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Saturday, May 12, 2007


JUST BECAUSE I CAN bwah ha ha ha ha

now i have the power to post these


these are the 2 heaters that helped melt the pipes in Feb.
the hotpoint is the first one i ever got. found it at a rummage sale by my grandparents house for $1. at their house. my NY uncle and i discussed what it was. and then, i plugged it in. OH! it was sooooo cool! even with the copper plate damage, it was so neat. when i worked at the stained glass studio, i would use it in winter to keep warm and to heat the glue on the copper tape we made and used. we did tiffany lamp shades and such, JUST like he did. thin copper sheets coated with glue made from beeswax, rosin and lard. while there i devised better ways of dealing with the glue. i am sooo clever.except i only used my oragami knowledge late in my years there. DUH!
well, i thought these things must be very rare. and then i found a few more at an estate sale. got all that worked. got another one for a co-worker that adored red hot mama.
then one year, the boss didn't turn on the heat right away. the glass making room was of course warm, but the studio section? i had brought in red hot mama, and then another co-worker mentioned he had seen a heater at the antique store across the street, so the boss sent me and him to go find as many heaters as we could find. i found a lot more than one. my eyes spotted about 7 assorted. of course we named them all. the 'radio', is a duplicate of one we got for work. right now i think i have 3 of them. this one is nice and quiet.
of course my own collection keeps growing as i find them at estate sales. but i do have 2 ebay heaters. one a cool unusual hotpoint.
have i mentioned for most of our time here on the boring south side, there was a hotpoint plant? sadly it was torn down to make way for a menards. i miss that smoke stack. shame they couldn't let that stay.

and a

much farther than usual but mixed it with a near place to kill 2 burds with 1 stone. small listing said 1500 books and artifacts. well, this family knew what they were selling so $$$. but i found 8 limited edition 1903 set of William Defoe's works. coooool and a old edition of tristam shandy. want to read that as i was intrigued by what they said about the movie. also a archibald mcliesh poetry book. looks obscure. $? the man had some amazing books. wonder if enherted, cause there was quite a lot of east lake era furniture. was a mid 1800's home, but terribly abused by modernization. hard to see the original home. but his books! he had a 1600's. i just looked at it to touch it. and lots of late 1800's BIG illustrated books. i got a steal for the defoe's for $20.
something for the next generation to sell when i kick the bucket.
nice drive.


BELL-2+ pages. mostly construction of bells and famous bells. liberty bell not the only famous cracked bell.

BELL, John-b 1691-d 1780 of Antermony. Scottish traveller. had a medical education, 1714 set for St. Petersburg. became mediaclattendent to Valensky, who had been recently appointed to the Pershian embassy, went with him 1715-1718, then 4 years to China via Siberia and tartar deserts. then summonded to Peter the great for trip to Derbend and Caspian Gates. in 1738 sent by russians to Constantinople, with 1 attendent, who spoke turkish. came back in May to St. Petersburg. was few years a merchant in constantinople married in 1746. back to scotland, til he died.published 2 volumns 1763 of his travels. i thought this guy sounded worthy.

BELL,Robert-editor of annotated edition of Brittish Poets. 29 vol. b 1800-1867.only because recently i hit on a ebay auction of very early leather bound set(29) of brittish poetry. went for BIG $$$. were amazing.

BELLONA-Roman goddess of war(greek Enyo). sister or daughter of Mars.

BELLOWS- 3 pgsillustrations of heavy industrial bellows.

BELON. Pierre- french naturalist. 1517-1564 took a Doctor's degree. traveled to Greece, asia, egypt, arabia, palestine, and (oy my handwriting sucks. magyar?). Book w/illustrations pu 1553 a favorite of Henrry II and Charles IX. assinated.
a naturalist assinated?!?

update-it was asia minor. wonder if they have modern copies of bell's books.

Friday, May 11, 2007



and now for something completely different. as i am 8% native american, i was always interested in them. at art. my aunt years ago gave me a set of Time/Life books on the old west and 2 books on injuns. i have painted 6 native american 'portraits'. i will see if i can do them actually in order. this one is 4th one of them. Kicking Bear. actually a souix i believe and a big chief into the ghost dance movement. wiki says Oglala souix.

i did one year of art fairs with these and they sold poorly. but actual native americans were very complimentary. one in spring green , wi actually 'knew' them all. but only one is not well known, nativewise. so if injuns approve, i am very happy. i found that subconsciouly each seems to have more imotion that the old photos. one of these days i hope to do Sitting Bull. and maybe more.
bear had a LOT of beading on his clothes and i painted every fucking bead individually and some more cause i changed colors. many chiropractor appointments needed after this one.

right now i have been in a landscape or cow mood.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

RANDOM ORATIONS POST-Salisbury, same speech

--we were told that they were going to smash the Mahdi, but now we are to make peace with the smashed Mahdi. If you smash the Mahdi thoroughly he will be of no use to you, and if you do not smash him thoroughly he may maintain at the bottom of his heart a certain resentment against the process of being smashed.



well, now i have the power to put this up. here se is-AUNTIE! Lucille Schoenbeck. i don't know her 5 married names except the last one.

ahh, auntie and her desserts. when a child, if auntie didn't have at least 2 kinds of jello, 3 desserts. last year auntie had THREE cakes. but for her 95th she did get a special ordered poppyseed cake with lemon filling. and Eat Cake makes awsome buttercream frosting and decorated perfectly. auntie loves that other cake, but, i think it's nasty. sorry, but i am not impressed, but auntie loves her cherries.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


RANDOM ESTATE SALE HAUL POST-coming soon to ebay near you

ok, heres a pic of most of what i got for $12 on tues. forgot another little silver tray. no biggy item. and the EB.
table pic aweful, but covers up it's faults eh? like a baba walters beauty shot.
now i must do the oration ttomorrow.



sybil on my chair. she started out just sitting there, but once the photos started, she worked it.


i saw a new bird for me. a warbling vireo. by chance, glancing out on the 'back 40'. wonder if it;s the birdfeeder or the sunflower seeds i throw on the ground. black oil! just about all birds like it.



just a little north of the school architech's estate sale. little 1920's house. but a hollywood tudor/spanish/italianesque little house. sadly in need of a lot of work. seemed like it hadn't been lived in for quite a while. old 70's shag rug. the kitchen had been brady bunched. ick poo ack ack! the basement was horribly musty and dammp and grotty. apparently something was living in the garage. a coon or possum. did not see that and part of the back porch fell off beforwe i left! ceiling in diningroom quite bad but the details were there! spansih plaster in the basement! a faux fireplace like we have.
sigh. and a set of 1892 encyclopedia britannicas in the smelly basement. i took 1 because it is fancier than my 1891s.
i got a $3 bag full of silverplate suger and creamer sets. 2 with trays. found a sweet little pestle in the kitchen. a fancy butter dish bottom. now that i have the power i may post pics of the best shit! also paid $9 for a table/bookcase on a pedestal that turns. can't remember what it is called. OH, and an eglish hallmarked silver tray! that and the sheffield paul revere sugar pot and creamer were the steals! now can i get on ebay?

OH! i can post pics of my $25 chair!

right pic is the sale house.

left is the school architect's. man i made great deals from that sale. and i still have a few more things to ebay from there i think.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

88? more Bush weeks to go
88? more Bush weeks to go
white tie, tails and a queen. OH MY!
our president is and idiot. enough to make me cry.
88? more Bush weeks to go


testing testing

testing, blogger working....

this is a pic, if it load of the pussywilloiw 'tree' in the backyard in full pollen stage after the beezarre april snow storm. i wish i had been able to get some pictures with less snow, but i will accept this as i doubt it will happen again.

Monday, May 07, 2007


been busy with my new OSX! problems getting old puter stuff on new puter. fucking upgrade. seems zip drives are the 8track of puting.
anyways, was in west bend yesterday and saw new birds. 1 male cowbird and his 4 female harem pecking away at aunties lawn. one side to the other and kept going. no idea what they were eating.

maybe play with iphoto. see what i can do.


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