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Saturday, June 02, 2007



futch, stupid blogger reads the pretty danish building sideways. oh well, here a pic of the old section of the town. i didn't see the 2 askew buildings til my next trip.
they didn't have trees or anything in the old section, but there were pitiful rose bushes everywhere.
and a nice sunset. there was a ill by benedicte's house that you could see water looking east and looking west.

i did a lot of travel in 1998. went to mahattan, denmark and boulder. next photo series-NY!

Friday, June 01, 2007

and before i forget


4th day, 8th tale.

-there are some persons who think they know more than other people, and in fact know less. They oppose their opinions not only to the advice of other men but even to the nature of things; and through their presumptuousness great evils have occurred, but NEVER any good.


after annish, i was confidant enough that i could do wrinkles, so, i picked an image of an indian that i wanted to do. Geronimo 1904(i think-squish on the date).after he was captured and was a fixture of the press and wild west shows, he had a penchant for the funniest hats, but as he was a medicine man and not a chief, they seem appropriate. i did another watercolor of geronimo with a different hat that i would also like to paint in oil. love his headgear.

Thursday, May 31, 2007



as i said, there were lots of glass artists in ebeltoft and they also had a glass art museum as well.when i was there, there was an exhibit by this swedish glass artist(i think it was sweden). they had taken an old factory and he had put in an installation of his work. he also had these little glass faces' for sale. i have one on my wall. well, i took some pictyres of his fish in streams of light lines. if i remember they wer moving to be more waterlike. i think my pic turned out damned good. probably 1/60 or 1/32 speed. i can do 1/15 pretty well. wait til i post my empire state building pics.


not that great, but the 2nd sale i have done of sisters who traveled ALOT. these gals had some good antiques, but none of my bent. did much better at the other one. the $3 bag was mostly for ebay. but it is fun to watch when they pull out the bags. everybody grabbing stuff. one or both of the sisters were chiropractors and they must have gone to a chiropractor convention in yugoslavia. i got a cool carved wood envelope opener made in yugoslavia. that is my favorite thing from there. love it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


BERNOULLI- illustriousfamily from antwerp. driven away by spanish overlords to frankfort 1583, and then to Basel.
James-born in basel in 165. fell in love with geometry. taught blind girl science and how to write. then published a book -Method of teaching math to the blind. not strictlly a discoverer, but application worthy of Newton and Leibwitz(who?). died 1705
John-born 1667, sent to learn commerce, but he too had science bent, turned to chemistry and philosophy and math, then medicine. married high. disputes among brothers. died 1748
Nicholas-son of John, born 1695. showed smarts early. at 8 could speak german, dutch, french and latin. at 16, took degree of Dr in philosophy. 4 years later law. also liked math. w/ dad's blessing, traveled to italy and france. began friendship w/ Varignon and Riccati died 1726 from fever
Daniel-son of John, born 1700, studied medicine, became physician. also studied geometry. at 11, studied in italy under Michelotti and Morgaghi. returned at 24. also a botanist. died 1782
John-son of John, born 1710. law and math. died 1790, his sons last mathmaticians of family.
Nicholas-cousin of last 3, son of nicholas, born 1687. mathmatician went to england, received by Newton and italian professor of logic. died 1759
John-grandson of John, born 1744. at 13 took dr degree of philosophy. 19 appointed astronomer royal of berlin. traveled. died 1807.
James-younger brother of above, born 1759. took law degree, but turned to math. 1788, math professor. 1788 married, drowned in 1789.

BEROSUS-chaldean priest during alexander the great and immediate successors. translated the history of babylonia into greek. known from fragments. his history professed to commence w/ creation of universe. parallel withs bible. his fragmentmore important now(1891) after cinform tablets that confirm different parts of his 'history'.

BES-egyptian god. lion skin, head and skull of the animal covering his head and hidden features. legs bowed like Ptuh(sp). grotesque head attire, usually a cornice w/ 4 or 5 feathers. 19th-20th dynasty.



Basil sunbathing.

so far the spares are quite cheap compared to pansy, who has a vet appointment next week. she has had some persistant 'loose stool' or as i say, the plots. very stinky poo. she is NOT going to like it. i will try and take picture of her nose tho. she has a nose of many colors. i should do a post on pansy's nose. now i just gotta get one of her stool's for a sample. they did say i could leave her for a few hours, but she would be ever so pissed.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

85? more Bush weeks to go
85? more Bush weeks to go
georgie pays attention to darfur genocide
ignoring the deadly iWaq civilians and troops who died
85? more Bush weeks to go

took me a whi;e to think pof something today. but listening to the chimp about darfur...idiot.

Monday, May 28, 2007



this is a catalpa tree i discovered while looking for an estate sale i never found. horrid directions and even the map didn't help.

and while i am here

i put out some corn meal mush that was sticking to the pan. soak in water and it comes off. chippies like it(i am running low on seeds). well, the baby birds are starting to fly, but this one baby would hover over the grass, not sure. MOMEE how do i land on that! bird so wanted some yellow stuff, but never able to land his stupid feathered but on the grass. quite funny.

dang. i save the tree pic not sideways. damned blogger. no matter what, reads it sideways.

Sunday, May 27, 2007



since ebeltoft is a european vacation spot like eagle river. they have lots of potters and glass makers. all the glass makers are in one area. this glass maker was my favorite. i didn't get any of it tho. but i got a vase, not like what is in the picture, the next time i was there.

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