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Saturday, March 10, 2007


paper says oregon assisted suicides were up in 06'. can't help but think georgie made em do it.

Friday, March 09, 2007

dooby brothers. them i can't wait to die too.
couldn't think of the name. heh, blocking it so i don't get an ear worm.
oh, pansypoo is such a BITCH.

sigh. Keith and i was very sympatico music wise too.
almost 4 months and i am still crying as hard as the 1st.
must not wallow.

ooh, i just checked CNN, to do their stupid quick vote(in case i can be anti-georgie) and headline says Boston lead singer dead.
OOH GOODIE! i hate Boston. no reunion tours!
bad pansypoo, BAD!
pfft. can't wait for an Eagle to go tho.
don't let me start on Jerry Garcia!

i had to renew my licence today. OY, do they purposely have horrid lighting or something??? and i thought the previous one was bad! can i have a do-over??? of course maqybe i would look like that if i was pulled over....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

97? Bush weeks to go
97? Bush weeks to go
Libby Libby Libby
builty builty builty
97? Bush weeks to go.

thanks jury, you wrote my week! and it rhymes!

Monday, March 05, 2007


BABALONIA-ASSYRIA- the first bit which covered bibical references of B-A had lots of notations by reverend frost. the entry was pgs 182-193+, i basically just read the history, although a bit of the first pages which mentioned mesapotamia and chaldea, but no iraq(k). according to babalonian records, earth WAY older than 6000 as they go back 432,000 years in their records, but EB says more authority of history in the bible. HA HA HA Ha hahahahahahahahah.how quaint.

late 600's BC. or is 680 early when its BC?
Assurbanipal comes to the throne. constant wars asserted assyrian superiority, BUT SAPPED THE EMPIRE OF MONEY AND MEN, ands the luxory, which had come in like a flood(china? re the US) was sapping the foundations of the national strength.(we have teevee and sloth).
he did conquer Elam, but after 652, a general INSURRECTION headed by Assurbinapals brother, viceroy of babylonia. Elam, Arabia,Egypt and palestine united against Assubinapal.
Egypt regained its independence with general Dsammitichus, the others were punished.
but unlike under georgie, Assyrian culture at its height. the best library, buildings, and arts. The study of the dead language Accad was encouraged, the intelligencia came from far and wide to the court.
assurbinapal's charachter tho was cruel and sensual. on his death, it was a signal for general revolt(can you say saddam's overthrow?)
604 came Nebuchadnezzar and his reign of 43 years and Babylon ruled the world.
after his passing, Babylon soon threatened by Cyrus of Persia.
whew. so much typing.
as said at Corrente, my brain is getting full and i am losing unessentials, like math skills. oops, there went Physics class.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


finished paper and had to have something to read while cuteoverload loaded on dialup. well, not a quote, but Bright mentions in his speech that Lincoln's party was the PEACE party back then.
oh Lincoln, what did they do to your party?

and a quote from Bright's speech, by a historian named Bancroft-
"The history of the colonization of America is the history of the crimes of Europe."
and after reading austria-hungary's history, soert of explains why my forebears left germany in the 1800's. i am thinking the enlish/french/russian ones came earlier. the norwegan? that i don't know enough about.


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