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Friday, January 05, 2007


almost, well, ok, not the greatest neighborhood. say outer core, close to the inner. i grew up a tad northwest of the sale. N. 25th. they had victorian bungalows?!?
ok, gotta say what the OPEN HOUSE listing said. they do lie like rugs tho.
'time has stood still on n 25th st. it began with the parents marriage in 1902. this 100 year plus(um, i think the buying there stoped around 1960-but if you go back to the parents parents...) accumilation of antiques and collectables has now become available with the recent passing of the last family member. from reports of news accounts, the parents had 8 kids. NO WAY all lived there. not at once. only one married. i bet there was a few nuns and priests in the family. where did they sleep? shit. the rooms were like monk cells.
ok. 1st. kitchen my favorite. jeez, very deco on victorian. but not kitchish. hmm. no utensils! but display cases. got 2 sales tax coins. missouri. go to basement. oh, did i mention seeing at least 4 smaller deco/40's fans? uh oh. cold cellar. HORROR OH HORRORS!!!! (the news did mention cake from 1958 in the freezer-shit disappears into those chest ones!). many full canning jars. unbelievably unexploded. all brown. no shapes of what. i just looked at the label closest to me. current jam 1948. oh lordy. nothin there.go deeper into the linoleum/catholic capsule. ooh, old wood stove as i go to the farthest room in the front of the house. nothin, but did take pic of the Stewart gas stove from the 20's or before. go back out to the 'kitchen'. also a 40's gas stove. the high victorian Stewart wood stove. took pic of that. the other litlle room had typical cheap dreck. ooh, huh? asian carved wood thing. take! and saw the BIGGEST enamelware canning covered pot ever.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

2 months since keith died. not for me. less for me, but today bad.
i know i have been blessed in ways, but it sure seems like i have been dumped on by god for too many fucking years, although the last 3 had been sweeter as keith and i got closer. last year was bittersweet by innocent mistakes i made and his sorry history with other women. but this year was going to be the best and now......i don't know how i am going to handle...the future looks empty.
or just the same as it ever was. empty


ARKWRIGHT, Sir Richard 1732-1792
born poor and the 13th of 13 children, he first invented a chemical process for dyeing hair. obviously a cleaver boy, as he then was inspired to with a spinning invention to help the invention of Hargraves, who had invented a spinning machine. ahh, the beginning of the luddites and the industrial revolution. well, for much of the time his patent was 'stolen' or in dispute, but this EB after his troubles and MUCH approbation and praise for him. oh the joy expressed in the entry!

ARMS-5 pages passed over

ARMADA-quick explanation, but this being a british E, or course they recounted their great victory over the spanish amrmada, which was quite a good victory for england.

i already posted the best bit from ARMENIA. but in the section on armenian church, there were notes from the original owner. who was a religious scholar/reverand. maybe he got the roman key? i still remember that estate sale well. Jack Frost was just shy of 100 when he passed away. i think he might have been gay.

ARMY-60 pages i did not read. lots of boxes with amounts of what which country had. calvary, navy, etc. did peruse the US part- with no threats, the united states is saved from RUINOUS COMPETITION IN ARMS which industrialized Europe has, little more than a police force. no draft all volunteer. did talk about THE WAR OF SECESSION.

ARNIM, Bettina Von claimed aquaitance and correspononce with Goethe for 4 years and published the so-called letters, not the first time an entry on a case of fraud or similar.but she was apparently quite the conversationalist. i wonder i can find her in the internets?

bad day for me. fucking PMS. of course i am stupid to watch that new version prise and prejudice while exercizing. keith was my Mr. darcy. we were so similar in too many ways as the book and the movie says. he was to fine to be easily replaced in my heart and now that he opened my heart, i drip emotions and i don't know how to contain them.
and i don't want to be alone with all my thought til i die.
he made me so happy. i miss making him smile and him making me smile. it fucking sucks.
and now i go write this and making me sad again.

okay, hmm, well, the spares were really picking on pansy tonight. she's their favorite toy.
i have a new EB post ready to go. full moon, hmm,....was too fucking nice today. made meatballs in gravee for din din. have i posted the meatball recipe? mmm, fuck meatloaf, gimme meatballs. and i used lot of pepper, keith liked pepper and we start the fucking vicious cycle AGAIN. too bed.
oh, how about to bed pissed. bush didn't just fuck up, he fucked Wup.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


had a medical related visit yesterday. she had been retaining water and not peeing sunday. but her hair needed to be done and she didn't want to go to the hospital. i swear she also cleaned up in case anybody had to come.so, she might be dead, but her hair would be done and and her dining table was cleared off.
of course she watches a lot of teevee AND hospials are dangerously unhealthy.

so, she had spent a few hours in a medical building, gets home and at 95, spends most of the evening standing. the energizer bunny never took on auntie! when i was younger, i took her to a mall and she wears 2 inch heels and she ran me ragged. i swear something their parents gave their kids, or their childhood diseases made the WW2 generation strong as bulls. her brother was 90's when clarence died. of course her brother arnold died younger, but he had diabetes. grandma a tho had 4 kids and had been too heavy and got diabetes 2 in her 70's, so she only made i to 80. also it was the stroke while getting eye surgery.

sigh. i sure see a lot of baby boomers in the death notices, and add keith to that. well, i ate pretty good as kid, and played in the dirt. hmm, that childhood walking pnuemonia might have been good for me!
yeah scientists, the fat, bad food eating, lazy, video game playing younger kids will be living to 200 in the future. don't forget all the chemicals and polution!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

jme, i feel your pain, and also do not relish moving my collection. i did do a weeding out of my newer books. sold some older ones i know i wouldn't read. some i am forced to keep by no sale. and a very big sale on fri. 8 children, 1 marriage and no children and all lived in the house? since 1904? maybe i will find more EBs, the mother of large tomes.
well, having fun reading them. some. shame i read so damn slow.
i just started reading #1 of a series of unfortunate events. quite fun read. should finish it tomorrow. and it speaks of libraries in content, if not the appearance of mine.
finished bushwhacked. may start anne frank's diary. yeah, i take as long to see some movies.

ooh, maybe there will be some atlases. i love old atlases. oh, there will surely be an estate sale post.

thanks for the comment.

106? more Bush weeks to go
106? more Bush weeks to go.
gotta snuff saddam before georgie gives his iWaq speech
but first, cart around Ford to show georgie shouldn't be impeached
106? more fucking Bush weeks to go

can't wait for 99

Monday, January 01, 2007

oh, my new years fortune cookie-You have an unusual magnetic personality. just be aware of your polarity.

ok, i either repel or attract. or both?

i got this same fortune, but didn't warn me, so it must mean something.

another nothing new years. and now no keith.
had to use up cream cheese. made cheesecake. what flavor? oh, i thought about it and thought about it. i made marachino cherry cheesecake. but NO GRAHAM CRACKERS. uh oh. what to do. mom suggested pecans. hmm, pecans.
ground them up in my mahz blitz. i MUST have farmer post a pic of my pre WW2 nut grinder. i usually use it for coffee beans.
chopped the cherries, added juice. chocolate flakes on the top. not that you can taste them.
and i can't send any to keith. or write him. or call him. and it still fucking sucks.
sucks sucks sucks.

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