i was going to art school. i would drive past a little antique shop in walker's point/gay area/allen-bradley,warehouses. they had jackalopes and lots of other things and, well, i LOVED the head an legs on the bag and i don't like purses. also got the little baby gator pendant. place closed. not sure what it is now. but i don't do antique shops anymore. estate sales sooooo much better! i took it into work once. we had started show and tells. boss lady loved the purse, i found her a briefcase sized bag for $50. oh, i also have 2 little stuffed ones under the coffee table. gonna sell one tho. can only have 3.

Monday, June 11, 2007


RANDOM HOARD POST-plus some nature and cats

shit. i have the power, i can just start posting like a madwoman now. well, here is the aztec little carving i got at the sculpter/artist estate sale. i may not have gotten 3 glass balls, but i got this beaut i think for $2 or less. i think it broke off a larger scupture of his. LOVE it. much better than a glass ball.

oh, and just read in the paper that finland has been attcked by vampire MOTHS. apparently the warming of the climate is allowing these stealthy bugs to get farther north. vampire moths beezare!

oh, and pansy was SOOOOO bad avoiding her meds this morning!!! hid under one bed, then went for my bed, but that one is easier to get under, but still had to pull her out by her tail. of course sybil wanted to join in the fun! maybe next time i will try pills instead of liquid. this shit is sticky.



since i brought up benedicte and all, here is the loon that pretty much started everything. she, of course was thrilled with it and i like it as well. last time i saw it, it was at her house. oh, winnebago loon-muak. on the cover of her book about her trip to northern wisconsin. i still have 3 or 4 copies. very expensive there because it's printed in danish. i guess the ΓΈ's are expansive. i am not sure if i can post the pics of the drawings i did for a video she made about indian fables. i guess the indian she did it with was not very expressive. trying to remember it. i think a child was drowning and the all black loon saved the kid, and to thank the loon, threw a bracelet of shell to the loon and it became the 'necklace on the loon's neck. i illustrated 4 fables for the video.
surprisingly, the loon is not a good seller for me. maybe in minnesota it would be.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


yesterday while looking in my favorite ebay search, i found this little carved wood object. seller said from the late 30's-early 40's. i would love to find one of these. and not just because it sold for $110 dollars. i could add it to my mini nazi collection. years ago i went to a former german soldier's house. i doubt they would allow a nazi in. or was a nazi collector. very republikkkan tho. to prevent in going to a hater, i got a broken navy plate with the swaztica for $1. also got an old german tin advertising beer with a cherub on it. children drinking??? i wish i had bought some of the other tins. oh well. had nazi helmets too.

and i have been to a polish resistance person's estate sale. i got a huge sweater of his. funny the shit you remember.



yesterday i went to an estate sale at a downtown church. well, close to downtown. 10th and wisconsin avenue. i did a funeral home and a church sale. what next? a parsonage? the sale was in the basement. HUGE basement. not much i was interested in. built in 1870. had some really nice old tables. nfs. i had to walk from 9th by our main library. construction so i couldn't jaywalk. walked past the wisconsin club, or whatever that $$$ place is i did see 2 men carrying handball rackets. here is a pic of the victorian gazebo they have. i did buy a harlequin, by homer laughlin, cup and saucer. and a silver fork. had a cool cubbyhole thing. but too big for me. and $30.



gonna start slow. now that i plan on starting this 'series'. eons ago. i went into this little antique shop i would always pass on my way to art school. or work. can't remember which. i got a floor lamp i regret getting, but also a dark violet glass ball. no idea what is was til recently. old fashion net floats. then i found a gold one at an estate sale. and then i found a broken glass acorn, and then a blue one and then i found another amber one. lastly, when i knew what they were, i found this BIG hallmarked german one at an artist's house. that was a neat sale. i think i did pretty good considering i am not on a coast. i suppose they were used on lake mich as well. i did miss out on a couple at the artist's sale. but ok as i got something even neater.

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