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Saturday, May 19, 2007



well, thanks to keith for fishing out the ORAL PATHOLOGY book out of the dumpster at the estate sale before we left for Marquette. we peeked at the book while waiting to get into the sale and in marquette. way more gruesome than a medical book. i found this syndrom. hypogonadism. sufferers tend to have low lobido and infertile. i think ann colter has a milder form. fingers crossed she can't breed.

RANDOM EBAY POST-now with pictures!

milwaukee has one estate sale company that has $3 grab bags to clear houses. i got a silverplate pie server at a crappy sale. tho i have gotten a bid on the las vegas dice clock. this did better than good. final $-$25

i almost hoarded the elephant heads. carved in africa, MIRRORED! which i can appreciate. but i resisted as i don't much care for elephants. they paid for a so so sale. oy, only the basement had anything worth taking.

the screwdriver is so neat. a pre power power screwdriver, hold the bit end, and it telescopes. 1926 patent date. paid for and more a so so sale. loves that $3 bag!


just spotted a gray-cheeked thrush, or a swainson's thrush. cooooool. canadian migrant.

and the poor goldfinch was visiting her unrequited love. basil saw it and and was making noises. it's so close, SO CLOSE!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Friday art blogging-injun

well, since i returned with a native american, will do the rest in order.
this is Medicine Crow. a Crow indian, from the time-life books. i always admired him, so he was the first. this series started when we had to do 2? figure paintings outside of figure painting class. now, one of the other students, said that painting from a photo was inferior. of course i say, that to make a photo '2 dimensional' is harder than painting from a live body, and aren't you still looking at a body? eh, no biggie. the teacher liked the under paint color, which he said was the color of catlinite/pipestone. i intended it to be fleshtoned of a indian suntanned. and they liked how i did the deerskin. they liked his hand too. i am pleased with the colors. i started out with purples and roses in that range, but wasn't working.(only in feathers by face). i paint kinda oddly. 1st the face, bleeding outward. then the beads, and work outward til med crow was done and put in the background. for many years, this was at our family cottage. even tho married to a woman with indian blood, grandpa was kinda racist. but he liked it. my step monster would cover it with a towel when she and the pater were up at the cottage. told my aunt he gave her the heebie-jeebies. which makes me like him even more!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


the chippies have figure out how to get into the closed compost container. i saw one go in and out and later while looking out, what did i see, a chippie enjoying some celery i had put in the compost. well, good for them. crafty vermin. sunflower seeds taint good enough???



B I - 573-578-famines and plagues-oh my!
B II- 684-685
B III- 855-858 Emperor Lothar did not approve and appointed anti-pope, anastasius. schism helped weaken hold of emmperors upon popes. mythical pope John between Leo IV and B III. mythical popes?
B IV- 900-903
B V- 964-966 emperor Otto did not like B V and kidnapped him.
B VI- 972-974 protected by Emperor Otto, but after he died, much hubbub and BVI strangled by order of Crescantius, son of theodora.
B VII-975-983 rare quiet pope
B VIII- BINGO! i digress, 1012-1024, opposed by anti-pope Gregory and had to flee. restored by Henry of saxony, who was crowned emperor in 1014, saracens attacked south europe. Normans also immigrating to the south.
B IX- 1033-1056, son of Alberio, count of tusculum. nephew of B VIII. obtained Papacy by simony. (paid for it) deposed in 1044 and sylvester chosen. led to schism.
B X- 1058-1059 9 months, like JP I, elections changed to cardinal picks.
B XI- 1303-1304 after Boniface VIII.
B XII- 1334-1342 After John XXII. did not follow his policy of peace with emperor louis, made nice with Francsiscans. reformer. anti luxory in monasteries.
B XIII - 2 popes with this name. 1st Peter De Luna, spaniard, chosen by french cardinals after Clement VII in 1394. on death of Urban V in 1389, Italian Cardinals had chosen Boniface X. the election of B XIII perpetuated a schism. most of church didn't recognize him. in 1397, french church who supported BXIII, withdrew allegiance to both popes and 1398 B XIII was imprisoned the council of contance ended it. B XIII abdicated in 1417, but scotland and spain recognized him til his death in 1424. his name is not listed. #2 Vincenza Marco Orsini who succeeded Innocent XIII in 1724. #2 a reformer. anti luxory of Italian priesthood. died 1730.
B XIV 1740-1758 noble family of Bologna. during disputes between roman catholic nations about electionof bishops. B XIV overcame most disputes of the holy see with naples, sardinia, spain, venice aand austria were settled. most important, the promulgation of his famous llaws about missions in 2 bulls. Ex quo singulari and Omnium solicitudium. denounced the custom of accomodating christian words and imagesto express heathen ideas and practices, done by Jesuits in India and China. So lost most converts.

BENGAL-section of british india. 8 pages. no read. so far all the India stuff boring. wait for India history.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


RANDOM EBAY POST-with a picture!

i found this years ago at a very cool but odd estate sale. lots of very old stuff. not much newer than 1960. very modest, probably a bachelor with mom's and dad's stuff. 1/2 price. $6. the ebay listing was no bids 1 minute to closing. oh well, relist. email says sold. probably $9.99, my opening bid. no, $23! 2 bids. 2 had been keeping an eye on it. it's a tourist bronze from the 20's. for Vista House, which i checked out on the internets maybe someday visit.
funny how i can remember some sales distinctly this one i do. it was a cool object. but must not hoard more!


Kitty porn HUMP DAY

basil and his chubby cheeks!

RANDOM NATURE POST-why you should keep cats inside

this morning i woke up hearing pansy were she rarely goes and shouldn't be. why i crammed that space with stuff. and then sybil does the same. what do they want? then i saw through my blinds. a female goldfinch on the porch railing which comes right next to my window. i think it was attracted to the stained glass 'window' i made for an art class. has some yellow in it. i put it against the screen until i raise the glass when summer actually hits.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

87? more Bush weeks to go
87? more Bush weeks to GO
Jerry Falwell kicks the bucket
i pray to God georgie is poked
87? more Bush weeks to go

Monday, May 14, 2007


Monday pretty pic blogging

because now i can

pretty clouds we had before a thunderstorm near sunset. 2006.

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