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Saturday, September 30, 2006


filled another piece of scrap paper.

ANITQUE-well, in 1891, only old rome/greek stuff was 'antique'. even egyptian stuff or mayan didn't count. so you KNOW regular old stuff was not quite valued. imagine what was just thrown away or burned.

ANTISEPTIC-oh boy was this an odd entry. not considered what was sanitary, AND Lister(listerine!) and Pasteur were just coming out with their 'innovations'! was quite interesting to see how things were seen back then.

ANTISTHENES- founder of the cynic school 300b.c. he wasn't the brightest back then apparently, or was it just his parentage? got 1+ page.

other is 2 artists i was to look up. Antonello Da Messina 1400's. and hans Antonides (Jan Vander Goos).

miscellaneous stuff

doing a little cleaning under my desk/end tables. found 2 pieces of paper with blogables.
Passion is feeling strongly. it makes you talk back to the teevee/radio like an idiot. i am that idiot.

written with a fountain pen, so it had to be 92-94.

there was a good essay on McNeill/Lehrer(that old) about folk art. They showed very plain, mostly white canvasses in a gallery. it seems in modern art, thet either artists don't have anything more to say about art or make it so obscure to make it impossible to understand what they are 'saying'(me now, too kind-make it so obscure, you can't tell they have NOTHING to say).

Friday, September 29, 2006

i know i wanted to blog about something, but what? not the so-so estate sale. walgreen's fucking halloween noisemaking thingies? i don't think so even IF they fucking drove me nuts. i broke my spare favorite sunglasses. had to find more spaers. managed to find 2 pair. and the new styles SUCK. what's with these tiny tiny lenses??? i wear sunglasses at all times during daylight. cloudy, sunny, foggy. when you are born with better than 20/20, you protect it. yeah right says she who looks at the sun.
the toture bill? what can i say about the terrists winning? thanks georgie?
well, i can apologize for no at. the farmer is busy with his plant stuff.

hmm, keith called monday? i called tues? that i will be taking a drive to DM?

Thursday, September 28, 2006



sigh. what can i say. i am just appalled by what Bush has been allowed to do to america. i can only hope that 0 curse is georgie hanging from a noose at the hague.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006



morksuggait turns out one of the objects from the north wawatosa sale (the one with the mini crocet hook) is a swedish folk lore beastie. a mörksugga, from Dalarna, Sweden. ebayer Tezza, sent me this info.
the mörksugga, she, was used long ago to scare children if they were late home or didn"t go to bed. she eats darkness and the creatures that live in it so you never have to be scared of the dark. she is a protector as well. as i am a night owl who loves the dark, maybe i am part mörksugga.

now i want to look in my EB and see if it has mörksugga.

big shout out to farmer

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

bonus 99 bottles of beer.
i KNEW i was forgetting something. i have to have current shit to 'compose'.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
georgie says history will say IWaq will be a comma
2705 U.S. dead, how many iraqqi dead for an oedipal comma?
one less fucking DAMNED Bush week to go

121 Bush weeks to go
121 Bush weeks to fucking go
the Clenis goes to Fux for a Osama smack down
the bushevics go on high alert BE AFRAID! 9/11 is georgie's crown
121 Bush weeks to fucking go

Sunday, September 24, 2006

had to do go out to auntie's this week. bro has cold. drive to west bend. 1/2 hour NW of milwaukee. very republikkkan.
saw 2 dead possums. now THAT is more tennessee than WI. GLOABL WARMING!!!

but also, since i LOVE classic cars, i notice, i spotted a very old classic RED VW vanagon. BUT, the back van part was removed, or was a 'el camino' option available? it ws very clean and new looking and i took a pic of rear and finally pass it and a CLOWN in full make-up is driving.i forgot about getting a front end pic.

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