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Saturday, February 11, 2006


oooh, near my old neighborhood in the outer core! SHERMAN BOULEVARD AREA! north west of where i grew up. oldstone house. 'Prestige' crazy prices estate co. ok. not gonna buy anything unless....
interesting clues. a EDISON mimeograph machine with instructions and case! way cool. damn! huge old old RCA speaker(?) with cover. big box with electrical stuff. is that a radio? go to basement! uh oh. cold cellar. whew. most of the canning jars are empty. that one says 1999. other shelf. those pickled don't look tooooo old, EEK, but the jar next to it! go. FLEE! ooh, that small old fan, cool. 20's? attic. lots of science math books. but he charges too much.
i did do the kitchen before the basement and found some goodies. a nice OLD pie crimper. redish wood? hmm, european? there were some east european translation books. check? polish? hungarian? wood handle/pewter knife. get that!
also took the old bird knick knack. deco? european? neat looking.
they are asking $240k? it had good bones, but there was a major problem in the front attic. and gonna need major work. although the original kitchen cupboards! 1910-1920, swoon. ooh, glass handles and neat hinges! HEY, what is that cubbyhole? a 'hot iron' nook with a metal door! cool!
oops, i forgot the old wood heaters in the basement. wondered why there was so much wood in the back room of the basenment.
well, that makes up for no other sales this week. glad i decided to do it. 60 years accumilation? dude can't do math.

Friday, February 10, 2006


done with kikero. moved onto marc antony's eulogy of julius ceasar. just started, but in his praising of julius's cronyism, BUT, he didn't just promote HIS people like georgie does, he also promoted others. maybe THAT is somthing chimperor disgustus(ok, is this good for you attaturk, since i don't blogroll?) should think about.
yeah right.

well Real and brenda, i know we have to forget getting the party returds, but maybe if we can actually get the returdicans/real republicans to THINK. i may have gotten my grandfather to think a little. if all the aborted babies were born, where would they get jobs? oh, is that more propaganda?(retardican mail-by the way, HALF OR MORE IS ALWAYS CAPS, BECAUSE DEMOCRATS ARE GONNA KILL AMERIKA).

i KNOW that it's hard for them to get past truthiness, but sometimes putting things into a different context sometimes does slip into the bubble. like georgie having to hear a shit load at coretta's funeral.
did i hear a bubble burst? i hope so.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i wish democrats on teevee gnews shows would ask retardicans if they would STILL support what georgie was doing if CLINTON (preferable hillary clinton) was doing it? will their heads explode? or do we make them say yes?

one less Bush week to go
one less FUCKING Bush week to go
the 'war preznit' is spying
abu renfield G says it's A-OK
one less Bush week to go.

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