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Saturday, February 25, 2006

hey farmer, clean sweep from TLC. dealing with the pile in my room. assorted photos to be filed. i ripped out the written on pages of an old english note pad. i still have about 12 pages to read befpore i keep or pitch. the rest of pad use for ebay maybe. i come from pile people. it's a bad thing that i am trying to stop.
but i do have random sentances floating around, mainly quotes.

Friday, February 24, 2006


oy, i enjoyed the entry on alfred the great of britain, and am going into the history of algeria, but last night i hit ALGABRA. now, i breezed through algebra, could be my dislexia helped there. it's just reverse math. BUT, it was 51 fucking pages!!! including 'therums' or problems or whatever. and way WAY harder than ones i had in HS. shit have humans gotten stupider! even fortafications only had 40 pages. no, i did not read algebra. i did try to wade into the history, but it was as useless as asthetics history. and 51 pages was about 1/8th an inch thick. and big pages AND small print! uf da.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Julius Caesar(their spelling!)-on the punishment of the catiline conspirators 63 bc

But who, it may be asked, will blame any severity that shall be decreed against these parricides of their country? I anser that time, the course of events, and fortune, whose caprice governs nations, may blame it. whatever shall fall on the traitors, will fall on them justl:but it is for you conscript fathers, to consider well what you WHAT YOU RESOLVE TO INFLICT ON OTHERS. all precedents productive of evil effects have had their origin from what was good; but when a government passes into the hands of the IGNORANT OR UNPRINCIPLED, any new example of severity, inflicted on deserving and suitable objects, is extended to those that are improper and undeserving of it.

he then here talks of the Lacedaemonians after defeating athens and created a TRIALESS(warentless)star chamber of 30 powerful judges.

thanks pjk and poetry man. i prefer this ending as well. i always prefered the predator over the gazelles on wild kingdom. it is one against how many?

and i HATE beer farts.

and brenda, the worst part was milwaukee NPR repeating the chimps speech bits. at least we had our new black female congresscritter-gwen moore responding.
milwaukee is big enough and i was at the airport way before he came in. BLEGH.

but get to your weekly duty.

one less Bush week to go,
one less Bushit week to go.
ports to bubai
rite wing screams WHY?!?
one less Bush week to go

Sunday, February 19, 2006

i was doing a little clean sweeping and found this.


retell fairytale-Little red and the wolf

there once was a grey wolf. his eyes were olive green and his fur was luxuriant. his plush tail was almost as long as he was.
one day, the wolf was resting in the knoll of a glade. the wolf looked up at the sky, the blue dappled with the green leaves of birch trees.
"goodness, i am so sick of eating rabbits and squirrels. if i see another blueberry, i am going to kill myself."
sighing, he rolled over and sniffed the scent of the tamaracks.
the wolf immediately perked up. there was a new scent. roasted turkeywith cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and gravy. the wolf sniffed again. amaretto. "i LOVE amaretto!" the wolf got up and sniffing followed the acent. over the knoll he spotted a girl, dressed in red, with a basket.
the wolf went in front of the girl and sat in the path. "where are you going?"
"my grandma's. it's her birthday." she replied.
"a huh." the wolf muttered. "nice talking to you." the wolf smiled at herr pleasantly and bounded off. as soon as he was out of her sight, he raced for her grandma's house.
The wolf knocked on the door.
"yeah, come in"
the wolf went in. in a bed was an old woman. she was very obese. so rotund, she was nearly as wide as she was tall. the woman was popping bon bons and drinking lite-beer. the grandma belched and let out a beer fart.
the wolf wrinkled his nose. what a pig. this woman did not deserve what the girl was bringing.
all of a sudden, the grandmother noticed the wolf.
"OH, OH, OH!" her eyes bulged and she had a heart attack from her overly clogged arteries.
"good riddence." the wolf said and popped a bon bon in his jaws.
there was a knock on the door.
the wolf went over and opened the door and let the girl in, waiting for a chance to grab the basket.
the girl closed the door and saw her grandmother.
she went over to touch a doughy arm.
"she's dead" the wolf said.
the girl started. "what are you doibng here?"
"I wanted some of what is in that basket. I love amaretto."
the girl looked at her grandma. "so do i, but she would always get it all." she looked back at the wolf. "would you like to have a picnic?"
"i would love too." said the wolf admiring the girl's smile.
they went back to the wolf's grassy knoll and ate what was in her basket. while they conversed, they discovered how much they had in common and fell in love.

the end.

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