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Saturday, March 31, 2007


well, today i had my 3rd indoor art do in many years. 3 strikes and you are out. never again. low entry fee. $35. WARNING WARNING-beep SUCKS beep SUCKS. that and a gardening group. fundraising. was in a south milwaukee church hall. cold. lucky i didn't do ANYTHING special except gather plate eisles. no 'stand'. just the eisels with different styles. took the landscape prints, watercolor prints-cats/horses. some game cat prints. acid mona prints. and the roadkill. nothing framed. i have a lobng white plastic tale in the middle of room in near the 'front' by food and door. my mom insisted on bringing some table cloths. used the blue cloth one. i stashed the matted prints under the table. no point here. i look towards the kitchen. women busy making lunch for sale. brats(sickly), hotdogs, and sloppy joes. i bet manwhich.
to the right of the food is a 'embroider person. she programs her singer and it stiches names on assorted stuff. ok, that is lame. next to her a scrapbooking table. ahh, sheeple fodder. then a 'jeweler'/beader. not very interesting stuff a bit in front of me and another jeweler next to her. all irish. nice but lame. on the other side i am looking at 'gift bags' with candy and knick knacks inside. cheap. sigh. next to that, in my left vision-oh lovely. i shall call it disco bamboo. he basically was reselling pre-made crap. asia meets tacky. shaped bamboo. in aweful aweful pots and plexiglass. they are on top sparkly black fabric-did i mention it was 2 older poofdahs selling the stuff? (who says gays are paragons of taste?) and strewn over the fabric blinking mini lights. DISCO! more stuff behind me. an oil 'artist' behind me. not too bad, better than tom krapcaid. but rather banal. next to her on the right is another servable painter. less for sale. somebody selling ssewing shit. a potpoirri table. a so so photographer. a baked goods table-that one good as they had almond tarts! and some stuff in a higher area. used books and a watercolorist. ok lame. i wrote letters, read the paper, listened to WHAD ya know. had too many thoughts of keith. wishing i was with him. instead of trying to make money amonst poo.
i went in not expecting much, so that fact that i DID sell a matted landscap print for $10, i was happy. only few took any interest and most people who were there to sell.
heh, how was your saterday?
well, i suppose it coulda been worse.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


BALES, peter-b1547-d1610 famous caligrapher. could do very very tiny writing. 1 of the first inventors of shorthand. yes, shorthand is that old! does anybody bother with shorthand anymore? is it like esperanto?

BALFE, Michael william-b1808-1870 singer, so-so composer. pop of the 1800's. quote from the EB. 'to speak of Balfe as an artist is either to misuse the word or permit the meaning to depend on temporary success, no matter how aquired.' the britney spears of the 1800's! dang, the EB can be snarky!

BALLOT 3+ pages. didn't read.

BALSAM-term for oleo-resin. doesn't mention it as a tree.

BALUCHISTAN-on arabian sea below afganistan. 4+ pages. what country is it now?

BALZAC, C Honore' DE-same amount as jane austen and nitpics at his writing as well. more snark.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


well, 1st there was an astroturf letter in the urinal spouting the Fux lies about georgie having the lowest unemployment rate. WHAT??? i seem to remember a 2% and almost 1 percent during the 90's under clinton. and imagine if there wasn't iWaq military expeditions going on?

anyways. sale. Lake Drive. posh area south of newberry! 1910ish craftsman bungalow. nicely landscaped. 1 day sale. moving? going to assisted living? couldn't tell, except didn't seem too old. elaborate bungalow. oh my 1 inch 1/4 sawn oak floors. so nice. lots of asian stuff and stained glass windows. got a bag of recovered window jewels. some with hanging wires. $10. full price. they had 3 bags and i wanted THAT bag. shooed everybody out. did reductions and let 20 people back in. i managed to get in on the 1st 20. i coulda been an even badder girl, but i got 2 books. 1 on Klee and an asian book on the emperor's of china and their stuff. had to get it for a chicken object. to paint it, and use the other pics artsy i think. very fancy book. silk and embossed for $1.50. they did have some nice old books, a lot of thakery, but i wasn't gonna spend $7.50 on the real pretty one. i did NOT get the OLD bird food dish from china. that was a bid item or $30. i got a carved stone thing. maybe ebay that. i have my carved rock squirrel, whay keep a flowering plant?

and now for the vermin. it has been grey and wet all day, so hadn't put out seeds for the chippie hoard. then i saw one and it looked like it was waiting, so i put some seeds out. much later. oh my. 2 chippies. oh, what?..oh my! XXX action. usually that is a may or june thing. very funny to watch and i must say, these 2 were quite enthusiastic and extended. never seen it that roudy. let's just say chippie sex is not like squirrel sex. think more kama sutra.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

94? Bush weeks to go
94? Bushit weeks to go
monica oh MONICA
the 5th you say? oh YEAH!
94? Bush weeks to go

i was weeding out stuff from basil's box, under my 'desk'. OY, the hair. coulda made at least a kitten.
so, before i recycle these scribbles-

People ask me what great new ideas did you bring to washington and i say 'arithmatic'.
Bill Clinton
now we get fuzzy math.

nous sommes desoles que notre
president soit (ini? im?) idiot. can't read it.

nous n' avons pas vote pourlui
we are sorry our president is an idiot, we didn't vote for him.

teach 1st
the tax will be paid for eductaion is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests, and nobles. who will rise up if we leave the people to ignorance.
Thomas Jefferson

a tyrant must (part?) on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. on the other hand, they do less to move against him, believeing that he has the gods on his side. Aristotle

god picked the chimperor ya know.

Monday, March 26, 2007


BAGDAD-not bunch, but does mention the bhurka(sp) of the time was blue check NOT black, and the EB says the HIDEOUS horse hair veil.

BAGHERMI/BAGIRMI-some central african country. time to check a atlas.

BAGPIPE-unknown antiquity, all over europe at one time. mentioned in the nonle. egypt,greeks, romans. apparently on a Nero era coin. ancient latin calls it a tibia utricularia.

BAKING-7 pages. didn't read it, had industrial bread making machines. a biscuit factory, kneading.

BALAAM-bible stuff. a lot of it.

BALANCE- 5 pages. of balance of power, detente!

BALBOA, Vasco Nunez-1475-1517 '1st' to see the pacific, yet because of a rivalry, was executed by his 'salieri'

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