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Saturday, October 21, 2006

all the game cats (and 2 dogs) have 'a tude'. porkchop was such a fat fat happy boy. i guess i will have to finish the game cats before i bring on the other art. but when i post is up to HD/farmer. i wish i could up-grade and post em all myself. sadly my computer refuses to talk to the i-mac. i could have scanned better copies of the kaleidascope cats. and and and the aztecies. and more. sadly farmer has all his stuff on slides.

of course i only have 6 indian portraits. maybe i can do bonus art. sigh. i REALLY should do sitting bull. but, well, georgie has been cooling my art impulse. BUT, tomorrow, i must do the undercoat on the 2nd iowa landscape.

Friday, October 20, 2006



Fuming Pansy

fuming pansy

not sure when idid this one. i think after bull's eye burt. porkchop was #4. after pissed cosmo 3? musta been before domino and butchie. certainly after fuzzball.
the dogs? of course, this the new 'permenant pansypoo'.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

obviously they CAN'T use what they get at trial. as if that is where they want to take it. which is why they are killing themselves. fucking despair. THEY know this has no end the way they see it. of course georgie and the rest have no idea either. wag the dog? no, this is chasing their tails.
the Bushevics never had a plan. it's like a white house full of underpants gnomes. and yet halliburton and cheney are making lots of money.
they have all the power, thank god they don't REALLY know what they are doing. but, they are making bizness and the rich happy. i am about 1/2 way through bushwhacked and god, it is just so fucking depressing. having a beer with georgie was more fucking important than looking at what he did during his fucking 1st term. de-reg, profiteering.
NO, that gay thing must MUST be stopped.
i do hope he goes down in history, as not only the worst, on technicalities, never elected!sort of the germans washing their hands of hitler.elected? uh, no no, he never was elected!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

gee dale, i don't think torture works. except in movies and teevee. i think if you are gonna martyr yourself, pain and shit is nothing. only makes more and better enemies.
they interviewed this FBI? CIA? hostage specialist who was retiring. he got far FAR more using HONEY.
of course i have seen the b/w movie-Ball of Fire with gary cooper and barbara stanwyck. in which the torure method of TICKLING was used. that i might agree with. ONLY.
i think georgie and his ilk just enjoy being mean. it's more for THEM. and i don't think it works. did the spanish inquisition make better christians? i bet not.

and this just diminishes america as a CIVILIZATION. georgie is making us as bad as they are, and frankly, i don't WANT to live in an uncivilized nation.
#1 my ass. not anymore. not under the chimperor.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

118? weeks of Bushit to go
118? weeks of Bushit to goooo
georgie is pleased as punch
torture he gets to do a bunch
118? weeks of bushit to go.

yes, i do hate ameriKa.

Monday, October 16, 2006


so, i am getting my midnight 'meal'(i hate going to bed hungry or waking hungry). basil is on kitchen ledge, looking out at back yard. hmm, i go look to see what. EEK. not a rat per se, but a smallish possum. much like a big fat retarded rat. what is he eating on the lawn??? and then a tabby cat comes up the path and climbes the stairs. by this time, both 'spares' are in the window. of course i go out with some cat food. cat disappeared, possum 'ran' off. it was a good looking cat. not as cute as mine tho.
of course this IS a sign of global warming. i'd rather see a coon. and possums do not hybernate. saw a BIG fat one last winter. do coons?

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