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Friday, April 20, 2007


ok. Abu's testimony. he did what georguie wanted. he protected KKKarl. of course georgie is satisfied.

i don't KNOW the whole story of alec baldwin and his kid. for all i know she is a selfish tubby brat. they have phone visits scheduled? dang. well, of course by that time i saw less and less of my dad. of course more after he got engaged to the kimmy/tiffany. i really have to do a step-monster post!
so, unless we know all the story, shouldn't this be none of our business? and i think very poor that kimmy's lawyer leaked it.
not that i give a hoot.

i think bill maher thinks 1 conservabot on his show is unfair. and he wants more to tangle with, but the 2 he had on were such oblivious to truth Fux bots. i'd even take bobo.
did i say that?

that brit guy was spewing untruths left and right. why would a woman wait til she was 8m preggers to get an abortion? clearly something has gone wrong and he gets it wrong, by banning partial birth, they are gonna be forced to the ripping apart the fetuses. what a paltroon!

gee, did i have anything else on my mind? hmm, i think that was it.


racing chippies
crouching squirrel.

threw 2 pears into back yard by wall. saw a bird peck at it.
i wish i could sit and watch nature with keith. he liked that kid of thing too.


BAVARIA- bayern/baiern-bojaria-latin from boii, the celtic tribe who lived in Rhœtia, vindelicia and noricum during augustus. carlemagne ruled after romans. they had malgraves as well, amd explained!lord of the marches. but later margrave became a duke. the EB says as a civilizatiom, almost as backward as Austria. BWAA ha ha ha. must be them leather shorts. and what the womens wore. 1818- their constitution was written and ended serfdom.

BAYARD, Pierre du Terrail, chavalier De- 1476-1523 handsome soldier. high birth, was brought to the french court when word of him hit king. he was a very brave man. think john wayne, Indiana Jones. was also a good tactician, so think a much better custer. diesd valiently. no mention of wife an i my gaydar went off.

BEARD-this had pencil marks by the reverend.'a sacred thing' jewish thought and heroodutus underlined. the EB tells the hosirc record of beards. baber comes from barbarian, because they all had bushy wild ones. it mentions Selim I, a rare unbearded mahometan(their spelling)"i have cut me beard, in order that my viziermay have nothing to lead me by". 2+ pages.

RANDOM ESTATE SALE POST- no abu G included

good area. almost. hit 'ranch' area, although some nicer ones nearer the parkway. this ranch was a boring one and most of the stuff was not anything that would pique my interest. there was a very nice old desk in the basement. wonder the price on that.
nice dinning set going for $250 or try making a deal. it was quite nice. 40's empiresque. 5 leaves. nice base. similar to the one my grandparents had.
and there, looking very out of place. a dark wood chair. is that tiger maple? hmm. after i did the house and got about $3 worth. ok, i paid too much for the bag of old matchbook/boxes, but inside i did find some good ones. and a little synchronicity. did i mention the chipped Hotel Imperial Wien ashtray? well, 3 matchbooks from there. very posh. fancy wood mayches like the cruise line ones my grandma hoarded and i ebayed.
back to chair. looked it over. peg construction. back tiger, splat? curly?, main stretcher tiger, the rest looks good. and the caning is new and in great shape. usually i just say no to caning.
comfortable and quite sturdy.fancy 'country' constructed chair. 1840's? maybe. certainly before victorian. originl price $75. 2nd day. would be 32.50. think. pansypoo doesn't NEED a chair. she has toooooo many. but if i dicker....it's the best 'cheap' chair i have ever seen. i can't pass up a great deal on something screaming to be taken. the estate lady says $30. i think about it more while she goes out, and the poof with her says $25 as i am at checkout. SOLD. aunt not interested in dinning table. will post pic soon i hope. cross finger that apple is ripening.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


town coat of arms has appeared with more frequency in the B section.

BATHS-we have the history of baths. in ancient time they were to be anjoyed and for exercize(swimming). warm baths were considered effeminate, but in roman times, they were preferred. Roman baths had swimming, warm baths, hot air baths, and vapour baths(sauna!). this entry had illustrations! floor plans. 7+ pages on baths.

BATTAS-northern Sumatra tribe-cannibals, although main food was rice. language much discusses because a dutchman lived 8 years among them and wrote a lexicon of the language. they did have an alphabet.

BATTERY-tactical unit of artillary or beating/assault.

BATTLE-the reverand made 2 pencil notations. curious.

BAUDELAIRE, Charles- master of the french satanic school of poetry 1821-1867. they took perverse delight in loathsome subjects.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

91? Bush weeks to go
91? Bush weeks to go
nobody wants to be war czar
georgie let Abu Gonzales lower the bar
91? Bush week to go

Monday, April 16, 2007


BASSI, Laura Maria Latarina-b 1711, a very learned woman. doctor's degree and appointed proffesor to philosophical college. elected to many literaqry societies and extensive correspondence with eminant european men of letters. 1738 married guiseppi Verrati and had several kids. died 1778. gotta include women when i find them!

BASTARD- 2pages. what was considered a bastard and their prospects. few snippets. dad's proven to have been father had to pay child support of 5 shillings per week til kid was 13 or 16. mother usually got custody. mostly the rates were about 9% average except Roxburgh, where it's a naughty 13% in scotland. scandanavia, etc had a 15%. but bavaria! 20%. protestants most likely to be cads or loose. the large cities were also rather full of basards.

BASTILLE fortified building. but THE Bastille began during King John or Carlier(?), with the gate of St. Antoine which was flanked by 2 towers. in 1369, hagues Aubriot, under charles V made it a fortress, adding 6 more towers. it was always a place of prisoners. 1st incarcerated was Hagues Abriot, the builder, during Louis XIII. when it was just a prison. Storming of the Bastille 7/14/ 1789 during the 1st french revolution. burnt and destroyed.

did auntie duty today. pleasant enough drive. saw a wild turkey walking down a driveway. watched birds and such in her back yard. no squirrels being squirrely. juncos. a rabbit. and auntie would not SHUT UP. and was in a royal mood. was picking on me, not that i paid any attention.

she does not approv of my bare feet and she tried a new tactic today. i have 'ugly' feet, so i should cover them with shoes. and all of a sudden, i have grandpa a's big toe. and such ugly toes! ha! i observe feet. i find most to be puffy and nasty. i will stop there. after i upgrade, i'll give you a chance to decide if my feet are ugly. i admit, they are not antiseptic clean. but i gaurantee that they do not smell.

the backyard junco was back, but i didn't have much time to observe.

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