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Saturday, January 28, 2006


alexander got a fever after a excessively drunken bachanalia funeral for 2 days and died.
in the summery, they have decided he had gone mad, but had to be called 'great' because of all he had done.
he was just beginning his plans to invade arabia. shame he didn't get bogged down there and get destroyed, for more historical parallels for georgie to IGNORE.


i did go back with my mom. 60% off! $1 books! woow. many many books and records must have been bought. darn. missed some i wanted, BUT, did find the 3 teddy roosevelt books. and some others and i made a choice. WHICH expensive one am i gonna get? POLYGAMY top word on a late 1800's book, what's that? POLYGAMY xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx and other crimes of MORMONISM! OOH! get THAT ONE for $8 instead of $20!
also decided to get the 5 book set of the works of casanova. 1930's limited edition! where's vol XI-XII? says there are 12. i don't care.
what? ANOTHER DECAMERON??? but but but this one is from 1930 and has wild COLORED illuistrations.now i have 3. 2 decoish, one 1899. heh. i guess they are worth it. that was a fucking good bathroom book. SO glad i read that one.
oh, so many lovely books and i gotta save for the coming art season. will ebay some.i can only read so much.

Friday, January 27, 2006

i guess technically kickero does make sense. they has s, but no k, so c was their k. duh. i am reading a 60's dictionary and it has the developement of the letters. (good for insomnia!)
which leads me to

ssomehow i missed the mention of many many books for todays sale. i only read music collector. stored in a business local across from a cemetary, so deadish area. HA! deadish!
my oh my all the books! $2 each mostly. oy. i was bad! spent $40. got 18 books, 1 20's passport(cool) and a ephemera on sweden. oldest a 1844 monster historical book.ooh, a government memorial book for fighting bob LaFollette! this is the 2nd one i have found. sold the senator taft one to texas e-pal. ooh, many neato books. 2 early 1900 german almanacs. gonna go again tomorrow. look for those teddy roosevelt books. and maybe $1! almost as good as Jack Frost's sale. but no $3 bag.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

KICKero??? jeez,i am going with the 'bill and ted' SO crates way. cripes. all the names i have been reading and just wondering how they were pronounced, i am just gonna say them in my head as spelt. sikero i could see, but KICKero???

BUT, thanks for that little factoid brenda. i may never use it, but like the WW2 factoid that atu and kiska alaske were occupied(sure, memorize that for the test, not ON the test and now can't get rid of it!). or columns??? ionic, doric and corinthian. fuck. the shit that sticks.
fooey. i dub him sikero.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Miken, georgie has many parallels from history. bad ones. hitler, napoleon, alex. i am sure i will find more in history.

quote-"what i am mpore afraid of is lest, being ignorant of the true path to glory, you should think it glorious for you to have more power by yourself than all the rest of the people put together, and lest you should prefer being feared by your fellow citizens to being loved by them. and if you do think so, you are ignorant of the road to glory. for a citizen to be dear to his fellow citiaens, to DESERVEwell of the republic, to be praised, to be respected, to be loved, is glorious;but to be feared, and to be the object of hatred, is odious, detestable; and moreover,pregnant with WEAKNESS AND DECAY. and we see that, even in the play, the very man who said,

'what care i tho all men should hate my name, so long as fear accompanies their hate?'

found that it was a mischievous principle to act upon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


still in Alexander the great. more like Bush last night. sounds like alex too liked a rosey bubble. only LUV for alex. no criticism to be allowed, for alex is the son of a god(or so somebody told him). of course georgie was CHOSEN by God, so.....

somebody last night (clisus?-can't remember, except c)couldn't take the obsequiousness at a banquet and let loose a torrent of criticism. even though many tried to hold back the drunken alexander, he picked up a pike and killed his critic. georgie just has KKKarl do it for him.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go.
shall we have to endure scalito
can we please get impeachment?
one less FUCKING Bush week to go.

Monday, January 23, 2006


i am in the middle of ALEXANDER the great right now, and i gotta say, he sounds a bit like georgie W. jeez, the turd last night cut off the nose and ears of a 'foe'. alex was a bad bad boy.
and his 'feud' with darius reminded me of georgie's oedipal feud with sadaam. alex also said something like if you aren't with us, you are one of them. and that darius was an evil-doer.
although he was taught as a young man by aristotle, and had more edjumication AND actually went to battle, unlike OUR chickhawk, alex sounds as spoiled as georgie.

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