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Saturday, November 11, 2006


okay, not getting many responses to my offer at corrente. so will post it here too.

i am gonna make shadenfreude pink squirrel cheesecake. pink squirrels are an ice cream drink like grasshoppers, but way WAY better. a combo of creme de cacao and creme de noyaux.

for $5 for shipping, you will get 2 2"+ square pieces. leave a comment and i will get back to you. i know this blog has some e-mail thing but damned if this luddite has ever found it.

i am sure grannyinsanity will let people know how it is.


APOLOGETICS-3 pages of theological blegh

APOLSTOLIC-2 !/2 pages about early christian fathers and writers

APPERLY, CHARLES JAMES-1777-1843 sportsman and sporting riter. wrote under the name NIMROD.

APPARITIONS- yes, a discussion about angels, ghosts and stuff.

AQUARIUM- discussion about how they have become possible. so trendy.

AQUADUCTS- long long entry on them. most intersting is they point out that the only reason greeks are thought less of is instead of massive aboe grond aquaducts, the greeks followed nature and built underground pipes and had a system as involed as the romans. this probably explains why the greekswere able to sulpt figures that could stand, unlike roman sculpture.
also read about the Croton, NY aquaduct.

AQUITANIA- lots of history! Augustus, visogoths,and saracens. OH MY! hugh capet pops up. i know i hae heard that name. and henry II.

Friday, November 10, 2006


jam packed condo! will there be $3 bag or not. slowly look around. YES! $3 bag. you would not BELIEVE how much i cxan cram into the african woven bag i have. they hand out grocery bags, but my bag holds as much and has handles. oh, i forgot about that bird watch! like those wall clocks. makes bird calls when you hit a button. well, the woman who's condo it was, was quite the world traveler and what a NICE lady, she dated and marked items on the bottom. so today i 'went' to egypt(1971!), haiti, the grand bahamas, and greece. not that i NEED any more wood carved busts. much to ebay, and i am gonna purge purge purge. just say no to hoarding. but but but dammned if i am selling some bits yet tho.

and then


raining lightly most of the day. after dark have to pick up mother. lighjtning, rain, sleet, snow, lightning.


almost forgot. i turned onto a parkway and nearly nailed a duck. i saw the other one, not that one. it didn't get hit. and a short way farther down the parkway i see a deer. a large deer with short horns. 2 year old?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

oh, and it was a big turnout!!! LINES!



no more commercials. well, til o8'.

1st-letter in today's urinal-all about georgie telling terrists how to build a bomb. end sentence- zIt appears my worst fear has come to pass. Frodo failed. george has the ring.

oh SNAP!

2nd. read on DU this morning. NY state voter in line. hear's a humm behind. na na na na. and before they know it is gaines volumn and everybody is singing na na na na, na na na na, hey hey GOODBYE!

3rd. waiting outside voting local-a middle school. a black family in a minivan. and on the sidewalk a 5? year old girl with flashing lights in her shoes, walking excitedly after going with parents to vote. and the black family's kids have gotten out. one the same age and height as the girl and she gets the biggest smile on her face and they hug and are so happy to see each other! it was so fucking SWEET! why do humans grow up to be so hateful like georgie???
god, i remember when i had black friends. i do miss that.
i wish i could post what i saw.
it was beautiful.
fucking beautiful.

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