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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Cosmo13 years ago? is pansy 13? well, one or 2 years before i needed new cats, i was at a lakefront art fair at one of my 1st shows. and this hairy legged hippy chick ran past me chasing this adorable little blond boy. "cosmo, cosmo, get back here.'

cosmo? oh, horrible name for a kid, but, hmm, that's a great name for a cat (stored away in my head). and then, in 92' my 1st boy, my dear dear long hair mutt, whiskers, died in my arms. a few months with no cat was horrible. my cousin and i a while later went to the pound to look at kittens. and there was a tiny black male. looked like yoda named peanut. had a red collar, girl, but i still wanted to hold it, WAIT, this is a BOY! a boy! (black females tend to loud and bitchy). he was quiet, he purred in my arms and he liked me. i HAD TO HAVE PEANUT. pleadings and i was able to go back. peanut still there, with blue collar. OK, he's mine, but gotta pick a girl. hmm, which one. as i said i wanted chloe, who had less white. but pansy was from the same litter. she was the right age. just say no to that noisy black female. she looks bigger too.
then decide between felix and cosmo. he was cosmo!
what a cat. he never really meowed. it was more raspy and whispery. the 1st week or so, pansy would attack cosmo, he was a tad smaller. but he wasn't so healthy. the family that had found him, only gave him people food. so after a week or so, cosmo is healthy and HE'S attacking. he was rather short haired until about 5 months short hair with long frilly hairs all over. very odd, and then ALL the long hair came. OH! he was funny lookin as a kitten and he grew up to a gorgeous big 12lb beauty. we figure he had some norwegan forest cat. personality not really maine coon.
damned cancer took my boy away.

this picture is one of my favorites of him. he looks ferocious. he's yawning.


lake drive castleit is far more impressive from the outside. the best part of the inside was the oak floors and the 2nd floor turret window. otherwise, it was just too big. i'm glad i am not famous or rich.

that article about Jewel, she is so right not to get into all that shit. but a ranch? that i would not do. hate ranches.or is it ramblers?

Friday, May 12, 2006

well, thje great lakes sucky weather sucking machine is at it and we have this canadian COLD pseudo hurricane over WI. so it's been windy, rainy and cold all day and around 4 i look out. no mices or chippies all day and HEY! what is THAT bird??? ooh, i have never seen a bird like that. GET THE BIRD BOOK!!!! go past water birds, hawks and owls. song birds.....hmm, juvenile grey jay? hmm, no stripe on cheek. GREY CATBIRD!(does it have a russet ass?). very cool bird and now i know why i heard cat noises the other morning.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


so, i go outside cause it's not nippy yet, cloudy and just because. go to the overhang off kitchen do a little weeding by the red/yellow mini rose look over to the other rose and then by the freebee spring flowers the squirrel gave up and DEAD BABY BUNNY!!! DEAD BABY BUNNY!!! DEAD BABY BUNNY UNDER MY NOSE!!!







well, that will rattle my nerves. shit. i almost stepped on it with BAREFEET!

oh my, i am getting the vapors.

go back inside go back inside.

later after dinner, brother took full rigor corpse to it's final decomposition site by the compost pile.

ok, this is the REALLY weird part. in a few months, i hhope to harvest the skull. yes. i is kinda sick.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
Ahmaddinejad send georgie letter
as if that is gonna make things better
one less Bush week to go.

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