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Friday, January 20, 2006


1st one was way west than i usually do. i won't do waukesha, but went farther to delafield. ooh, a converted timber framed barn/shed! i had some issues with how it was done, but the timbers were awsome.many pics. ooh, and an old chair in the garage in need of upholstery. i want! but instead i got a 'coffee press'(is that what its called?) a very old wood bowl(damn antique roadshow!) and 4 old textile mill bobbin thingies. and a beautiful ancient tree on the road AND i walked barefoot on pine needles. i love that.

2nd..MENLO! right off lake drive. shit. i have been in 3 houses on that street! or is it 4? 1920 or so. i only had time for the first floor. ick, bad kitchen update. ooh, african mask. not very old, but.....$24? BAD GIRL! and a 1939 memoir by a french early aviator with deco illustrations. neato.
i STILL hate purple ticket!

i forgot to post this. but on thursday, i saw a robin.
a fucking robin in january in milowaukee WISCONSIN.

and today we got about 4 inches of snow.

thanks georgie.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Keithall other pictures can wait til keithie boy and i upgrade. but i will, with farmer's gracious help, post a pic of keithie boy in his 'elvis' phase.

what a pair. the chick magnet and the pretty wallflower. good thing i am too smart to be jealous.

not the best pic. i wasn't even looking at him when i took it. now that's a candid shot. his legs are looking even finer. and i sound like a guy, so looong.
shit. you should see him in his undies and the T shirt that is not his size.
ok. just hit publish


i forgot to blog this. i sold a little 1955 donald duck kid's book. guy bought it to give to a friend for his B-day. the guy does DONALD DUCKS VOICE FOR DISNEY! cool! i love ebay.

random question

how many times did abramoff have a white house sleepover?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


house newer. rats. but a collector. 1st day. hmm. nothing in the kitchen?!? oh well. basement. hmm. photos should not be down here. hmm, what are those tourist pics? black hills! a PARTIAL Mt. Rushmore. cool. grab them. upstairs. hmm. looks like a chess piece. but the head screws off? what's that in the middle??? weird, get it! 50ยข? GET IT. and you just CAN"T stop with awls and ice picks! but but but it's not the same! look at 'chess' thingie at home. open it again. try to move the thing in the middle. nothing. put cap on. SHIT!!! what's on the table!!!! MERCURY!!!!

guess i know what it is. now how do i get it back in??? get it into one drop. hey, this is kinda fun to play with. SHIT. dropped on the floor. god all those little balls on the linoleum.
took about an hour gathring that shit. by the way, mercury avoids paper. try the crumb sweepers. damn, went under. shit it bounced out.
now incased in a styrofoam dish. hope it doesn't melt it.
now. can i ebay the wooden mercury container? or keep it for the memories?

IOWA! yes Iowa.

well, keithie boy is in Iowa. and since his dad is 81 and his mom mmust be close, we should be there til they are gone. his mom had a little heart problem this week. poor dear. his father, who was 6'8", had some leg surgery in sept?, which has hobbled him even worse that his back problems. my parents are only 60? or is it 61?
shame his sons are not closer to them. i was pretty close with my grandparents. course grandpa WAS my REAL father. but then i won't give a shit when dad goes. thanks dad! NOW I WANT GRANDMA'S TABLE AND HER POTS AND PANS! asshole.

plus, he lost his older sister about 2 years ago, and so he is all they have.
and des moines water was good. i liked the city.
as long as you don't have to encounter pig farms. and and and i bet estate sales/auctions in DM would be great ebay fodder!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

was listning to NPR, discussing the heliocopters(congresscritter chenowith) being shot down by flying IEDs.
swonderful. packing tubes of mass distruction.

who in the hell advises democrats?

where did these IEDs come from? outside? al qa qa? i would like to know.

well, i see no signs of blooming on the nip, no bugs have appeared. the fact that the ground has thawed is disturbing. i wonder what the farmers here think. 2 summers ago it was too fucking wet. last year too dry.
a move to iowa will change any planting plans. of course, keithie boy wants to find a better old home. he showed me his old home in a very pretty neighborhood. his stupid x pined for the fjords of suburbia! and made him move. i am hop[ing he can get the new owners let me see the house to get a clue on him. BUT i sounded a lot like the old duplex i grew up in. so i think we are so on the same plain(plane? plaine??), BUT, i want to see the seasonal effects on his current house's tree. a gorgeous OLD cottonwood. he calls it like the tree from poltergiest. i think it is a much nicer tree. but it will be fun house hunting with him.

one less Bush week to go
one less fucking Bush week to go
ooh, shall we attack iWan next
impeach..HEY! who said that???
one less Bushit week to go

Monday, January 16, 2006

hey farmer, my catnip blooms are usually white with maybe just a hint of pink. i will have to investigate this year more closely. the back yards nip was a bit hard to get to, so i went around the house and my oh my does it look good over there. brown stems fully rebirthed. coral bells look happy as clams. no perma frost in the lawn and dammit, i think the rose stems are turning green.
i do NOT like global warming one bit.

bras bras bras. i for one refuse anything but front closure. screw that 3 choice back thingie. i wear 36. i got some 34s in desperation. cool, who needs a wonder bra, just go down a size.
i can't wear underwire. yet. and dammit. i like cotton!

best thing maybe is start making your own.

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