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Friday, April 13, 2007


i am using up a smaller pad of paper hence lest room.
BASIL the great was not really enough to post. but just saying the name in hono of my fuzzy basil the great/fat assed

BASILICA-'royal' portico or 'hall'. 5 pges to skip, but neato illustrations and floor plans of famous basilicas.

BASKERVILLE,John-1706-1775 printer, made improvements in japanning, which he did with zeal. he also did caligraphy and stone carving, he then experimented in type founding and produced fine books, but rare as he did not print many as they weren't good enough for him. worth $$$ back then. imagine now.

BASKET-2 pges i skimmed, do mention water proof woven ones by american indians and use of porcupine quills.

BASQUE PROVINCES- 3 spanish provences, seperate in character, language, and manners. no mention of Basque seperatists back then.

BASSELIN, Olivier-old french poet/songwriter. mid 1300-1418/19 born in Val-De Vire. he was a fuller(?) and had a mill on river Vire. his songs were very popular and joyous. this is where we get Vaudeville. or they surmised Vaux-De-Vire(a town nearby).

my oh my. i feel smarter.what went? oops, there goes physics except for E=MC2.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


BAROMETER-6 pages to pass over, did look at the illustrations tho

BARROWS-pre-historic stone burial construction. i actual sat on a danish one. it was impressive.not quite a pyramid tho.

BATHOLINUS, Gaspard-b 1585-d 1630 swedish baby genius. read at 3. wrote orations in latin and greek by 13. when he was 18 went to copenhagen. then traveled to other universities. 1613, professor in copenhagen for 13 years, he got sick and said if her recoered he would devote himself to divinity scholarship. he did recover and that is what he did.

BASE BALL(how it is in the EB)-like cricket, base ball was based on the old english game rounders. in 1874 the boston base ball club and the athletic base ball club of philidelphia went to england and played some exhibition games, but it did not gain many fans. and in that era, there was a second shirt stop-the right short stop, that was between the 1st baseman and the 2nd which was a later addition. wonder when they got rid of the 2nd SS? the EB says the best part of base ball, is it was shorter than cricket and a winner. no ties.



i wish i knew how to convert my old blog into this one. at my brothers with his fat cat on my lap. god Dell is lame.
the speedy cable speed is nice tho.

will be having a EB post.
damn i gotta upgrade. i could post pics!!!! do my art again.

soon. very soon. can't upload pics for ebaying, so i GOTTA upgrade.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

UGH! listening to TOTN political junkie segment and they mentioned HILLARY FATIGUE.

NO< we have BUSH FATIGUE! say it. SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, i am missing shit and a fuck and and a goddommit! gotta earn that uncivil patch!


i forgot a little goodie from the 1st estate sale yesterday.
on monday i watched that American Experience doc about Jim Jones and Jonestown.
well, at the sale, they had a shoe box of 'barbies'. and in the box there were 2 or 3 male dolls and one had a strangely pale pale face and i picked it up and said, he lookslike jim jones,which it did. a young jim jones. but, we quiclkly decided it was donny osmond doll. there was a marie in the box as well. was a bid item. no bids? had a G.I joe head i think. didn't one of those things have a pop off head?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

92? more Bush weeks to go
92? more Bush weeks to go
Democrats(minus joemental) want to stop the war
Georgie wants to veto for more gore.
92? more Bush weeks to go.

lame i know but abu g hasn't popped out of his cave yet. don't really have much.

did a mostly empty estate sale by the time i got there. nothin much. older house. the books were not my kinda books. did get 1. Bare Feet in The Palace.
did another even worse one. very catholic. did get a major chipped old carnival glass vase. looks good with the broken petal to the back.
re-reading a different translation of decameron so i can ebay it. sigh. the return of winter sucks. still barefoot tho.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Gladstone 1879-on the domstic and foreign affairs of england. b1809 d1898

waded thrugh boring stuff about wheat and such and how well america produces and blah blah blah-then before i skipped over the whole thing i hit this-here is my first principle of foreign policy: good government at home.(georgie fails there)
my second principle of foreign policy is this: that the aim ought to be to perserve to the nations of the world-and especially, were it but for shame, when we recollect the sacred name we bear as christians, especially to the christian nations of the world- the blesings of peace. that is my 2nd principle.(ooh, georgie bad on the 2nd)
my third principle is this: even, gentlemen when you do a good thing, you may do it in so bad a way that you entirely spoil the beneficial effect(iWaq? or is it afganistan?)and if wwe were to make ourselves the apostles of peace in the sense of conveying to the minds of other nations that we thought ourselves more entitled to an opinion on that subject than they are, or to deny their rights-well, very likely we should destroy the whole value of our doctrines. (talks about unity of europe)-because by keeping all in union together you nuetralize, and fetter, and bind up the selfish aims of each. i am not here to flatter either england or any of them. they have selfish aims, as unfortunately, we in the late years have too sadly shown that we, too, have had selfish aims. common action means common objects; and the only objects for which you can unite together the powers of europe are objects connected with the common good of them all. that gentlemen, is my third principle of foreign policy.(do we still have poland?)
my fourth principle is: that you should avoid NEEDLESS and ENTANGLING engagements(emph mine). you may boast about them, you may brag about them, you may say you are procuring consideration for the country.-blah blah blah-but what does this all come to, gentlemen? it comes to this: that you are increasing your engagements WITHOUT INCREASING YOUR STRENGTH; and if you increase engagements without increasing strength, you DIMINISH STRENGTH, you abolish strength; you really reduce the empire and do not increase it. you render it an inheritence less precious to hand on to future generations.(can you say draft?)

damn, i am glad i didn't skip this beaut!

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