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Friday, June 02, 2006

gee, because i had to sign in to comment elsewhere, i should take adantage of it.
do i have anything to say? um.....

BUSH sucks. umm......i have a bladder infection. is that something?
hmm. so far it really is not bothering me. odd.
um....no new birds. did find a empty broken robin egg outside the back door last week. the state xxxx on the east side was kinda boring, but got 2 boxes of those magnetic poetry thingies. shakespearian and genius edition. i am not impressed with their choices. no ennui?
catnip is taking over.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sinuses have rendered me a tad retarded so, pardon any spelling issues.

One less Bush week to go
ONE less Bushit week to go
preznit AWOL praises the fodder
3 years later and iWaq is no better
one less fucking Bush week to go

how many days of this shit we got left?

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