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Saturday, July 15, 2006


Chandar#1 CHANDAR

i like these 2 etchings better. Chandar was Milwaukee's white tiger when i was a teen and i got some good pictures of him preening and posing. LARGE KITTY porn. i think this is a very good one. i have quite a few of these. 4 1/4" X 3 1/2". and going for the same $5.

untitled (racoons)#2 untitled (raccoons)

my aunt sent me a pic of 2 raccons that visited her and hubby in florida and the one standing was so cute. did some cropping and this is the etching. this was many years after taking etching, and it was out of class and art school(pay a studio fee and you get to play). was doing a commisioned etching for cousin's future wife, had extra plates and time, so i did quite a few extras. i have a few of these as well. edition of 11. 2" x 3 1/8"


ok, it was HOT HOT HOT. 90's. one bank said 99. luckily not too humid, nice breeze and in my spot i could sit under a nice tree, but the ground was extremely dry. full sun. was cool to start. and because it was hot. much fat wisconsin flesh was exposed. saw quite a few elderly too. did not hear any sirens, so i guess there was nobody passing out. sales were slim, but the new small framed prints did well, and all of a sudden the flying squirrel sells??? almost to entry fee. bummer. but got lots of fresh air. and would just as hot at home.

Friday, July 14, 2006


bonus art


pissed cosmo IIi can't do a better pic as the painting is in denmark right now. but a few months after i did pissed cosmo 1, i was inspired by a particular paint combo to do this pissed cosmo II. i love combining alizarin crimson and yellow/green.

[click image for full size view]

FRIDAY ART BLOGGING - The other 1/2 of full frontal

blueladyi was on the floor when i painted this, and the model, same young woman as snake lady, was on a raised platform.
ok, the colors were painted subconsciously. i didn't PLAN cold skin, hot pubes. HONEST!

i can't remember why i painted her blue, except maybe i wanted to finish a tube of paint. i may have been doing an opposite thing. green drape, blue rug with red, blue for skin. etc etc. that' is the only thing that makes sense to me. and i took this off the stretcher, so that is why it looks odd.
i need to find a good male full frontal now. eh?

oh hell. my 1st art fair of the year is this weekend and NOW the fridge decides to act UP???? i need to make ice and and stuff for the show. make some pineapple sorbet(can of crushed pineapple, buttermilk and sugar to taste-yummy) and my tea! also having the storm windows replaced. so ots of hubbub.

keith called tues? acually had a dream the night before that he called...ooh ee ooh spooky. he did a chicago show and made $3000. WOW. i never did that well. like smart people being 20%, i believe taste is the same, i ain't crapkaid. but if children had real money? i'd be rich. kids just like my work and i don't really like kids. but boy the stories i could tell.
my 'roadkill' can stop a wailing child at 20 paces. kids try and get out of them strollers.

i will be doing roadkill this weekend. i guess this means i need to show what roadkill is. my uncle called them that and it stuck.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

one less Bush week to go
one less Bushit week to go
georgie is pleased the deficit is less that it COULD have been
remember the SURPLUSSES during clinton way back then?
one less Bush week to go

Sunday, July 09, 2006

ooh, milwaukee must have had a good T-storm while i was away. saw one minivan wiped out, then 2 patches of flooded out highway on the bypass. had about 5inches of rain in a bucket. but i WANT a T-storm, did take some cool photos i have to download and check.

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