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Saturday, April 28, 2007


BEELZEBUB-supreme god among Syro-Phoenician was Baal, lord or owner. adding zebub, insect god of Ekron. flygod, power to repel noxious flies. Taken by the jews for satan, lord of dung (dung beetle whorshipped by philistines) or what jews called idols-dung.

BEETHOVEN, Luwig von-his grandfather left belgium for Bonn, Germany in 1732, had a voice and musical talent, became a court musician to archbishop of cologne. his birth date uncertain. but baptised 12/17/1770.Luwig(german for louis, his grandfather's name). luwig picked the 16th for B-day. his farther was a rough and violent temperm drank and poor. at 5 luwig was made to learn the violin, but soon went to piano-forte. his knowledge apparent in a set of variations on a march in 1783, he was appointed assistant to court organist Neek in 1785. elector Max Franz, brother to emperor Joseph, sent LVB in 1787 to vienna to get lessons from motzart, he studied his art and reluctantly saw himself to alleviate the family difficulties. aversion to making his art useful to himself by imparting it to others. characteristic in the future.
1792, back to vienna to complete studies under Haydn. did not do well under haydn(this i can see cause i don't thin Haydn was that good). LVB later said learned nothing from Haydn.
LVB's autodidactic(like Bach!). he was a great improviser. because of his deafness, he never married. bad servants and a nephew who he treated like a son, who attempted suicide made his later life the pits.

BEHISTUN/BIHSUTUN/BISUTUN- the ancient Baghistan in persia. inscrpitions on tablets in cuniform in rock showed Darius Hystaspes. the rock was smoothed and cracks filled with lead.
name of the rocks? entry confusing. GOOGLE!


said at corrente, but might as well post it. watched Realtime. how come the 1st hispanic Attorney General allows himself to look a complete patsy to his king, while an actual PATRIOT like iglesias is dumped on?

again i say. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! a pox on the bushevics and bushies. a pox. A POX I SAY!
and why are the democrats bowing to the teevee gnews and not listening to americans???


said at corrente, but might as well post it. watched Realtime. how come the 1st hispanic Attorney General allows himself to look a complete patsy to his king, while an actual PATRIOT like iglesias is dumped on?

again i say. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! a pox on the bushevics and bushies. a pox. A POX I SAY!
and why are the democrats bowing to the teevee gnews and not listening to americans???

Friday, April 27, 2007


BECHE-DE-MER/trepang-chinese/japanese luxory food(sea cucumber?) used in geletanish soup. dried for shipping. ick poo ack ack.

BECHWANA/BETJUANA-African country Botswana?

BECK/BEEK,David-1621-1654-portrait painter who was the swqeidish court painter. did many royals and may have been poisoned when he left sweden(jealousy? some princess get miffed?). he was quite fast and trained by VanDyck. may have to check this guy out.

BEDE/BEDA/BAEDA- venerable Bede 653ishAD, wrote a history of britain, gleaned from all writings he could get his hands on. wrote an early 'encyclopedia'. dies 735ish, his bones were stolen from his crypt by a monk and placed with another saints bones, but these were later destroyed during Henry VIII and the religious crap. but an inscription remains-Hac Sunt in fossa venerabilis ossa.

BEDOUINS-arabs living in tents upon the desert.

BEE-pages 484-502. everything you would ever want to know about bees and bee keeping.at least british bees.

BEECH-boc/bece/beoch. Germ buche,swe bok-word for book and beech. runic writing would be put on beech boards.


just have to post this in case everybody doesn't have the story about the british man who put a bit on him living to 100 when he was 90 years. he collected $50,000 on his bet.

Alec Holden atributed his long like to not worrying too much, taking lots of vacations and the fact "i kept breathing, if you stop breathing, you're in real trouble."

shame i worry so much, but i don't want to live that long anyways. unless life has improved by then.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


will have an EB post later. wasting time on bro's puter.

i didn'thave time to post yesterday. had dentist appointment. it's been a while since i had cavities. one tooth was a different issue. decalcification. looks great now. not that is was horrible before. my teeth are shitty, but look good. sort of. no underbite or overbite, i ain't got no bite. can stick my teeth thru my closed teeth. makes corn on the cob a bitch for some reason.

took about 2 hours. almost as bad as a root canal, a little cheaper. i think they need a wheel like we had on the dremel when we did touch up's when i worked at the stained glass shop. sigh, i miss t5hat job, even if it paid like shit. hey, i got about $2,000 worth of glass in the basement i bet. wait, it's sold by the lb. hmm, i wonder. could it be more? i was constantly gleaning pieces under the cutting tables and getting glass out of the garbage. and when they had to go thru the drawers of glass! those were the best days.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

90? more Bush weeks to go
90? more Bush weeks to go
the democrats say from IWaq, we must go
georgie wants to veto. VETO assho
90? more Bush weeks to go


the spders have decamps from their old spot and moved the web on the other side of the radiator behind the toilet. fine, starve. well, hope not.

Monday, April 23, 2007


BEAU MACHIAS, Layron Pierre Augustin de- 1732-1799 French comic dramatist (sort of spaulding grey) son of a watchmaker, became a watchmaker, invenmted a new escapement, which was tolen, he sued. won. he went to court to look at Mme Pompadour's watch, became court watchmaker. lady of the court(mrs) helped him through hubby, on hubby's death, she married him.
he was said to be very lively and after other troubles, did a stint telling his story on the stage, wrote Barbier die Seville and Le Marriage of Figaro, slightly based on his life.supported our revolution, influencing the money lenders. his writings helped spur on the 1st frewnch revolution

BEAUMONT,Frances + FLETCHER, John-1586-1616 + 1579-1625, contemporaries of shakespeare. also poets and dramtists.francis died 46 days before shakespearee, imagine NY NY broadway and 2 major dudes dying. much flowery descriptions of their work. almost torrid in admiration. can only imagine shakespeare's. many pages for these dudes. gotta check and see if the internets remember these guys.


i tried feeding the spiders another big ant this am, but it was a hardy ant. damned thing was walking on the web. what??? the spiders were giving it wide berth after one attempt to capture. i saw the one spider was down to 6 1/2 legs. i think they went hiding behind the radiaor cover.
i guess i wasn't being kind.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

RANDOM NATURE POST-no humans were harmed for this post

ok, in the downstairs bathroom. sitting on the toilet, you face the bathtub, to the right is the window and the fucking 50's radiator which comes out about 3". in the corner is the bottom of a broken lamp keith was going to throw awa. i put used matches on it. or incense, or candles. voltives always break on me. about 3" from that is a silver candle stick i got at an estate sale. 2 or so spiders have built a cob web complex in that corner. i am not fond of spiders, but i appreciate they kill ugs. ooh, i have found cobwebds filed with fucking ants in the livingroom. well, i am quite sure those spiders are awefully starving. i never see anything they might eat in there. well, tonight, before watching PBS's Bleak House, i spot a large ant. i am GONNA feed the spiders cause i hate those big ants. so, using paper, i fling the ant into the web, damned ant gets out. so i procede to fling him in, escape, fling, escape, fling, getting peeved, i flick him with my finger. the 2 spiders are ware meat is coming and going. but amazingly they aren't quick enough. but finally i get that fucking ant in a thick patch of web and the spider gets to him before the ant can escape. and the spider trusses that ant up toot sweet. when i checked later, i think he was sucking the ants juices off. well, not sure if it was a he. couldn't see if it had 'peddy paups' (sp?). too much PBS as a kid. amaing i still remember that. i fell i may feed the corner spiders some more. i can't think of keith. fucking PMS.
i suppose bleak house didn't help.

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