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Saturday, December 02, 2006


filled another note page.

ARABESQUE- well, it was not arabic back then and had a quote i found archaic. 'nothing that outrages aesthetic sensebility can ever be beautiful'. not in my mind.

ARABIA-oh, now that map had been altered a LOT. there was afganistan, but beluchistan??? amudaria? ok, iran/persia. trans caspian district. bahreyn! katar! WAHHABEES! she´áh.
read itsy bitsy print on the history of arabis. much of the fighting was in the general area. the arabs overtook Egypt in the 7th century, who prefered them to their Greek overlards. the battle of Utica removed the last Byzantine on the south medeterranean.

read about the first Wahhabe. one dude. he created a cult of followers and they became the spanish inquisition of the muslims.

in the last part, the ottomans are in charge and the brits don't like them. they have high hopes the wahhabees take over from the ottomans and in time the wahhabees should lose their intollerance. right? RIGHT?!?

did NOT read 5 pages on arabian philosophers. or 28 pages of ARACHNIDS.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

almost forgot to post.
went to a memorial service for my grandma A's cousin beulah. she died before T day and was creamated. had to drive way out to hartford(land or whatever) after 5pm. never been there after dark. i guess not driving so well. too slow and such. and was pulled over. damn those light are bright. i claim 'lost', going to funeral. he wasted about 10 minutes we didn't have to spend THERE.
i sat on couch in back and it was my own fucking personal service for keith. damn did it suck. and i am not talking, oh wait, i am talking about that awful Xtian singer woman who wrote a song special for the memorial(yeah right). god that was AWFUL. and the pastors mike was bad and there wasn't that many people. sad. very sad. she was 95 too.
i met her once. i hope she and grandma are having fun.
the street signs in that town were AWFUL. and the church 'entry' was painted the most awful blue. blegh.
am i at all related to that old guy in that awful toupe????

i take after my paternal unit's side and my 1/2 norwegan grandpa A. can you tell?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

still fucking sad. keith was heart. my everything. and now all i have is never.
too many fucking nevers.

111? weeks of Bushit to go
111? weeks of stupid Bush to go
georgie off to embarrass us in the balkans. whoppee!
and the putz still love's his iWaq faith-based melee.
111? weeks of Bush to go

faith based melee from TDS.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

i forgot. T-day was in the 60's IN WISCONSIN. no dead bambis on the drive home either!!!

not that made it great.

it was the best of thanksgivings and the WORST of thanksgivings.

oh, and i just went to check my e-mail at Corecomm. and one of the head lines. cheney back from CRAZY Iran push(or words to that effect). clearly i have a left wing ISP. cooool.
sigh. little pleasures. little pleasures.
embrace the small.

if only things didn't remind me of keith. so many things. and we will never drive around lake superior together. or go to marquette again. i'll never see his beautiful knees again.
god his legs were beautiful. he was short waisted like me. so, LOT of legs on his 6'11" frame. and his arms. so long. like me. i am rather monkey limbed. one of the things i loved about him. and STILL he was.....
he will make a beautiful skeleton. i hate to say it, but....
yes. my brain is NOT normal.
he was the fucking key to my heart.
damn damn damn.

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