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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

1899 scalei had to ship an ebay item today. ebay said it would be $8.50 shipping. i put 8+ on box. and as i am fiddling in my bag he points out what i wrote and i say ebay said it would be $8.50 for priority and $8.50 pops up.

'what kind of scale do you use?'
um, it's dated 1899

'really! well, it's more accurate that the new bizness scales some people use.'

COOL! i luv the scale even if it says US on the bottom and has an eaqle on each side.

(hmm, maybe it was postal)

i love it cause it's BLACK. and says 1898. 1st patented. i think. it's hard to read. it has it's original tile and i got it at the most interesting estate sale. had lots of horoscope books (by the way, the titanic was DOOMED! by the stars!) and had a jehovah's witness poster. i think i have nearly broken even on that sale. but where's the other books i need to list? it will be a money maker. the book i did sell went to australia. funny the shit we remember.

[click image for full size pic]

one less Bush week to go
one less fuckin stoopid Bush week to go
IWaq democracy in Russia? Putin thinks no. much!
G* georgie gives Angela 'bad touch'
one less fucking Bush week to go

Sunday, July 16, 2006


well, small profit. everybody stayed home for A/C i guess, and it wasn't so bad today as the wind was stronger.
the sheboygan art center does themes and this time it was utopia. you could decorate T-shirts for $5. the world would be a better place if.....
the community sent in art 'projects/works' and on display. i mostly like uincommon courtesies and had several printed on a hanging assmbled sphere. like-please, thank you, how are you, would you like this seat. i do fear we are losing civilization. a rhino sold and not new the bear??? hippo did OK. lots of pick up put downs today. fucking georgie economy. where's my bush boom?

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