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Saturday, March 25, 2006


well, i pointed out that we should not call a trapper, cause the bugger may not be in the hole. waste of $$$. uncle occupied today. but as i was watching 'the back 40', i noticed a squirrel stuffing leaves in it's mouth by the compost. NESTING! go outside as she is making her way around the next door fence. and i manage to scare squirrel away from the hole corner. quick quick, get the hot sauce! finally use it up! go to 2nd floor and open window. not within reach to 'paint hot sauce on hole, but do pour it near/above. try to spash some near the hole. got some brick sauced. tomorrow we cover the hole. maybe throw some hot pepper flakes down the hole.
squirrels do not like spicy, unlike basil.

Friday, March 24, 2006

and onto why i had to come


the last hole is still covered and looks safe from vermin. but we did not see the ole on the west side! and a squirrel, probably a FEMALE, is building a nest! well, i guess siding WILL be done! and toot suite.
more tomorrow.......


near my mom's house. what a sad collection. if only it wasn't 'prestige'. is that an original 1st edition of uncle tom's cabin? and other books, but $40 or $15. i would have loved one of the author collection books. and and and i am not paying $1.50 for a screwdriver. no matter how nice. OK, i did pay $5 at a prestige sale, but that was a HUGE advertising philips that made a profit on ebay.

i was cleaning in the puter/ebay room and i found assorted tools i have gotten. hmm, i do seem to like old mallets. i finally got one of those coiled leather ones. ooh, the wooden one with metle rings. THAT'S a nice one.just wait til i can do pics.


wed,i did 3. and all 3 sucked in their own little way. sadly, greendale, was not the 'good' part of greendale. 1st was a pre ranch, 'christian' home and they adored country. i spent 25ยข on a spare calculator.
2nd greendale, boy am i glad i was delayed buying an awesome bread-onion dill. not even enough to fill a bag for $3, but i did manage, through timing to get a name made of old printing block letters for $3 instead of 1st day $12 or $5 which i was offered. ick poo McMansion.
3rd sale was in my neighborhood. small home full of stuff. i got 2 mugs with sailing ships for my mom and a potential ebayable brosure for Mt.Rushmore.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

still reading eliot's oration. but he refered to sailor's and ships being taken in algier's. i had just read algerian hitory and algeria in the EB. ahhhhh. synchronisity!

well, since the 2 black boys missing in milwaukee has hit CNN.
i would like to ask where THEIR amber alert is? i heard 2 for white kids. may already be in the paper and on the news, but dammit, i demand an amber alert.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

one less FUCKING Bush week to go
one less shitfest Bush week to go
civil war in iWaq, save the poll #s!
one less Bush week to go.

less than 1000 dqys, less than 1000 days. ommmmmm, Ommmmmm, Ommmmm, less than 1000 days.shhh, i am meditating.

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