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Friday, March 02, 2007


BAAL-semetic=lord or owner. Baal old testement sun god, 'he is conscieved as the male principle of life and reproduction(HEY! who give birth ya idjits!) in nature, and thus as in nature some forms of this whorship is the patron of the grossest sensua;lity and even of systematic protitution' this part was marked by the original owner, reverend Frost. at least evidence somedody used them.

BABER-Zehir-ED-DIN Mahomet, Baber the tiger. born feb, 14, 1483, decendent of Ghegis Khan came to rule at 12 years when his father died. Cabul and Usbeks werew his main enemies to his rule in india. which he did rule for a long time. he was reported to be genrous, brave and kind also tall. wrote his own memoirs-'Life Of Baber'.

BABEUF,Francois Noel 1762-1797, early socialist. a critic of robbsperre, but then a convert to the revolution, but then executed. but good quote from him.
"the aim of society is happiness and happiness consists in equality". who wants to bet Jefferson had his writtings in his library.


i found this when i cleaned under my bed i think.

Credulity and the want of foresight, are imperfections in the human character that no politician can sufficiently guard against.
Johm Adams 1735-1826 letter to abigail
ain't THAT the truth!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


as mentioned in comments. did ANYBODY learn in history class that west virginia was created so they could stay in the union while the rest would secceed to join the confederacy? and looking back now, would it have been so bad to have an america and a confederate states?

and was watching trhe 'secrets of the dead thing last night. which didn't seem to be connected with WW2 technically, but still interesting because it had more brit stuff with those fancy tanks to defeat Rommel's defences. and watching those 3 old soldier's meet and from reading my EBs and frankly all war is looking very bad to me. sure WW2 is celebrated because the right side won. civil war because the north and anti-slavery won. but all war seems to be is population control and the ego of leaders going amok. all war is looking extremely sad to me. a waste of money and lives. and tribalism and just stupid and uncivilized ways of ending things. just stupid. and georgie gets his jollies from it. just sick. fucking sick. we can just forget the semi-utopia of star trek. just liberal wishful thinking.
bah humbug.

but those brit tanks were cool. if only i had known, i would have grabbed different british patent books at the library when they sold them. i did get some post WW1 ones that had war related improvments.i didn't have much time to look through them. just grabbed as many as i could carry. jeez. how did i haul oll of them to my car??? i got about 6 or 7 big fuckers.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

bonus 98 weeks

98? Bush weeks to go
98? bush weeks to go
cheney almost killed in afganistan
georgie of course sleeps an again
whoa there goes wall street
down down down down and georgie's economy treat.
98? Bush weeks to go

98? Bush weeks to go
98? Bush weeks to go
the pentagon kills divine strake
terror test and georgie takes a ride on his bike.
98? Bush weeks to go

ok, technically not a rhyme, but it was to good to pass up. been waiting to post it with glee.

if i was a better typer or if i could link, i would post Bright's speech on the "trent" affair. and i don't remember earning in school that west viginia was created when they wanted to stay in the union when the rest of the state seceeded. HOW COME? why did i learn this from an obscure book??? did anybody else get taught that in school? i am sure west virginians and virginians. was it mentioned in that PBS civil war series? i don't remember it.
funny. NOW, will i remember it?

Monday, February 26, 2007


no quote, but i am reading another speech during our civil war and he is discussing us americans and we talked about how our presidents were mainly SOUTHERN men. even back then! and only after the troubles started or was it the election of lincoln that spurred the south to seceed? it is quite interesting read a contemporary voice commenting on it from a distance.


a quote from the austria-hungary entry that needs to be repeated about Joseph II by 'mr. Carlye'
'a man of ambition without bombs; one of those fatal men-fatal to themselves. first of all-who mistake 1/2 genius for whole and RASH on the 2nd step without making the first.'
of course georgie isn't even 1/2 genuis. the p[ress just makes him appear 1/2.
AUXERRE, france
AVA, Burma. just want to check them out on the internets.

AVERAGE-3 pages to skip.

AVINCENNA/ Abu Ali el-Hosein Ibu Abdullah, IBN SINA-circa 980?ad. an ancient Doogie Howser. but he also loved wine and women, as well as intellectual pursuits. an ancient Ben Franklin! called the prince of the physicians.

AXIOM-4 pages i didn't read. too much about who used it first? no, not gonna read that!

AZERBIJAN-province of persia.

and i started B!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Bright continued. same speech of course-

But it may be asked, did nobody gain? if Europe is no better, and the people of england have been so much worse, who has bennefitted by the new system of foreign policy?----
----and so that [atronage at the disposal of ministers must have increased also, and the families who were enthroned and made powerful in the legislation and the administration of the country must have had first pull at, and the largest profit out of that patronage? there is no actuaryon existence who can calculate how much of the wealth, of the strength, of the spremacy of the territorial families of england, has been derived from unholy participation in the fruits of industry of the people, which have been wrested from them by every device of taxation, and squandered in every conceivable crime of which a government could possibly be guilty.

and so history repeats again and again and again.
war, what is it good for? absolutely nothing.
(except profits for halliburton)

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