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Saturday, April 29, 2006

tch tch brenda.

cool farmer. i can't wait. don't know if i ever saw a flicker. i am so pissed. once in a while birds would hit the big windows up north at the cottage and i never took picks of stunned birds. did take a picture of a dead one tho.

no noisy red squirrels down in milw, although an eagle nesting pair has been sighted in mequon. the most pairs are in the county the cottage is in. our lake certainly had 1 pair.loons again too.
so far we got lots of mice. i have been a bad girl and put seeds on the window ledge and a mouse-BABEE mouse was there and sybil wanted THAT MOUSE. so, if any get inside, claws or no claws, she will get him.

Friday, April 28, 2006


my aunt made me take her for underwear and shoes. i need underwar too, so i had to stay there. oy OY! when did it all become frederick's of hollywood for the teens? is ANYTHING made of cotton??? and the prices!! and the sizes! where are all the size 5???

fooey, deleting comments seems more work that i am willing to do. AND still waiting for them to count on sitemeter. so far, NOBODY exists.


another day another sale, northside in a fairly nice neighborhood. older. 55th st.
old house, lots in vback yard, hmm, check garage.packed, but on the whole crap. but on the back wall shelf, hmm, what's that? a whack a mole mallet? OLD. midway? circus? $1??? mine!
go inside, nothing n the kitchen. nothing?!? go to basement. books and stuff and more stuff. ooh, lloyd c douglas, that writer Mom wants. got all six. which one does she need? take a little glazed vase. cheap. drop books and stuff at desk before the 2nd floor. jewery looks like crap, ignore that room. ooh, photos. OOH! bagged cadid shots! all for $2.50!!! i collect those but go through them. oooooh, a paddlewheel boat! ebayable?
button jars! other room, more books and more crap.
diningroom and livingroom has stuff i can't afford or want.

seperated buttons at home. worth $3. maybe some ebayable ones. but not as good as my dime jar.

how you delete spam comments? it's not as if any of you 'exist' on site meter. you too farmer. nobody exists here.
now why am i here?


ahhh, whitfish bay! circle ave! OLD hoi poloi neighborhood. ooh. the house looked SO promising, although the listing? circus? open house?-they lie like rugs, but occasionally....
well, horrors of danish mod and wall to wall carpets(i ain't saying stuff has to match the architechture, but....
and the horrors they did in the dinningroom. OY!!!ooh, 2 car garage? back then? and stained doors. OOH! radiators, heated garage! i got there for $3 bag time.
per usual, 1st basement, found some marbles in a platic tub-take.cicus stuff painted on walls. much crap,ooh, look in that little closet. mmm, not much, ooh! old bottle!!! take.ink?
go to 2nd floor, not much at all. check books. nothing(man stuffing bags with them tho) on top of short bookcase a kid's book with a kitten illustration, snag!(at home read. 1948, lovely illustrations in Smudge!!!!!!!)go downstairs to kitchen(actually did that 1st and took a plain classy mug)to dinning area, not much, hmm, siverplate northwest airlines spoon?!? TAKE!!! and the other silver flatware.
livingroom, well,very grand, and they didn't paint the wood work. OOH! fishbowl with marbles! and a frilly jar with marbles and sand. got 2 other bits and bobs.but OY!!! those marbles were fucking heavy!
at home i wen through them. a few real old ones. lots of pretty glass vase blobs. more for keith to play with in his pottery, but there were quite a few very very very dark burgandy/purple/black ones. and mainly clearies. but the best was Smudge the kitten and the ink bottle. and those ladies yesterday said there was nothing. ha! i can divine goodies.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

i haven't seen cheney.
did see a mommny chippie. how do i know that? swollen teats. swollen teats. and thin.


went a bit far out of my range. east side tho. and discovered a nice part of town. middle-class black? home of an elderly sewer and knitter. KNITTER? no yarn tho. i just noticed that. well, i managed not to get another object per se, but in the attic(an elderly woman climbed these stairs???-narrow and high risers). when i was in attic room with sweaters and clothes, 3 older black woman were looking and i checked out the sweaters. and we started talking and they were excited when i said the sweaters were handmade. and $1.50! ooh, mohair! and they asked me manufacture questions. yes, that is handknitted, yes, that is typical when you put sweaters together. damn, one snagged a fluffy aqua sweater first. i enjoyed yapping with the biddies. one was the ladies neighbor and knew her. and she said she was real old. maybe the daughter took her yarn and needles. at least 2 of the sweaters had the lady's own label sewn on it. sigh. as if i NEED sweaters.
i got 4 sweaters. i passed on a fluffy brown one. sigh. it just didn't fit right.

right now i am trying to use up my box of brown/grey/beige/white yarn. making a real heavy easy warm sweater. i have already made a sweater from that box and only used 1/4 of it. hope this one uses it all up.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
oil oil oil, how high will prices go?
polls polls polls, how low will georgie's go?
one less Bush week to go.

and you can start counting down the last '1000' days.

and before i forget. i sent this little EB snippet to Keith. reading alphonsos and one, i think the 2nd or 3rd of some spanish area 'kingdom', who unfortunately had much trouble, but a very good leader, not only lived to the ripe old age of 91 in the 11th century, he also was said to be gigantic at 7ft tall. year before his death or 2 rescued his son from attacking hoard, so very active.
very interesting.i wonder if there is a portrait of him?

Monday, April 24, 2006

farmer, don't know if cheney is in the 'old' tunnel. i TOLD my uncle he shouyld just start stabbing with the pitchform and maybe you will hit him.

had moved the bird feeder to the pussywillow tree, closer to the back '40', where the mice live. have taken it in.
less food for all of the vermin.
should try the pitchfork solution. and yes, rats are not as inquisative. maybe stick poison in bakery.

a postponment in seeing Keith for awhile. $$ issues-both sides, and busy making pots to make $$$.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


oy, i read about 11 pages of ALPHABET. did read it all and it did explain how roman numerals came about.no mention of the scandanavian å, ø, or their other odd letters. i do know how to pronouce the ø. did talk about the russian alphabet which was formulated by a monk named cyril.
right now in the middle of ALPHOMSO- and all the other ways of spelling it. so they can tell us all about the leaders in 'dychyies' of spain, but nada on danish kings??? fooey.
and talked about sibilants and the c for k.

hey farmer, i see why you are 'the farmer'.
and i spoke too soon. cheney or his pal was in the back '40'again. why not live trap? we could take him to west bend to be with the rest of the republiKKKans.
need to get poison i suppose.

have i mention a woman in a SUV who has dug in our recycling cart to take out cans?
she came y today, but thois time at least she did come to the back doo r to ask if it was ok. bad teeth and bad shoes. i pointed out barefeet cost nothing. and she mentioned how cute basil was, who sits in the window and the long hair sybil. she said she had 3 pedegree maine coons. wonder why she needs cans???
at least she asked.
should save the money and deal with her teeth. i feel for her small daughter.
basil IS cute.

hey farmer. the only water we have is the birdbath and no dead rat there. unless he went to the sewer in the alley, which is quite close to his last residence. or he is under branches by the garage that are waiting to go to the self-help dump.

maybe he will be just bones by the time they go. the rhubarb survived the transplant. all the roses survived, except the one that died soon after putting it in.
the closest farmer's market is still enclosed due to freshening up construction. should be open soon. need tomato plants and such.

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