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Friday, March 10, 2006

LOL brenda. but i think some cats are stupider than others. of the 3 that were kept from the iowa 7, i would say sybil is the smartest, although her 1/2 brother-teddy, the black beast, i think is about the same. basil is not stupid for a cat, but he is goofy. skipper, is even worse. but then he doesn't get as much stimulation. cosmo was smarter than pansy. i girl i baby sat for, ok the only one i baby sat, had a cat. tigger? stupid cat. ate a shitload of my yarn, had to pull it out(bad for guts) had eaten about 12 feet! stupid stupid stupid.
oh, catnip. i didn't want to harm my kittens, so cosmo and pansy didn't get nip til they were 'of age' at 1. well, basil and sybil got it at 6 months. no harm. although basil was afraid of it at first. took him a while to figure it out. sybil may have had a bad trip. she hasn't been so into it lately.

well, if i can't play sheeps. might as well post what i have.

oy fucking vey. even right before his execution, henry the 8ths former priest had to go all sermony.

ooh, the RE-discovery ofthe RAT squirrel. nope, they did manage to survive dinasaurs and such. actually, it is kinda cute.
AND not sure what this is, but an AD seen today- PET ALZEIMER'S TESTING.
now, i KNOW people REALLY REALLY pamper their pets and i have loved 3 to death, 3 more alive, but, gimme a break. i think you can tell when your pet gets stupider.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

FUCK! what button did i hit????

okay. redo
i am sure, granny, that telegraph was still more common. and as it only just ended, quite the longevity, unlike mimeographs(did i mention i saw a early edison with case and instructions?)

but why i am here

Ali Pasha, Arslan-'the lion', a balkan strongman of the 1700's.(Narnia segway,did Lewis know that or is Aslan lion in another language?). passive father and a strong like bull ma, the barB. but Ali was smarter obviously as he conquered many and certainly killed with his OWN hands. he was quite brutal. grabbed power and land. faught napoleon and the ottomans. but the ottomans did use him to control that area as govenor. but when he hit 80, strong as he still was, they had enough of his ways and captured him after a short escape. and off with his head, which was then sent to Constantinople, ISTABUL!, constantinople, ISTANBUL! in the moonlit night-They might be giants interlude.

Bede, Wyclif, and the next boring relious crap. of course only churchy types could write.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

one less Bush week to go
one less fucking Bush week to go
off to Asia Bush did go
Nukes for India, US get mango
one less unfucking believable week to go

bonus forgot about this one


Acid Monathe mona lisa has reoccured in my work ever since she won me a box of very good watercolors. had to do a relay painting race at an art tour at a local concordia college when i was in high school. i was with a group of 4 and i suggested i start by sketching her out and then they could finish it.

so, mona popped in here and there in assignments at art school. one, a pencil. had to transform 1 thing to another. i either did smiley face into mona or mona into smiley face. i can always blog that later.

and so. i did a 'real' mona in oils. and then acid mona. the art book lied about her size tho. i wanted it to be the same size. grrrr. when doing the oil, i realized she has awefully big hands. either leonardo used his hands, or maybe his cook/maid/servant girl. and, dude, your background doesn't compute. very strange.

Monday, March 06, 2006

erp. maybe i will give it to my cousin. she likes it, and brussel sprouts.

well, i remember what i want to add. i did finish Rome. 1st brit-bede. i fear much churchy shit.
but i got to ALI in the EB. who was technically mohammed's nephew, but since he 'gave' his daughter Fatima to him, he was his son-in-law. of course much hullaballu after 3 other people were caliphate. mohammed's widow was not happy with Ali becoming caliphate and there was a 3 way fued. which led many mulims to plan on killing the M-I-L, Ali, and the other one, but only ali died. so, SO, is that is the beef between the sunni's and shite's? whether Ali should have been caliphate or not???? THAT??? jeepers, was Ali an asshole or something?
um, i think i will shut up now. don't want stupid jihad or something.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

oh gee farmer, i do write down quotes correctly(even if later i can't read my writing). maybe that is another fragment. hmm, maybe have to dig the bartlet's i got them from.

did i mention Georgie's IRS is fucking me over again? delaying my EIC check? late time i admit it was my mistake, but i had never done that form and it's all legalesieshit language. i have easier time reading shaespeare.

and IF i have to pay self-employment tax, my senators are gonna get some letters, cause that is just fucking unfair. and i am not gonna d.....um, i think i will keep that to myself.

okay, i'm signed in. anything else? um, Otho was prety boring although he inspired love amongst his soldier to have so many to commit suicide after he did. i think i have only one or 2 more orations in Rome. next is Great Britain 1. i think there's 2 or 3 of them.

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