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Saturday, March 24, 2007


i was a sucker for that $10 RADAR subscription offer. not SPY by any means, but some of it amusing, but it e-mails me these snippets(started when they stopped doing the paper thing for a while)

ANYWAYS, checked out latest and it has one on the sex presidents. top 10 horn dogs.
i think it was blandly historical although i have major quibbles with the ranking. but of course it has jefferson. but, well, i DID read the ENCYCLOPEDIA of american scandal(library book). maybe i need to start making posts from that E!. so of course it has jefferson and sally hemmings in it. AND it gave me some facts and such. sorry if i already posed this on the blog. bears repeating. 1st, that she was jefferson's wife's 1/2 sister, as her paw liked em dark too, EXCEPT, sally was an octoroon, 1/8 black,so her mother was 1/4. he liked them 'tan'. also his wife promised him NOT to remarry. what was a man in his prime to do? can't just diddle the neighbor girls when you know you can't marry them. it was 1700's, not 2000.
so he had affairs with his wife's sister and married women. hmm, so what would make his children by sally? 12 is what prefex?
of course except for harding, most on the top 10 were better presidents. SO, i would rather elect a horny toad than a priss like georgie.

Friday, March 23, 2007



95! we have only 95 weeks of the turdbrain to go.

swonderful. nothing is better to think of than it is LESS of being shown as an idiot country. of all time, at this time, HE?!? is president? of course actually we just have EVIL stupid president-dickie.

my bad. i must apologize. sadly the 01,20,09 web site no longer seems to count down the fucking seconds.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

so, went to dentist. less tartar this time. cranberry juice? can't think of anything else.

do have to get some filling. one is 'failing', have some decay under a cap. but my gums are a little better. might have to do more water piking.mmaybe shorten the time i use the cool mint listerine. 30sec all i really need. not the minutes.

got all those beastly xrays. i might glow in the dark tonight.

i have yet to hit a dentist in my EB.
oh yeah! Bactria. don't need the internets. PBS had a doc on afganistan antiquities. i sure hope they can keep the taliban out. no music. i still didn't see many women in that show. so bactria is in afganistan.
and re afganistan-georgie bush is an ASS.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

oops, teevee made me forget. but hey, luddite figured out how to tweek.

96? Bush weeks to go
96? Bush weeks to go
fired prosecutors, e-mails missing oh my!
heck of a job Abu Gonz, plus KKKarl to lie
96? Bush weeks to go

oops, is today wed?!? i blame the dentist!

Monday, March 19, 2007

sapeaking of camels, one hump or two, in my paper, in the week's planet news, austrailia is having trouble with FERAL camels. like vermin. been very dry and the camels WANT THEIR WATER.

but let's get to the biggy. RANDOM ESTATE SALE POST

now for something completely different. FUNERAL HOME. the paper had a big obit on the woman. she was the 1st blackwoman funeral, oh dear brain fart. deals with bodies. she had married the chief body dude, but he died and she took over. took her quite a while to get her licence.
well it was HER funeral home. old east side building. not quite six feet under cool. kinda sad 60's era. womder when she stopped doing business. well, i even went barefoot into the basement. hmmm, no coolers. may have seen some equiptment. not much. built probably around 1900. very nice wood bits. but sad. all pretty sad. but i did find something. took one of their many fans. just HAD to, and nice enevelope opener from a ny funeral home and a little McCoy thing. rectangle small bowl. what and the hell is that? will use it for art shows to hold my cards.

and it's my fucking birthday. anniversary of georgie's war beginning.

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