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Thursday, April 05, 2007


BARBER-2 little bits from this entry. one, that during Henry VIII,it was decreed that barbers should be restricted to do bloodletting and drawing teeth(extractions?), no more extra stuff.
and it explains the barber 'pole'. the poles were to have a pole with a basin at the bottom, which symbolizes the bloodletting bowl. the red stripe symbolizing the bandaging around the arm in bleeding.

BARD-welsh, ancient celtic poets.

BARHAM, Richard Harris aka Thomas Ingoldsby 1788-1845 celebrated humorist. i am only including him cause his entry was nice and he has been lost to history. i think.
due to an arm injury, he became studious and went into the church. he had always been a man of fun, so the church was a surprise. he wrote several humourous tails and had several books. and as it says in entry-intolerant of all that was mean, base, and false.
i find him worthy.

BARNAVE, Antoine Pierre Joseph Marie-b 1761-1793 great orator and lawyer. early participant in the 1st french revolution. he proposed that the french have 2 chamers of parliament. i had been just reading an oration by Beaconsfield, who had brought up the fact that 2 houses are needed. while escorting the royals to thier end at the guillitine, he developed sympathy for them and he eventually was executed by same in 1793.

i have been reading the definative diary of anne frank in the lower library(bathroom) and just finished it. i really feel some of her thought related to me. and it is such a good thing her diary survived if she didn't. and it helped a little at this time of grief.
damned shame.
shit happens and then you die.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

93? Bush weeks to go
93? Bush weeks to go
pelosi goes off to syria
gergie's press do is full of deleria
93? Bush weeks to go

georgie seemed awefully grunpy now that congress doesn't want to play by his rules no more.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


BAMBOO-they had correctly classified bamboo as a grass. not much except all the uses the asians did with bamboo.

BAHMIAN-talks about the caves, that they wereoccupied then(i forgot if they still are). the big buddahs were called colossal standing idols. mentions a smaller one than the 2nd biggest, the inferior one being in the valley. the sleeping buddah?
not called buddahs, but does bring up buddahs in speculation of the 'idols'.

BANKING-315-341 did not read(which really helps)

BANNERET-king aurthur and the knights era. a knight of high rank, who help the top dudes banner/coat of arms. so has it always been about a fucking flag?!? rolls eyes.

BAPTISM-the reverend made many notes in the magin about this.

BAATIERE/BARETTIERE, John Phillip b 1721-d 1740

young genius. at 5 could speak french, latin, and dutch and could read greek. he then learned hebrew. in 3 years translated the hebrew bible into latin and french and could easily go from french/latin back into hebrew. collected obscure, rare and difficult hebrew words for a dictionary. when 11 translated the hebrew Itinerarium. studies the 30 years war, antitrinarium,and (hmm, hard to read my note!) baqunia baqurian? concerningegyptian antiquities. he died at 19yrs 8 months. he had always been frail.

BARBAROSSA-red bearded-2 turkish corsairs of the 1500's. the older Aruch/Horuk?Ouradyh. the younger Khizr, later caller Khait-ed-deen 'one good in faith'. christians turn his name into Hayraddin. PIRATES! ruled the mediterranean with a small fleet of ships. or as the EB says. pests of the sea. pests. good word, Abu G is a pest under georgie.
joined Solyman against Charles V. plundered Italy. Hayraddin died in 1546.

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