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Saturday, August 26, 2006

roadkill #10



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armadillo-as i said, i had to make up a name. rock pig in menominee-mehqsenawanik this was either the 3rd or 4th roadkill i did. NOT FOR SALE. he's mine. ALL MINE. prints are for sale tho.

Friday, August 25, 2006

for the ladies! full frontal for the ladies!

king priapusokay. this was from a figure painting class. april 93'in the aftermath of milwaukee's crytosporidium plague. much pooping went on for days, weeks. i got it, but i had some of my homemade pea soup right before they announced the news, which flushed the little buggers out. killed my elderly cat whiskers.

this model was rather unattractive and the teach had set up a 'regal' tableau. i was also reading Bonfire of the Vanities for another class, so he is King Priapus.

foot2i am a fast painter, so i had done a realistic painting of the models head and a very good small painting of his foot, and then,....this came out. another flash of 'brilliance' when the teach checked it out he laughed.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

roadkill #9


giraffe 2

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Giraffe- twiga in swahili, very appropriate. maybe you like this giraffe dale.

this is the 2nd giraffe. the first one sold at madison at it's 1st time out and i really liked that one! father got the 3rd rabbit and the giraffe for his daughter.
this one honors my grandma who loved giraffes and who's favorite color combo was pink and orange.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

roadkill #8



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lynx-pes£w in menominee. just about all 'kitty cats', even pumas are pes£ws. i did the snow colors cause one snowy morning eons ago when i went to HS these were the colors i saw. and it was ever so pretty.
strangly not one of the popular ones.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


i figured out georgie's stupid expression. it's the MAD face. what? me worry? face. he uses it all the fucking time and goddammit iu want the motherfucker to fucking WORRY.

can we get some poisonous snakes on HIS PLANE???????

dale! you don't like giraffe's???
i must admit WILD elephants are neat, but don't like them in zoo's. hate circuses period. the clowns ya know.

when i went to miami for my cousin Dan's wedding to a very nice woman, his 1st wife dumped him for another woman(but Mary was molested by her father and had never gotten any therapy and such, so, we were not too angry with her) and her family has MONEE!!!! and the wedding was at her mother and step-father's ft. lauderdale mans on a canal. oohee! man! that's a sevre( fancy french, how u spell? serve?). shit!!! somebody left a fucking sweaty drink on the 1700's table!!! A/C in tent!, but, by one of the bathrooms there was a trashcan made out of an elephant's foot. now. it was horrible, BUT, i picked it up and behold, they have 'toe'nails! and 'groves' like fingerprints just like us as well.
and they have a house near the ocean, but they are a WHOLE 7ft above sealevel. whoohoo! and close to a hospital so they get electric back too suite and he is now a daddy which he didn't really want to be with Mary, SO, this family won't die out with us 4 cousins on this branch. sorry, the chinese additions do not have grandpa and grandma F's genes.

did i start with elephants here? granma F LOVED giraffes.

roadkill #7



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elephant-Ndovu in swahili. as i mentioned, it IS an elephant and therefore it is green. i resisted doing it cause i don't like elephants, but i rather like this one.
oh, and if you added a line his trunk would make a $ sign.
ahh, there IS symbolism in my work. or is it subliminal?

gotta stay up til the spike lee doc is over(taping with new machine). so, might as well do this now eh?

One less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
still not ready for prime time preznit does press thingy
iWaq, sadaam. no WMD, but fear the capacity FEAR THE CAPACITY
one less MOTHER-FUCKING bush week to go.

you just KNOW i had to use that, eh?

Monday, August 21, 2006

roadkill #6



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Bear #3-Aw£hs£w in menominee. apparently blogger can't do the other symbol.

caught last 15 min of NOT READY FOR PRIMETIME PREZNIT'S press do. man was he hysterical about staying the course. more tying sadaam to 9/11 and terror. had the CAPACITY to create WMD. ooh. capacity. now THAT'S scary!
and iWaq didnt have suiciders when sadaam was in power you asshole.

and all the charm offensive on the end? asshole. WHAT ABOUT NOLA???
and what the hell was with that last question?

was there anything actually new or was it more of the same? terrorterror9/119/11sadaamsadaamterristsBOO

Sunday, August 20, 2006

i gotta find a better symbol for that backwards 3 in the menominee. maybe £. maybe ?.




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rabbit V-Mes£w in menominee.

the rabbit is very popular. i am up to 5 of them. my uncle has the 1st. my favorite. the 4th i just hated. i took it to denmark and left it there. it was never sold here. a danish original.
the 3rd one sold far to quickly. but i do like the new one.

speaking of acorn dale. i happen to like them. i bought a copper patina covered one at sheboygan a few years ago. and i also got a cool carved rock that a boy scout did. i should have gotten the others too, but why be greedy?


voting machines are fucking worse that we thought. NOT counting hacking or programming, the machines have a margin of ERROR of NINE FUCKING %!!!!

this IS the era of error! bush is an error.

i ain't linking to the article or hearing. go find it yourselves.
luddite here ya knows.

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