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Friday, June 23, 2006

i don't know about genius granny, but i know how this assministration works. not sure how i know, as i am a very nice person. just very perceptive.

georgie never took on NK because NK Kimmy has an actuial army and no mustache. if it ain't oedipal or easy, he won't do it. might be better if georgie tries to ignore this, cause if kimmy does do it, it will give the fucker more power from the WATB.

and boy was i angry back then. have i mellowed?


friday art blogging


liberty burningthis is my answer to the flag burning issue. i could care less about the damn flag. the colors are so,....DIRIVATIVE. i mean come on you LEFT england and you have to use their colors?
i was always a constitution kinda kid.

i wanna fly the 'don't tread on me flag'.

i should of had more liberty and less flag. or burned more of it.

thanks to the farmer aka HD

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

well, i was born post hippies, and frankly my scenses are rather on overdrive as it is, i don't really need drugs. not that i care if anybody else does it.


i forgot to say anything about a siting on monday at the post office. father and his young daughter. 8? 9? well. this little girl had french tipped nails. why not just put up a billboard to get your kid molested. 'see judge, she was asking for it.' i suppose mother has them.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

no brenda, wasn't accusing u of that. your guess of how many stop by every once in a while. (waving hi).
but why i am here

One less Bush week to go
one less fucking stoopid Bush week to go
Snow job calls dead soldiers just numbers
2 CAPTURED (kidnapped? they are vacationing in iWaq?) are tortured and killed and 2 more numbers
one less fucking shit Bush week to go.

oh, hit same estate sale twice. how did i miss that awesome victoian cast doorknob? i LOVE those. but i also love $3 bags. older house, but too much and not interesting. stuff was.

oh, i don't know how much i have said, but i do spend most of my life barefoot. and i was going to the organic food store(lettuce for Bacon, lettuce and toast sandwiches-don't like tomatos) barefoot as usual and 2 elderly women in dresses hats AND gloves came out and the taller asked if it didn't hurt my feet. "no, it feels good'.
GLOVES! i felt like i had time traveled. cool.

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