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Saturday, January 27, 2007

finally remembered something i wanted to blog.

CNN internets had a headline, DC correspondents pick rich little, guaranteed to be nicer to georgie. HA! yeah, but he is also gonna be nicer to DC GNEWS HOS TOO!

Colbert got them as well last year.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

sigh. i can't write keith. i miss that most of all i think. of course it gave me the feeling of connection. so, what do i want to write keith? because last week on Nova, that artic explorer thing. well, i had read about FRANKLIN IN THE 1903 EB and it reminded me of reading that. of course, in 1903 it was far more recent history.

so far nothing bloggable. only have one 'note' from attila the hun.

squirrel was back again. sigh. i miss the squirrle menace. and where are the fucking birds.

oh, and before i forget


i am hoping for some response here. i got an art fair application for PETOSKEY, MI on july 21. has anybody gone to that? it looks like a very pretty location. i know i am gonna enter marquette. gotta expand and i can't do sheboygan. also, anybody who stops by occasionaly FROM the mitten? want to put up an artist and helper? i give art and money. i can cook too. maybe bring cookies. of course it is up to help, if willing.
it would certainly be scenic and i would get to go over macnac bridge!
more synchronicity. was watching BBC cash in the attic and they shot a scene by an old bridge. cool, i just got a book on bridges.
so, any MI people here? also, i have driven 3 hours to shows, so a bit away from petoskey could be ok. ahh, the scary prospect of meeting pansypoo.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

as much as i hate blog spam, at least it's attention

and after seeing Webb's response, i need to do another bottle of beer on the wall

103? Bush weeks to go
103? Bush weeks to go
Georgie's SOTU speech was not the usual coast
Webb's smackdown response-georgie's toast
103? Bush weeks to go

dayum, that was an awsome response. and he used HISTORY!

i have listed a 1950's book by alger hiss, and i got a question yesterday from a ebayer from ALGIERS. but his offer to algeria was insuffiecient shippingwise. only mail by air. $15 the cheapest. and the restrictions to algeria! most funny. no tin or porn allowed.
ebayer wrote back asking about shipping to france. a bit cheaper

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

103? Bush weeks to go
103? Bush weeks to go
Iwaq a cesspool of death
Georgie's SOTU a waste of breath
103? Bush weeks to go

ugh, zen SOTU(no sound) bad too

Monday, January 22, 2007


ASTROLOGY-not much worth th slog. all about the history and how it is interwoven with astronomy.

ASTRONOMY-744-823. did not read much. but saturn had rings. uranus existed. red jupiter. not big red spot, but spots were observed and a large one came and went. the nebula illustration was nothing like the hubble.

ATAHUALLPA-last ruler of the Incas. grandchild of Quito

ATH(AETH),belgium-like Foix, france, i hink i wanna go there. in 1880's, oldest building there was from 1150.


ATHENS-9 towns of that name. the main one athens/attica

ATHLETIC SPORT-only cricket, soccar, running, and olympinish stuff like hammer throwing. no baseball.

ATLANTIC OCEAN-good illustration of the currents.

ATMOSPHERE- 8 pages. did not read. did not mention the different spheres.

ATOM- 12 pages. only the first part of the theories i looked at.-atom, is a body which cannot be cut in 2. theorhetical!.
no mention of electron, proton or neutron.

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