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Saturday, April 15, 2006

did i mention that we named the rat 'cheney'?

as i have watched various teevee shots of children hunting for easter eggs, it reminded me of when my brother and i huned for eggs as kids. usually on easter, there would be a spead of many baskets, our annual slinky! stuffed rabbits and jelly bbeans. BLACK? eew. mom got them for herself.
no eggs in the baskets. ahhhhh. the easter egg hunt. were they hidden? no. mom put them in a basket on the table. but tabby and whiskers our cats seemed to think they were edible toys and would take them to different spots. each egg we found would be partially et. the cats ALWAYS stopped eatting once they hit that icky yellow part. i myself never liked eggs much at all. i seem to remember i would try fried whites. never the yellow. i do not eat eggs. i will cook with them, but not eat them. hard boiled the ickiest. could have been the smell. i am kinda particular that way.
sigh. easter egg hunts always seemed way more fun our way. how many were on the table mom? better make sure we find them all.

those were some great cats. hmm, farmer? i may have to e you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

oops, i was so busy yesterday.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
georgie off to promote his elder pill plan
so ignore the hersh story about nuking iWan
one less Bush week to go


why i was so busy yesterday. 3! THREE estate sales and went back to 1st.


near my house on a parkway. nice aspect, blegh 50's house. very odd design. more carpet. but as it was Laura's collectbles, had stuff!. ooh, 1800's etchings! looked through them all. helped a woman decide to buy 3 small ones. found a signature(initials), and took oe for $8. also signed. E L Peirce. never heard of him, but very good etching. better than i ever did. DAMN, a slide viewer for 25¢! but always lit? sears sears sears. AH, not sears, i fixed it. i am clever. a little cermic cup for 25¢ and screwdriver. yes, i am sort of collecting old tools. SORT OF?!? ok ok. i like old tools. but not like i have that many, ignore all the old mallets, hammers and scredrivers, and levels, and planers, and saws. OK OK! i collect them.


east side smaller mansion(one live-in servant). OH! the hall door window! stained glass AND beveled glass! THE WOODWORK! quarter sawn oak. beams! staircase! the staircase landing stained glass windows! this house is gonna cost big $$$.
but i did not get much. only a slide viewer $2.50 and a bag of lures, YES, another collection, it had a mini red tipped wood lure. worth $2.50 i paid i bet, very unusul. no bombers, poo. did find 2 other interesting in bag. one odd swedish lure. rest nothing but boring spoons.
i love house tour with shopping! but carpet everywhere, can only imagine the gorgeous floor underneath.


granny moving sale. ooh, grandma had a lot of good shit! some of grandpa's too. but can't get it all. missed a few things. ooh, that was a nice footstool with ball feet. and odd was the missmaitched stained glass windows in the buffet, piano window and the built ins. 1910ish bungalow. OH! the woodwork, very similar to the woodwork in the 1910ish duplex i grew up in. neater archway tho. BUT, the fucking 60's. they removed the woood backing and shelves in the 'archway' built-ins and backed it with horrid colored glass and glass shelves. BLEGH!. no updateing in kitchen! and all the extra old stuff! spent way too much. but but but got bargains! i got 2 old caution lamps. one much older. 40's? 30's? very heavy metal and painted white. another mexican potter squirrel, but but but he's REALLY old. 2 old ledgers(i use them!) and 2 old books. one ebay? old box-ebay, a good advertising ice pick( yes, another collection), a scandanavian salt and pepper set-funkay chickens!, but best was the cork tube box with 3 tiny hand carved dice. now maybe somebody out there can help. not ivory, elephant, whale or walrus. they are very white. does not look like bone. what else did sailors use? could it be baleen? wonder if they float.

at the end of my saling i had to go back, i didn't get the wood covered socket-very old. wood? for a socket??? also found a greek/roman nick-nack, my texasstan e-pal collects that stuff and a OLD aluminum #2 tag, marked for a milw high school. what was that used for?, but i had also missed the big one. a 40's umbrella, gold bakelyte handle painted and carved. had all the tip ends and the top that is missing usually. yes, nother collection.

Monday, April 10, 2006


uh oh. the backyard population grew today. the usual 2 squirrels, mouses, chippies, OOH, goldfinch, fucking rabbit, and yes, a RAT. which took turns chasing the chippies, the squirrel and attacked the rabbit. now THAT was a sight. so it's a mean rat.
i either have to get a BB gun or a sling shot.

hey farmer. so far mouses all outside. i am sure your manx squirrel had a mishap. wether predator or litter mate attack. but animals will survive any way they can.

ah summer coming. moved the rhubarb to better spot. uncovered the buried bleeding heart(compost runnoff). and the art fair season SASE return. no madison-fair on the square. bummer. but green bay a YES!! whoo hoo! hope keith got in too. it will be fun.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

hey brenda. so far i have yet to encounter a tailess squirrel. had one with some bald spots. so far the chippies have only had short tails, never tailess.
did i mention the mouses swarming too? coming from all directions. no rat yet.

no more migrants yet. sometimes i want to shoot the english sparrows, since they are ILLEGAL aliens. should have a hunting seasn on them, but gosh darnit, they fly too good. hunter would prefer to hunt mourning dovetards. but we still have plenty of house finches. and the cardinal pair. since i am throwing seed on the ground more than jus on the steps, maybe get more migrants, ground feeders it seems. i moved the feeder to the pussywillow. not as entertaining for the cats, but easier to bird watch. not that i am any good at identifying them.


hey farmer, auntie lives in VERY republican West Bend, slowly becoming a milwaukee exurb. McMansions popping up in cornfields. best she is on the west side, near nature. the young man who does her lawn stuff still and helps her(nice catholic boy!)her Andy, has had a pair in his pines, and since all the sprawl, turkeys will take what they can get, aina?

well, all the squirrels now are just molting. we do have a chippie with a short tail-stubby. and one mutant, it's tail hair is short and golden, very cool. sort of like that black squirrel up nort, that had the top 1/2 of it's tail titian. since we are in a wedge between 2 boulevard busy streets, i don't see much, but every once and again, something new pops up. hell, one summer we had bob-whites.
keith has possum, raccoon and the rest. also feeds CROWS! and squirrels. my kinda man. but we shall be overrun if we get bugs. maybe the cats will save us.

wow, must be neat seeing all them turkeys. considering that DC eagle story, soon they will be like pigeons and we will see them in the city.

OH! and the pussywillow rapidly went into pollen stage. i had cut of a broken branch and stuck it water to take to keith, it too is going pollen.
and i will be leaving on the 22nd of april. sigh. 2 more weeks.i hope i can stand it.

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