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Saturday, June 09, 2007


BICUIT-see baking page 252. i got to pg 252. biscuit-twice baked. unvesiculated-no air. like scones, bannock bread and biscuits.

BISHOP-only 2 pages

BITHYNIA-NW Asia Minor. ? near turkey. hmm.

BITTERS-aromatized alcoholic beverage. Dutch. genetian root, orange peel, cassia bark, cardamons and alcohol. actual recipe given.

BLACK SEA-4pages.

BLANC MONT-the ascent of the mountain 1st accomplished in 1786 by a guide named james balmat.

BLASTING-3 1/2 pages.

BLEACHING-12+ pages. lots of machines illustrated, for bleaching thread, linen, paper materials, straw, prints, maps, books and other paper, wool, silk, and bees wax.

BLENHEIM HOUSE-built by the parliament for duke of marborough in consideration for his military service. a 'magnificent pile' the EB said. even came with paintings! TITIANS! Rembrants!



this tree is near my house, on a parkway. i found it last summer. it is still there and very green. i love trees. keith did too, and now i can't show him my favorite trees. he can't show me his.

Friday, June 08, 2007


i took my danish glass face off my bedroom wall to get a pic. i was i looked for one without the jamaican colors, but they all had the jamaican colors. and it is signed on the back.
if you ever go to denmark, i highly recommend their sand cake.



well, kicking bear, which i did first was after geronimo. my manhattan uncle really liked them, so he commissioned an indian. he went through my indian picture books and the one he really liked wouldn't work for these, so he picked chief joseph. because he liked what he was about. i strted it after he was back home. i let him decide on a background color. it took him a while and while waiting, i was inspired to do the last one i did, which will be next week. i do want to do sitting bull and some others.
when he saw it, had to get it framed, only one framed. i like them unframed actually. picked out a nice frame and insert. and, well, he liked it, but he liked kicking bear better, so now he's in new york city. and joseph is in the dinningroom.
one of these days i am sure i will be in the mood. i do have a large canvas ready to go. and the picture of sitting bull i want to use

Thursday, June 07, 2007


another so-so treasure traders sale. did get some goodies. some cool silverplate flatware. a very old cool fancy brush. not quite sure what for. a big brass 'deycore' platter of a modernized aztec calendar. hmm. i will have to scan in my aztecies. 2 of my favorites are based on the calendar. gotta stop collecting them! little greek? sailing ship tile. rodos. rhodes? i did like some jewelry, but priced too high. i was tempted by a lamp. also too $$$. boring ranch and horrid shag everywhere.


well, pansy took her car trip to the vet this am. NOT HAPPY. knows what the leash means, at least i don't have to try and stuff her in a carrier. 3 dogs when i got there. 2 HUGE ones. big drooling black lab and a pretty husky. ltlle schnauzerish one. pansy has not lost too much weight. she was 11 lbs. the vet was very nice to her, still not a happy cat. got a geriatric cat blood workup. $$$. pansy is 14 this year. nothing in her poop test.
vet called. well, good and bad news. good news-not a death sentence. bad news, elevated levels in her blood, which most likely means lymphoma in her intestines. which is better than cosmos cancer. like elizabeth edwards, looks like treatment for the rest of her life. COULD do surgical biopsy and maybe CHEMO, which probably do nothing, but make me spend more $$$. could try a prescription food. can try that after the other old cat cat food is used up. meds will make her drink more, eat more and pee more. ok.
this is why i have spares now. not that i am immediately missing pansy who should last for more years. she has been hiding mostly since she got back.



emptying out my file so i can scan a shitload more. this is the dragonfly i spotted last summer and watched it eat a rather large bug. not sure what it was, but it ate all of it. i felt like i was watching a documentary.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007



THe pansypoo. the original pansyface herself. who has been pestered quite a bit the last few da ys by the spares. but she has been downstairs more than usual. wants her mommytime.
oh, no pics, but just cat story. basil has spent most of the winter under the polertec blanket. the thick one is gone, but he has decided the thin polertec will do. although today he was under the sheet.
which sort of relates back to pansy, who always was the under the quilt cat. or blanket. loved to be under. not much so more, never know when she can be attacked.
poor girl. and now she has a vet appointment! by the way, that is a happy nose. slightly pink. happy nose is pale pink, pale buff, or barely there. not sure which is the happiest nose.
i will have a nose post after the vet. gotta get the vet nose pic.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007



84? more Bush weeks to go
84? more bush weeks to go
scooter has to go to jail for 30
georgie in europe, global warming? not at all, so dirty
84? more fucking Bush weeks to go

stupid yahoo isn't loading sheepshead, so now what? went to the disaster roundup site i found on DU. lots of volcano action! shit. there's a volcano on antarctica??? that one blew too. lots of little bird symbols. bird flu! no details on the nuclear one in russia. guess not that bad.


BESS ARABIA -SW of russia. borders of austria and damibian(sp) principalities. occupied land between Dniester and the pruth from austria to black sea. what is it called now? ROMANIA! of course google says bessarabia.

BETEL NUT-eastern 'gum'. it creates brick red spit. turns teeth blackish, but asians swear strengthens gums, sweetens breeth and god for digestion. 'Kossa', english made coat buttons from the betel nut. from a palm tree. related to black pepper plant.

BETTERTON, Thomas- b. 1635 d 1710. early laurance Olivier. son of bookseller.

BEWICK, Thomas-b 1753 d. 1828 wood engraver. memoirs published in 1862, so he must have been good.

BEYROUT/BEIROUT/BAIRUT- of course none of those spellings good enough for beirut.seaport town of SYRIA. great antiquity.

BEZIQUE- a card game that got 2+ pages. all the rules. should check a hoyles. google says related to pinocle and was winston churchill's favorite game. hmm.

BIBLE-634-648 and BIBLE SOCIETIES got 2 pages.

BIBLIOGRAPHY. the history of the term and explanation took 12 pages.

BICYCLE- NO ILLUSTRATIONS! but did talk of it's speed. had graphs.

BILLIARDS-2 pgs. also no illustrations.

BIOLOGY-679-696 more not read.

BIRDS-699-778 lots of skull illustrations and bones.

almost done with this volumn. maybe it won't be so long before i get to z. .......HA!

Monday, June 04, 2007



more on the photo. more on the exhibit this artist had done. there were no 'lights' but the river of moving light strings, which were on the floor mainly, but also draped like water as you walked along the exhibit on the top floor of the old factory. the fish in the pics were in a 'waterfall' section of the show. i can't remember what his other pieces were, besides the little faces and fish. i think he had bigger masks. mine is about 3inches high. i sort of forgot details. it WAS in 98'. will have more details to the 03' trip. i was very happy this phot came out so well. only thing great about digital. when i want to take quality, i use my pentax. which was repaired. although i will take artsy with the digital. sigh, my poor neglected pentax.


Monday roadkill blogging

the roadkill return! can't remember if i did this one already. but he is worthy. one of my favorites. NOT FOR SALE! prints are tho. since the menominee did not know of these critters, i had to make up a name for them, so behold, the 'rock pig'.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


last pic from my danish trip 98'. instead of getting up insanely early to take a ferry to copenhagen. benedicte booked my on a shuttle flight from arhus. which was cool. it was a foggy pre-dawn and very visual. the little big plane was bare bones. no carpet, but we got a little cookie(quite good) and tea with a folding plastic spoon. then i took the plane to stockholm. got more foreign money and more bakery at the airport. sadly i had to go thru the 'security' routine again. didn't know i wasn't 'grandfathered'. i also did not know that the old cheap shit film i got at target had made a hole in that fabric slide thingy in my pentax. which is why i had to cut most of my return photos in half. oh, did i mention on the way to denmark i went to london? first time i had to climb stairs to get on. brit plain food smelled good, but awful. how do you fuck up a breakfast sausage?!? tea good tho. but the swedish plane food was awesome. very tasty chicken!
this is a sunrise pic of the flight over sweden to stockholm.

nature-we seem to have a semi-albino baby sparrow. 1st albino i have ever seen, besides photos.



almost finished with the best of denmark 98' photos. on one day that the tante andante hus was closed, benedicte took me out and about. near the end of the trip. took me too an ancient stone burial crypt. that's me sitting on a rock and benedicte wanted to take a picture of me.
she did take me to a nearby church and the oldest stone was a big rock marking a masscre or something. had a 1500's date i think. but when i went back in 03' i found the old burials. they were interior church crypt stones. DUH. to be standing on them was interesting. of course, no idea where the poor schlubs went.


was out at auntie's. my she and my mom. oy vey. making catnip toy with old stole fur pieces to sell at art fairs and looking outside. saw a different kinda bird. i think it was palm warblers. maybe golden crowned kinglet, but that seems to small. looked like vireo body, but had a rust/red cap on its head. pfft. bird books with paintings suck. i want one with photos.

for some reason i really missed 'him' today.bad day. too many thought hitting me, too many images. must think about watching star wars last night and how it sucked. then i watch 1st half of Clay Pigeons and how vince vaughn's legs come close to keith's. damn damn damn. gotta find something to take my mind somewhere else. over 6 months. just. i blame that PBS craftmaking shows yesterday.

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