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Saturday, October 14, 2006

oy, pansypoo is back. no keith. sigh.
stayed at cousin in Madison. her adopted chinese daughter is so cute. starting to talk. hates having her face wiped clean.(is that common?). teething. snotty nosed too. one of the things i hate about babies, always damp. or moist. but boy does she like her vegies. no baby food for Ruby! and she liked my black bean/lentil soup. of course, soup is my forte.
before i left, keith asked me not to come. he had a sinus infection, he scratched his head trimming a bush in his yard(who cares) and he was feeling depressed. hoped he would feel better after i got there. well, i hadn't gotten much sleep om wed. and left late and got there after 3, so, no idea what to do. i wasn't gonna leave the expensive art chair on his porch or his other things i was giving him, so went to a food emporium and looked up his parents address. found there house, where they had moved when he was 12? i met his parents in marquette, i do adore them and they took pity on me. but at least i came bearing food. his mom liked the black bean/lentil soup too. his dad went for my beefless beef veggie. i had that too. no need for more ruffage. his mom had planned n making weinies and beans. still made that. and corn bread. also had the latte cheesecake i made. and his mom really liked the oatmeal cookies. i altered my grandma's recipe. took out nuts and added marichino cherries and craisins.
when i left, she took some of my cookies and gave me some of her's. which were good too.
they are republican, but i am used to that. watched the iowa guv debate with them. hmm, don't like either. kieth did talk to me tho, and that was good. i left 2 messages before i left. but got him when i was on 151. he got in his 'bad' mood. i know not to argue and just hang up.
i am not going to force myself on him. not giving up as i do think he is my soul mate, just need it to be organic.
i do wish he would come to milwaukee and go with me to the beidermeier show tho. but, if i have to go with my mom. so be it.
but, i did send his cat some canip and called him a putz. but also was sweet as i really am. HA! oh, i am such a nice person. i really am, but i do have my spines.
also sent some catnip to his parents cat Morris, who likes me as well. oh, did he like me immediately, really liked the butt scratch. i also sent them a letter and a little something i hope she likes.
AND i got to see the house he grew up in. changed a bit i am sure. WOW, what a nice ice box! and the wood wall phone!!! and all keith's pots and lamps!!. and , well,.ummm, lots and lots and lots of photos of family. mainly studio ones. which, well, i detest. but,that one of keith from HS, yeah he's a babe magnet.
i do adore his parents.
OH, and i saw his dad's WW2 medals. wow, he was at the battle of the bulge! wow. i am in awe. 6'8", which is quite a big target too! and a purple heart. i wanted to ask about that, but, the debate was coming on.
ah, so there is my tale of woe. but, well, just as i knew the packers were going to the super bowl, and the brewers to the world series when they did, i know we will be together eventually.
and i did very much like des moines. and iowa. yes, i only hit 1 stinky spot, and it wasn't too bad. the drive was very pretty and i saw keith's 150 year old cottonwood tree with leaves. he calls it a poltergiest tree, but i like it.

Friday, October 13, 2006


porkchopthe 4th game cat painting i did. this is a cat i met on a trip to boulder to visit my cousin. my mom took me to visit her HS friend and her family. they had a hoard of cats and porkchop was a part siames and was HUGE! musta been close to 25lbs! and to think i called pansy porkchop. the checker squares have stymied tho. one color has been changed 3 times. how does the 3rd color (ocher-baby poo) look?

(click image for larger view)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

well, i will be off to Madison for one day to visit cousin, and tomorrow, i'm off to des moines. be back around sun. we shall see.
we shall see.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

3 DAYS!!!!

but why i am really here...

119? weeks of Bush to go
119? weeks of Bush to go
NK has a nuke? georgie to invade Iceland
but don't forget your allie Poland
119? weeks of Bush to go

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