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Saturday, December 30, 2006


since saddam was hung yesterday and this seemed, um.....famiar....

ok, i said i would give more details at corrente/rising hegemon, so here it is from what i read in ARMENIA's history last night.
great ruler in armenia-Tigranes II, who expanded his rule to syria, lesser armenia(was a split between muslim and christian a way back)and parthian provinces. but his father in law got him in hot water with the romans, but he submitted and Pompey let him keep armenia except 2 provinces. but after he dies is 55 bc, his son artavasdes, who tried to get a bit more independent, was taken prisoner by antony and carried off to alexandria and was beheaded by cleopatra in 30 bc
a period followed of Roman supremacy and actual anarchy. with no leader, civil war essentially but not 3 parties, but 170.

i hauled the 5lb volumn 2 downstairs so i demand at least 1 comment for this. i am thinking about haloscan.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


only 1/2 page of notes. used up note pad and using the front cover.

ARISTARCHUS-280-264 B.C. greek astronomer. 1st to say earth went around sun. capernacus did not have access to his writtings and it was lost knowlege.

ARITOPHANES of Byzantium 3rd century B.C. CRITIC! looks like we always had them!

ARITHMATIC- pges 524-536. no, i did NOT read that, BUT, while paging through i FINALLY found out what a fucking shilling is! a nickel.

ARIZONA- it mentioned a remarkable gorge in the northern area of the state. no idea what that is.and in the 1870 census, there were the grand total of 9658 whites. amazing what AC can do.

i tried, i REALLY tried to read ARISTOTLE, but in 12 pages, it was mainly on what did he and what didn't he write and such and such. no discussion really about what he had written.

i am past the 1/2 way point. about 3/5 in or so. no after the 3rd A. do i do B or X,Y,Z? decisions decisions.

almost done with Bushwhacked as well. so, what do i read in the downstairs bathr...library?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


yesterday, drove way way WAY farther than typical to merton, wi. but it was at an 1800's stone house and barn!!! well, it was a antique dealer and they were selling much at her price. WAY high. oh dear. how am i gonna make the drive worth it? the house WAS impressive. and she did have nice stuff. nothing in barn i liked enough to pay the price. man are antique stores a ripoff. went into the house. ooh, building blocks! on window sill. most plain, but 2, well, hey looked older than victorian. 1860's??? i have a few late 1800s turn of the century ones. in the kitchen i found twisted butter knives. i have an ebay bidder who collects them and i have sold her a few more off ebay. bent tip. the others not so pretty were $15 each. this one i got for $5. the blocks. how much? oh, how about 25ยข each? okay. (OH MY ARE YOU STUPID???). so i did find bargains!
and i took pictures of a very picturesque barn that may not survive much longer. sigh. i will never discover more barns driving around to art shows with keith.
damn damn damn.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

107 Bush weeks to go
107? Bush weeks to goooo
ooh georgie gots more vacationing WHOO HOO
erp,gotta find an answer for iWaq. boo hoo
107? Bush weeks to GO

Monday, December 25, 2006


HO HO HO HUM-BAH HUMBUG to you and yours


i keep forgetting. last friday. WAWAtosa. a 40's-50's house. lots of crap. nothing great. except. the house had a PIPE ORGAN. not small. built into a special lowered alcove, to fit in the high pipes. now THAT is not something you see every day. and lots of shit in the house. very 50's-60's.

hope everybody's santa season is pleasant.

once again xmas at the mother's side, reinforces that i don't fit in my family. i am an outsider. while i can give snark and tease just as hard as my uncles, i see, how it made me tough. i don't thinlk keith understood that. i tried to explain. that i came from teasers. i needed a think hide. i don't exactly fit into the paternal unit's side either. less of a missmatch tho. i think keith felt it in his family. being an artist among all the usual worker bees. i could feel that it made him less sure. even tho he was just as successful. and certainly happier. so, we were similar there too. and now he's gone. and it just hurts more. and i had to endure fucking radio and carols AGAIN. I told mom i couldn't takle them this year, but did they turn it fucking off??? NOOOO. more i just do NOT fit with them. they are not my 'people'. keith hated all the xmas crap too.
and how do i find someone who is so right? so perfect in so many ways. large and small.
oh damn. don't need this before sleep.
hmm. how change mood.
SQUIRREL! i finally have seeds again. and the feeder has been released, now that the squirrel menace can't get in. and there was a fluffy butt, eating the seeds. it helped a bit. no idea where the birds were.
the cats got fresh catnip for their present, but only pansy imbibed. the spares prefer dry. idiots. hit 2 different nip patches. it was balmy today. i hear it was about 50f. very weird.
i suppose reading aristotle in the EB should help too.
and i got to play with fire. i like fire. ok, i love fire. but but but paternal unit a firefighter, it's genetic. most FFs are latent pyromaniacs. and and and i never started any major fires.
ok, that might help.

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