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Saturday, March 17, 2007


my puter besides just OS 9, is acting funny as my memory is almost used up, so i am erasing crap i find. but i have some snippets worth blogging before delete.

Green Bush and Ham from BushBGone

I'd rather fight them there than here
i'd rather fight them far than near
i'd rather fight them in a box
While getting interviewed on Fox
i'd rather fight them in a tree
i do not like them, so you see

and a real oldy from 'ed mix'

If the reason for war was human rights, we have already lost
if the reason for war was democracy, we have already lost.
if the reason for war was to stop terrorism, we have already lost.
if the reason for war was to make us safer, we have already lost.
if the reason for war wa oil, we have already lost.
if the reason for ware was armageddon, the jury is still out.


reading a speech by a canadian trying to convince the canadian provinces to become a 'union'.(forget the americans down south's problems).
MACDONALD-1865, b1815-d 1891

by adhering to the monarchial principle we avoid one defect inherent in the constitution of the United States. By the election of the president by a majority and for a short period, he never is the sovereign(til georgie) and chief of the nation. he is never looked up to by the whole people as the head and front of the nation. he is the best but the succrssful leader of the country. this defect is all the greater on account of the practice of reelection. during his first term of office he is employed in taking steps to secure his reelection.(or just steal it like georgie).

too much!


BACTRIA/BACTRIANA-ancient country of central asia. hmm, may have to check internets.

BADAKHSHAN-mentions tajiks. tajikstan? pakistan?

BADGER -3 snippits worth repeating. the jaw has troysycyse condyle(sp?). locked in a cavity to make it's grip extremely strong. it's a very old species. giant badgers harrassing cavemen!, and the american badger is far more carnivorous than the other kinds.

BADIA Y LEBLICH, Domingo-Ali Bey 1765-1818 arab scholar/speaker. spent lots of time with arabs.

is there any point to repeating BADIUS, Jodoch, a printer from 1462-1535? BAGGESON, Jens Emmanuel 1765-1826 a danish writer? or was that last one to ask my danish friend about?

Thursday, March 15, 2007


BACH, J.S- orphaned at 10, and then lived with his older brother, who noticed his younger brother's superior talent and tried to supress it, but J.S. managed to get his hands on music his brother tried to hide from him. his brother appears to have died when he was 14, or kicked J.S. out and he had to manage for himself. 1st as a singer, and eventually had his patrons of the dukes and such of the age. he was basically self-taught, and was extremely wonderrful improviser. had 11 sons and 9 daughters. and he started late! his 2nd kid was born when he was 28. at his death, all his compositions were split amogst his sons and may have been lost, but for other composers like mendalson. i think i want to read more on Bach.

BACKGAMMON-origins probably around 10 century. name is either from saxon-baec/back, gamen/game or danish bakke/tray,gammen/game or welsh back/little cammen/battle. the 3 page listing mentions Hoyle rulkes!

BACON, Francis-b1561-16 40's too bloody bored to note date. 17 fucking pages and i slogged through about 8. he was the youngest son of a rich man, but daddy died before he could add him in the will.
was in elizabeth 1s court and was basically king james toady from what i surmise.

BACON, Roger-13 century genius. check him out. wonder if the internets have heard of him.

BACSANY, James- hungarian poet b1763-1845, apparently supported napoleon. was imprisoned for a while and semi house arrest in later years.

like certain things that stick in your head, most of bach from memory.oh well, i really wasn't using trigonometry.


ok, not great ones. did 2. one out of my usual range, but.....far northeast side. rich area old burbs. owners were actually there. ooh, that has to be odd.2 krauts. lots of crap and many many german music albums in basement. i got a smorgasborg of crap. mostly for ebay. only keeping a carved wood mini fawn and a smaller pink porcelain pig. OH! and the ladybug fridge magnet. wood, exactly like the kind my grandma f had and now i have 6 on the fridge. oh, and more pins for my iWaq voodoo monkey. although i hope i do NOT need them. i may need to pot an updated pic of him.

2nd was either wawatosa or close. right off wisconsin and 68th. i have driven by that house many many times. big classical looking. with big white columns, which apparently are tin. of course i rapped them. inside was pretty sad. untouched since the 60's i bet. inside wasn't very interesting either, although the front hall light fixture was nice. bad kitchen re-do. 60's? late 60's. shag rug. horrid color. dingy walls and 2 yes TWO grand pianos in the livingroom. upright piano in the diningroom. for a grand total of 3 pianos. pronounce pie-a-nose.it was a 1st day, so, well, i didn't see anything anyways. had lots of books. not ones i liked. i spent $1 on an old dart board. maybe some ebay $$$ in it.

tomorrow i think it's another installment of EB.

and according to sitemeter, this blog sucks more than ever. under 10 last week? is it what i said about the doodie bros.???
probably the eagles.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

96? Bush weeks to go
96? Bush weeks to go
georgie goes south to play
abu gonzales has to answer his critics and pay
96? Bush weeks to go

Monday, March 12, 2007


well, i was catching D rays and reading the sunday urinal on the porch outside my bedroom, and i REALLY saw a sign of spring. a fly.
that and the snow is rapidly receeding. and over 50f.
but apparent;ly winter will be back for a few more days.

and soon summer. and keith is gone. always the best thing about summer.....i neeeeed somebody, but how could i find anybody who could compare. well, i just hope i get the same flash i did the first time i saw him. not love at first sight. not really. i just had the most powerful sense that he was a very good soul. maybe god was sending me a message that he was right for me. HOW else can you explain that from 30 ft. that keith liked african art. did not have bad breath or BO. liked to cook and all the other fucking wonderful things that made him perfect.
that he would like me. he liked me too before he knew i liked african things and was sympatico too.
maybe it is chemical.
shame i have such odd cheistry.

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