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Saturday, August 12, 2006

not only has georgie lost the iWaq war, we have lost the war on weeds. the garden is lost. but the nip makes kitties happy.

Friday, August 11, 2006


i am not gonna quote him cause it's long and i hates typing, but in the ame speech as below, but after a typical member gets up in support of the brits using the indian 'hoard', chatham gets up and defends whats right. akin to today's arguements against torture. and how using the 'savage' indians brought britain down to the level of those savage spainards, who i guess where quite bad. (and they were to natives in their colonies in the americas (in the history of the americas re revolution)

i think we should dig chatham up, we could use him against georgie.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

MORE Chatham!!

i have laid before you the ruin of your power, the disgrace of your reputation, the pollution of your discipline, the contamination of your morals, the complication of calamities, foreign and domestic, that overwhelm your sinking country. your dearest interests, your own LIBERTIES, the CONSTITUTION itself, totters to the foundation. all this disgraceful danger, this multitude of misery, is the mostrerous offspring of this unnatural war. we have been decieved and deluded too long. let us now stop short. this is a crisis- the only crisis of time and situation, to give us a possibility of escape from the fatal effects of our delusions. BUT IF , IN AN OBSTINATE AND INFATUATED PERSERVERENCE IN FOLLY, we slavishly echo the PEREMPTORY words this day presented to us, nothing can save this devoted country from coplete and final ruin. we madly rush into multiplied miseries, and 'confusion worse confounded'.

this pat came after previous post and might have more.


Chatham 1777 on the affairs in america

i gotta say he sounds a tad like murtha and feingold

talking about america here-You cannot subdue her by your present or by your measures. What then can you do? you can not conquer; you can not gain; but you can ADDRESS; you can lull the fears and anxieties of the moment into an ignorance of the danger that should produce them. But, my lords, the time demands the language of truth. we must not now apply the flattering unction of serile coplaisance. in a just and neccessay war, to maintain the rights or honor of my country, i would strip the shirt from my back to support it. But in such a war as this, unjustin its principle, impracticable in its means, and ruinous in its CONSEQUENCES,(emph mine) i would notcontribute a single effort nor a single shilling. I do not call for vengeance on the heads of those who have been guily; i only recommend to them to make their retreat let them walk off; and let them make haste, or they may be assured that speedy and condign punishment will overtake them.

to the hague with them!


British plot foild. airlines raise security level to Elmo.

and georgie is on vacation, so america, you're on your own. latch key nation.


i need a drink.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Chatham 1741. same oration as last.

-in the spanish affair of the last war, i was abused in all the newspapers for having advised his majesty to violate the laws of nationswith regard to spain. the abuse was industriaously circulated even in handbills. if the administration did not propagate the abuse, the administration never contradicted it. i willnot say what advise i did give the king. my advise is in writing, signed by myself, in the possession of the crown. but i will say what advise i did not give to the king. i did NOT advise him to violate any laws of the nations.



and so the grand campaign begins with a cannon blast across the bow with the fall of Joemental in the primaries.
inch by inch, step by step(ok, which marx bro movie is that from?), we march to the fall of the naked chimperor.


but i am not to miffed by cynthia mckinney's fall. she done gone nuts.

joemental never could tell when he was done.
Gore's biggest EVER mistake.and THAT is a inconvenient truth.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

one less fuckinbg Bush week to go
one less fucking Bushit week to go
the mid-east is becoming one big death spiral
but whoo-hoo! georgie gets to vacationin texass, that's the rule!
one less Bush week to go.

and we under 900 days to go of this shit.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


finally got the scribbles to post from A-AN.

AMURATH III 1545-1595

this guy reminded me of georgie.
on becoming ruler, he said 'Iam hungry: give me something to eat.'
which was an omen of famines and disasters. he apparently felt he had a mandate. he was superstitious, feeble, irritable and addicted to his harem (ok, that is where georgie taint like him-call him addited to war). and he was uninterested in art/literature.
georgie doesn't even like teevee.

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