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Friday, November 17, 2006


oh, another good one. much to see. east side craftsman bungalow. world traveler. i asked and i recieved. she lived for a while in mongolia. and joined the peace corp at 70 yrs old, OR in 1970. they said she was 70 yrs, but you know, might be the other way, but did she have some fun stuff. couldn't afford the old books there, but got too much, BUT did find an authentic printmaker's drawer. has a 1800's drawer pull and 'legs'. i wanted one, but had to be right. more mexican ceramic critters. fish, cat and squirrel. and a rice cake mold. which i was able to tell them because i just discovered them on ebay. aha! and someone else said a maple sugar mold. please, it is a koi fish! wish i had had more time. still spent tooooo much.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

well dale, taint you around here? could just drop off the schadenfreude cake.

i took spanish. first heard of schadenfreude on the end message of a dharma and greg.

wilberforce(must be sir wilber, the book doesn't have his given name), was a british parliament member who faught the institution of slavery. i read his speech from 1789 in the orations book just as i found the buttonhook. i knew when i saw it at the estate sale that the name seemed familiar. after 20 years he succedded in ending slavery. he has this massive memorial.
working on a blog/cheesecake freebee eddress. farmer will put in the sidebar when i set it up. sigh. luddite is so busy.

i have to finish reading the old word book my aunt gave me. but busy reading my EB. i wish i could post the map of arabia. i guess the current map is all because of post WW1 brit colomial remnants. has some stans i never heard of. but as soon as i fill a page of scratch paper, i will make another EB post.
i guess some people still know about wilberforce as 12 people were watching the auction. which is a very nice thought. maybe he is big in the UK yet.


remember when the MSM was all about 'Clinton fatigue'?

how come the teevee gnews have not said Bush fatigue???

say it! SAY IT!!!!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006



ooh, wilberforce was a very good man. he sold for $77.


2 sales today. 1st WAWAtosa, newer section. but older house. not much. no $3 bag but scored by peeking into sugar cannister. red bakelite ANDROCK bullet handled 1/4 measure scoop. sweet. mini wood dala rooster! i just discovered those on ebay! 25ยข!!!

2nd a chi chi suburbed 1800's farmhouse and barn. nothing to buy, but loved to look at the trees and the lightning rods.
oh well.

sigh. nobody wants shadenfreude cheesecake. oh well, more for me.

and so....
113? Bush weeks to go
113? bush weeks to go
democrats win and georgie has to be bi bi bipartisan
as iWaq disolves into anarchy because of the chimperor's plan
113? weeks of Bush to go

Monday, November 13, 2006

cgreen, you can't do better than vintage kitchenware. all our spatulas are from the 40's or earlier. HA! i found vintage toast tongs. UNION MADE. maybe from the 30's? who knows. of course my kitchen stuff is probably my great-grandma's kitchen. but my potato smooshers are pure 'daycore'.
but i do have to ebay most of it. can't keep it all. ok, ebay some.

but, why i really came today


Erskine-b 1750 d 1823

on limitations to freedom of speech-1797 delivered on the persecution of Williams, bookseller, for selling Thomas Paine's "age of reason". he also had defended Paine's "the rights of man".

-yet as infallibility and perfection belong neither to human individuals nor to human establishments, it ought to be the policy of all free nations, as it is most peculiarly the principle of our own, to permit the most unbounded freedom of discussion, even to the detection of errors in the constitution of the very government itself; snip....

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